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The Best Evening Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

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If you have oily skin, then you’re probably all too familiar with how quickly your skin can start to feel greasy and congested as the day draws to a close. This is why it’s so important to have a solid evening skincare routine. Care for your skin in the correct way each night and you’ll be giving it the best possible start come morning, significantly reducing your chances of experiencing breakouts.

What should an evening skincare routine for oily skin consist of? Keep reading as OROGOLD explains!

Step 1: Remove Your Makeup and Cleanse Your Skin

24k mousse cleanser

People with oily skin should always prioritize keeping their skin clean. Preventing the dirt, makeup, sebum, dead skin cells, and all of the other impurities that settle onto your skin over the course of the day from entering into your pores will go a long way in keeping breakouts at bay.

To do this, you’ll need a good cleanser, just like the OROGOLD 24K Mousse Cleanser. It offers the same exemplary cleansing action as a foaming cleanser. However, it doesn’t strip the skin dry in such a harsh way. This is ideal for people who cleanse twice a day, which is what you should be doing if you have oily skin. It’s also worth mentioning the willow bark extract in this formula. It’s a natural source of salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that helps to keep the pores clear. 

If you regularly wear makeup, then you may want to consider double cleansing. This K-beauty technique involves cleansing with an oil-based cleanser before following up with a water-based cleanser. It’ll give you a much more thorough cleanse, ensuring that you remove every last trace of makeup. This is, of course, important for everyone to do, but it becomes even more so if you have oily skin that’s prone to pore blockages.

Step 2 (Twice a Week): Exfoliate 

24K Multi-Vitamin Peeling

There’s no denying how good it can feel to exfoliate oily skin. It’s the best method for clearing out debris and blockages from within the pores while also thoroughly removing excess sebum from the skin.

For this reason, many people with oily skin exfoliate several times a week, sometimes even every day! Unfortunately, in the long run, this will only make your skin even oilier… 

Over-exfoliating slowly damages the integrity of your skin’s protective barrier. This leaves it more prone to moisture loss and dehydration. In turn, this triggers the skin into producing even more sebum. Coupled with the increase in inflammation that you’ll experience with a damaged skin barrier, it’s no surprise that over-exfoliation correlates with an increase in acne breakouts.

So, save your exfoliant for twice-weekly use. Both physical and chemical exfoliants have their benefits, which is why we’ve combined them in the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. This formula is loved by people with oily skin because it blends mandelic acid, a gentle yet effective alpha-hydroxy acid, with bamboo powder, which physically exfoliates the skin’s surface. Backed up by vitamins and antioxidants, this exfoliant leaves the skin looking beautifully bright and matte.

Step 3: Swipe on a Toner

24k purifying toner

Whether you’ve just cleansed your face or you’ve exfoliated as well, the next step in your evening skincare routine should be to apply a toner. Although toners can be beneficial for all skin types, they’re particularly so for oily skin. In fact, toners were originally designed to address the extra layer of grease that oily skin has to contend with.

With that said, many of the toners designed for oily skin are overly astringent and drying. As we mentioned, you need to preserve your skin barrier if you want to gain some control over your skin, so avoid any toners that have a high alcohol or acid content.

Instead, look for formulas that focus on hydrating and balancing the complexion. That’s exactly what the OROGOLD 24K Purifying Toner does. It’s brimming with aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile extract, and cucumber fruit extract, all of which will leave your skin looking fresher and plumper.

Simply dab some onto a cotton pad and gently swipe this across your face. Then, move on to the next step in this routine.

Step 4: Apply Any Prescription Treatments

If your skin is severely oily to the point where you experience debilitating acne breakouts, it’s always worth speaking to a professional. They’ll be able to prescribe targeted treatments that will help to calm your skin down. 

Since these treatments contain medicated ingredients, always apply them to your skin immediately after cleansing and toning, no matter what the consistency of the product may be. You need these ingredients to have direct access to your skin cells, without having to fight past serums, creams, and anything else.

When it comes to actually using them, make sure that you follow product directions. Some may need to be left on the skin for a while before other products are applied over the top. This is to prevent diluting any of the active ingredients in the treatment. If you want your treatments to work in the way that you should, it’s important that you use them in the correct manner.

Step 5: Dab on a Hydrating Antioxidant Serum

Termica Serum

The best serums to use for oily skin are formulas that are hydrating while also being packed with antioxidants. The hydrating ingredients will help to keep your skin’s moisture levels elevated, preventing your sebaceous glands from producing even more sebum. Meanwhile, the antioxidants will help to reduce how greasy your skin feels while also providing a number of other benefits.

Evening skincare routines tend to be longer than morning routines. This is why many choose to use multiple serums, going for separate hydrating and antioxidant-infused formulas. This can definitely be advantageous, but you also need to make sure that you don’t overload your oily skin with too many products. After all, the more products you use, the greater your chances of experiencing clogged pores. So, instead, find a single serum that’s capable of hydrating your face while also bestowing it with powerful antioxidants. 

A formula like the 24K Termica Activation Serum is exactly what you need. It features sodium hyaluronate, seaweed extract, and glycerin, three of the best moisture-binding ingredients out there. They’ll leave your skin looking plump and volumized.

This serum is also loaded with a long list of vitamins and antioxidant-rich botanicals, including ascorbic acid, green tea extract, and retinyl palmitate. Even better, it boasts witch hazel extract to reduce the look of enlarged pores, plus licorice root extract to fade the appearance of dark spots and acne marks.

Step 6: Apply Your Eye Care Products

24k cryogenic contour eye firming

Although wrinkles may not be quite as noticeable on oily skin as they are on, say, dry skin, oily skin is still equally susceptible to skin aging. The eye area is usually the first part of the face to experience this. The skin here is much thinner and more fragile, meaning that it creases more easily. This is why, if you want to keep your skin looking smooth and youthful, it’s worth including one or two eye care products in your evening skincare routine.

At OROGOLD, we have a number of different eye care products for you to choose from. This makes it so easy to match the perfect formula to the visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with.

For example, if you’re trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, try the 24K Cryogenic Contour Eye Firming. It’s a lightweight cream that has been designed to lift and tighten the look of the skin around the eyes. It’s perfect for anyone dealing with the visible signs of skin aging.

On the other hand, if puffy eyes in the morning have been getting you down, turn your attention to the OROGOLD 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum. It will thicken and strengthen the feel of your skin, ensuring that you wake up to a smooth and firm eye area.

Meanwhile, if you’re hoping to diminish the look of dark circles, the 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution can help. This potent formula contains a cocktail of ingredients that will work to lighten and brighten your complexion. Whether your dark circles have been caused by genetics, sun exposure, a lack of sleep, or anything else, this is the product that you need to even out the look of your skin.

Step 7: Moisturize

24k Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol

The final step in your evening skincare routine should be to moisturize your skin. This is a step that many people with oily skin avoid doing. After all, it’s difficult to find a moisturizer that doesn’t clog the pores and exacerbate breakouts. Plus, with the skin already feeling so greasy, moisturizing probably isn’t quite so important, right?

Sadly, that isn’t the case. Even oily skin needs to be moisturized twice a day. A moisturizer not only helps to hydrate your skin, which is something that your sebum can’t do, but it will also leave your skin barrier feeling strengthened and fortified.

The good news is that not all moisturizers will leave your skin feeling heavy and congested. It may take a little trial and error to find one that works for you, but the results of regular moisturizing will be worth it.

One OROGOLD moisturizer that works particularly well on oily skin is the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol. It contains retinol, a powerful form of vitamin A that has been proven to reduce how oily the skin feels. Retinol also functions as an antioxidant, with the other antioxidants in this cream enhancing its effects. What makes this formula even better is its infusion of chamomile extract, seaweed extract, and cucumber fruit extract. All of these ingredients help to soothe the feeling of inflammation. This makes them fantastic for preventing the appearance of acne breakouts.

Give Oily Skin the Care That it Needs With OROGOLD

There’s no denying that oily skin can be tricky to care for, but life becomes so much easier once you have a reliable skincare routine that you can follow. The steps above aim to provide just that. Pair this routine with a morning skincare regimen that focuses on protecting your complexion from oxidative damage and your oily skin will soon start to naturally look more mattified yet beautifully radiant.

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From Blemishes to Brilliance: The Journey to Clear, Acne-Free Skin

woman with acne

Sick and tired of dealing with breakouts?

Acne is a skin condition that many struggle to get rid of, largely because there are a few different factors that contribute to pimples. Breakouts arise due to the combination of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and inflammation in the pores. In order to beat those breakouts for good, you’ll need to individually focus on each of those issues, rather than targeting just one or two of them.

How can you do that? That’s where OROGOLD can help. Read on as we share an effective, multi-pronged approach to diminishing and preventing the appearance of acne.

Keeping the Surface of Your Skin Clean

24k mousse cleanser

The very first step in gaining some control over your breakouts is to reassess your cleansing regimen. As mentioned, acne is caused when the pores end up clogged with impurities. Cleansing helps to prevent this from happening by removing those impurities while they’re still on the surface of your skin, before they’ve had the chance to delve into your pores.

With that said, the cleanser that you choose to use could make or break your journey to an acne-free complexion. Many of the cleansers designed specifically for oily skin contain overly harsh surfactants and acids. When used in the long term, they slowly dehydrate the skin. As we’ll later discuss in more detail, dehydration can actually increase sebum production. This will then make it even harder for you to beat those breakouts.

What’s the solution? Use a gentle cleanser and cleanse twice a day, instead of just once. The 24K Mousse Cleanser, for example, feels just like a foaming cleanser in the way that it produces such a satisfying lather. However, with coconut-derived surfactants and a number of hydrating compounds, it will leave your complexion calm and soothed. It also contains willow bark extract, a natural source of salicylic acid. This BHA is popular in acne treatments because of how it reduces the feeling of inflammation. It also provides a cleanse that feels deeper and more thorough. 

Tackling Clogged Pores With Exfoliation

24k multi-vitamin deep peeling

Cleansing twice a day will go a long way in preventing blockages from forming in your pores. However, sometimes, the skin produces so much oil that some of it still ends up being pushed into the pores in between cleanses. Once it’s joined by dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria, an acne breakout won’t be too far away.

In order to prevent all of that from occurring, you need to keep your pores clear of oil before blockages are able to form. The best way to do this is with an exfoliant.

Exfoliants come in two forms; physical and chemical. Both have their advantages for acne-prone skin, making it worth finding an exfoliant that combines the benefits of each.

That’s where the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid comes in. This exfoliant makes use of bamboo stem powder, which is fantastic at dislodging impurities from the skin. It also contains mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that leaves the deeper layers of the skin feeling clean and clear.

How often should you be exfoliating your skin?

Most people with acne-prone skin find that twice-weekly exfoliation is sufficient. Ideally, you want to exfoliate often enough to prevent clogged pores. At the same time, you don’t want to be exfoliating too often, as this can exacerbate acne. So, try to find the perfect middle ground for your skin.

Fighting Acne-Causing Bacteria With LED Light Therapy

photonix-2 jade eye wand

Preventing clogged pores is vital if you want an acne-free complexion. However, even if your pores do happen to end up clogged, a breakout won’t appear unless bacteria also enters into the mix.

Where does this bacteria come from?

It comes from the skin itself. Levels of this bacteria flourish when the skin’s microbiome is disrupted, which can occur for a number of reasons.

Acne occurs when that bacteria gets out of control, which triggers inflammation and infection. So, to put a stop to that, you’ll need to retain the upper hand and ensure that your skin doesn’t end up overrun with P.acnes bacteria.

One of the best ways to do that is with LED light therapy. Research shows that blue light therapy can kill P.acnes bacteria. This means that not only can it stop breakouts in their tracks, but it can also prevent the appearance of more acne in the future.

Once upon a time, the only way to undergo LED light therapy was by visiting a professional establishment. However, thanks to huge advancements in technology, there are now numerous at-home LED devices that are just as effective. 

While blue LED light is what you need for your acne, it would be worth picking a device that offers multiple modes, such as the Photonix-2 Jade Eye Wand. Red LED is fantastic for reducing the appearance of aging, which could also come in handy at some point! 

Soothing the Feeling of Inflammation

termica serum

When bacteria starts to mingle with any blockages in your pores, inflammation soon arises. This then causes pimples to appear on the surface of the skin. The severity of your acne breakout will depend on how inflamed your skin is.

So, the next step in your journey to an acne-free complexion should be to ensure that your skincare routine contains a variety of ingredients that can soothe the feeling of inflammation. This way, if it does happen to occur, you’ll be able to quickly have your skin feeling calm once again. This will go a long way in reducing how red and angry your breakouts look.

So, which ingredients should you be using if you want to keep the feeling of inflammation to a minimum?

Green tea extract is a good one. It’s packed with antioxidants and other potent compounds that quickly lower the feeling of inflammation. Licorice root extract does the same while also offering up complexion-brightening effects. If you’ve been left with dark marks on your face from previous acne breakouts, licorice root extract will work to fade their appearance too.

Chamomile extract is another ingredient that feels incredibly soothing on your skin. Ceramides have a similar effect, although ceramides also leave the skin barrier feeling stronger and better supported.

You’ll find all of those complexion-calming ingredients in the OROGOLD 24K Termica Activation Serum. Thanks to sodium hyaluronate, seaweed extract, and peptides, this formula is incredibly hydrating as well. It also contains kojic acid, another ingredient that has been proven to lighten the look of dark spots and discoloration. It’s a must for anyone with acne-prone skin!

Hydrating Your Skin Cells

rose gold age glow duo

As we mentioned earlier, dehydration is something else that can lead to the development of acne. When your skin cells are dehydrated, meaning that they’re lacking in moisture, they try to compensate for this by producing more oil. Of course, oil doesn’t perform the same job as water. Instead, it simply leaves the skin feeling even greasier without having an effect on the dehydration.

As you can imagine, this vicious circle can be hard to beat. The best way to put a stop to it is by ensuring that your skin cells are well-hydrated.

Include a couple of hydrating products in your skincare routine and this becomes easy to do. Ideally, you want to seek out skincare products containing humectants. These ingredients will bind moisture to your skin, immediately leaving your skin cells feeling quenched.

Some of the best humectants out there include sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, betaine, and aloe vera. You’ll find all of these ingredients in the 24K Rose Gold Age Glow Duo. This two-part system consists of a powder and a serum. The powder is applied first. Once it has transformed into a liquid and has soaked into the skin, it is then locked in with the serum. Both products contain a hydrating selection of humectants, giving your skin a double dose of moisture.

A good moisturizer will also help you to maintain skin hydration levels. It goes without saying that you don’t want to be using a rich, greasy, and pore-clogging formula. Instead, look for a lightweight formula that will trap moisture in your skin without weighing your skin down. With sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed seaweed extract, resveratrol, and cucumber fruit extract, the OROGOLD 24K Termica HD Solution would be a great choice!

Making the Right Lifestyle Choices

While you should definitely spend some time focusing on your skincare routine when trying to achieve an acne-free appearance, your lifestyle habits may require a few adjustments too.

To start with, you need to make sure that you’re prioritizing your beauty sleep each night. Research shows that sleep deprivation can stimulate oil production. This will then leave you more prone to breakouts. For your skin’s sake, try to aim for around 7-9 hours of quality sleep each and every night.

Stress is something else that also heavily influences the emergence of acne. There are a number of studies that confirm a correlation between the two. This makes it so important to take care of your mental health and find ways in which you can quickly de-stress when things are getting too much. The less cortisol, aka the stress hormone, that’s running through your body, the less oil your skin will be producing.

Finally, take a good look at your diet. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water to keep your skin fully hydrated from within. It would also be worth cutting back on the amount of sugar that you consume. Research has found that people on a low-glycemic diet experience a reduction in the frequency and severity of their acne breakouts. This means bidding farewell to heavily sugary sodas and processed carbohydrates, including white bread. Switch to healthier alternatives instead, meaning whole grain and sugar-free versions, and your skin will thank you!


As you can see, if you really want to banish your breakouts for good, you need to approach your acne from every possible angle. Keep your skin clean, clear out blockages from within your pores, soothe the feeling of inflammation, and destroy any acne-causing bacteria. Pair all of this with healthy lifestyle choices and you’ll be well on your way to soon rocking a bright and radiant acne-free complexion!

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Summer Skin: Achieve Your Best Makeup-Free Look

woman cucumber eyes

Struggling to achieve that elusive summertime glow? While some may look effortlessly radiant during the summer months, the warmer weather can actually do far more harm than good for your skin. It triggers several different changes in how the skin functions, meaning that your summer skin care routine needs to be adapted in order to continue giving your skin all that it needs.

If you haven’t been able to accomplish that, don’t fret – summer isn’t going anywhere just yet! Read on as OROGOLD shares some top tips to help you flaunt a complexion that you can be proud of for the rest of the summer season.

Prioritize Sun Protection

skin tone spf30

UV rays cause a significant amount of damage to the skin. Not only are they responsible for up to 80% of the visible signs of skin aging, but they can also lead to sunburns, excessively dry patches, and even skin cancer.

UV rays strike their damage throughout the year, which is why sunscreen should be worn year-round. However, they become even stronger in the summer, making it vital for you to have a good sunscreen to turn to.

Although the FDA states that a minimum SPF of 15 is sufficient, the American Academy of Dermatology, as well as the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, recommends an SPF of at least 30. To ensure that your skin is protected from both UVA and UVB rays, find a formula that offers broad-spectrum protection, like the OROGOLD 24K Skin Tone SPF 30. 

Suitable for most skin types (you may want to go with a higher SPF if you have very sensitive skin), this sunscreen not only shields the skin from UV damage but also provides a fantastic amount of moisture. It contains vitamins and antioxidants too, along with a sprinkling of gold, to keep your skin feeling healthy while you’re enjoying the summer sun.

In addition to reapplying your sunscreen every two hours, try to also incorporate a few other sun protection measures into your day. Staying in the shade during the hottest hours of the day will keep your skin away from UV rays while they’re at their most harmful. A wide-brimmed hat and some oversized sunglasses will provide some extra protection too.

Stay in Control of Excess Sebum

mousse cleanser

Between the warmer temperatures and the higher humidity, the skin produces quite a bit more sebum during the summer months. For those with dry skin, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if your skin type is already oily, then adding even more sebum into the mix can be disastrous. 

To save yourself from having to deal with clogged pores and breakouts all summer, make sure that your summer skin care routine contains a few sebum-controlling measures.

For starters, you’ll need a good cleanser. Use it twice a day to remove excess sebum from the surface of your skin. The OROGOLD 24K Mousse Cleanser is perfect for this. It forms a satisfyingly rich lather that quickly clears away excess sebum and other impurities.

Unfortunately, cleansing alone won’t keep summer skin breakout-free. Some of that excess sebum will end up in your pores in between cleanses, so you’ll also need a good exfoliant to pull it all back out. 

Making the decision between a chemical and a physical exfoliant can be tough. They each have their pros and cons. That’s why we created the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. It brings together all of the benefits of both forms of exfoliation, without any of the downsides. Mandelic acid provides the chemical exfoliation while bamboo powder physically exfoliates, ensuring that your pores remain clear of any clogs.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

termica serum

Although summer skin tends to be oilier, this doesn’t prevent it from becoming dehydrated. The more sun you’re exposed to, the more moisture your skin will lose, leaving your skin cells thirsty. A dehydrated complexion looks dull, sunken, and creased – definitely not the look you want to be rocking this season!

The best way to ramp up skin hydration is with hydrating serums. Due to their lightweight nature, serums absorb into the skin more efficiently than creams. This makes them ideal for leaving even the deeper layers of your skin feeling sufficiently hydrated.

When searching for a hydrating serum, look for formulas that are loaded with humectants. These are ingredients that bind moisture to the skin, immediately hydrating and plumping up the complexion. 

Some of the best humectants out there include hyaluronic acid (or sodium hyaluronate), glycerin, chitosan, and hydrolyzed elastin. You’ll find all four ingredients in the 24K Termica Activation Serum. This hydrating blend also boasts green tea extract and licorice root extract to keep your skin looking bright and even, along with witch hazel extract to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, another common summer skin complaint.

Add More Antioxidants to Your Skincare Routine

rejuvenating skin serum

No matter how diligent you may be about keeping your skin protected from the sun with sunscreen, chances are that some UV rays will still wreak their damage. Whether it catches you unaware due to sweat washing some of your sunscreen away or you’ve left it a little too long to reapply your SPF, UV damage is hard to completely avoid. 

However, all is not lost – this is where antioxidants come in. Research confirms that not only do antioxidants help to keep the skin feeling protected from the sun, but they can also reduce the appearance of UV-induced skin damage. Whether this may be wrinkles, dark spots, the loss of volume, or anything else, antioxidants can help to restore a less damaged and more youthful complexion.

Some of the best antioxidants out there happen to be vitamins, with A, C, and E at the top of the list. You’ll find all three antioxidants in the OROGOLD 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum. This silky formula also contains hemp seed oil. It’s a botanical that’s brimming with fatty acids. Not only do these hydrate and moisturize the skin, but research shows that they also provide antioxidant effects.

Opt for Lightweight Moisturizers

Golden Dew Serum In Cream

Although it’s important to keep your skin moisturized year-round, using the same moisturizer in the summer and the winter wouldn’t be a good move. The richness that your skin needs in the winter when it’s producing less sebum would likely feel way too heavy in the warmer months. Summer skin needs lightweight moisture in order to glow, and this is something that OROGOLD can help with…

To start with, take a look at our 24K Golden Dew Serum-in-Cream. It feels like an extremely lightweight serum, making it ideal for a summer skin care routine. Some of its standout ingredients include niacinamide, which evens out the skin tone, peptides, which strengthen the feel of the skin barrier, and grape seed oil, which is loaded with antioxidants. With sodium hyaluronate for hydration and vitamin C to give the skin a glow, this cream is a summertime game-changer!

Another option would be the OROGOLD 24K Rose Gold Radiant Silk Cream. This moisturizer is ideal for those who struggle with oily summer skin. It has a mattifying effect on the complexion, immediately leaving the skin looking less greasy. Meanwhile, it still happens to be super hydrating and is full of antioxidants too!

Pamper Your Skin With a Weekly Mask

rose gold hydro mask

Face masks are beneficial throughout the year. With that said, you’ll likely need to switch up the masks that you use in the summer months, opting for formulas that will help you to target your summer skin concerns.

For example, if your skin could do with some extra hydration to cope with the summer sun, the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask could be just what you need. Designed to be used once a week, this mask couldn’t be any easier to apply. Simply massage it onto clean and dry skin. As you do so, the creamy texture of the mask will liquefy into droplets, which your skin will quickly drink up. No mess, no rinse – it’s perfect if you have a busy schedule!

On the other hand, if your skin has been feeling oily and congested, look for a clay mask, such as the OROGOLD 24K Termica Energizing Mask. In addition to clay, which is famed for its ability to absorb excess oil and impurities, it’s also packed with vitamins and antioxidant-rich plant extracts. Even better, the way in which it heats up when it’s applied to the skin will leave your pores feeling capable of absorbing even more of the mask’s goodness!

Give Your Eye Area Some Extra Care

intensive eye serum

Do you ever find yourself squinting more in the summer months? Whether you’re spending more time outdoors or your office desk sits next to a sunny window, squinting is a natural way to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun. However, it’s not doing your skin any favors.

Each time you squint your eyes, crow’s feet form. Sure, these may bounce away while you’re in your youth. Unfortunately, as you age, they’ll start to stick around. Those expression lines will soon etch themselves into deep ridges. 

The sun protection measures that we shared earlier will go some way in protecting your eye area from the sun’s glare, therefore saving you from the need to squint. However, if you’re a habitual summer squinter, it would be worth adding an extra eye care product to your skincare routine.

Look for one designed to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, such as the 24K Intensive Eye Serum. With peptides, vitamin C, sodium hyaluronate, and green tea extract, this serum will leave your eye area looking plump, firm, and youthfully bouncy.

If you already have an eye serum that you can’t live without, consider adding an eye cream to your summer skin care routine. The 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream pairs well with our eye serum but also works beautifully as a standalone. It contains a number of peptides and vitamins, along with licorice root extract to brighten up the look of your eye area.

Achieve Radiant Summer Skin With OROGOLD

The summer months are definitely not kind to the skin. However, whether you’ve been struggling with oiliness, dryness, or anything else, follow our summer skin advice and it won’t be long before you’re flaunting a radiant makeup-free complexion.

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The Skincare Routine for Every Age

orogold skincare

There’s no getting away from the fact that your skin’s needs evolve with age. As your body grows older, your skin undergoes a number of different changes. This is why experts recommend that people continuously reassess and adjust their skincare routines so that they can adapt to these new requirements.

However, this isn’t always strictly necessary. Certain skincare ingredients and products are beneficial for the skin at every age. Learn how to put together a skincare routine that consists of these all-encompassing formulas and you’ll be able to follow the same regimen for decades.

Ready to get started? Read on as OROGOLD shares a skincare routine that everyone will be able to benefit from, no matter how young or old you may be.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin

mousse cleanser

No matter your age, the very first step of any skincare routine should be to cleanse your face. This gets rid of any dirt, oil, and other impurities from the surface of your skin. It will make it much easier for the rest of your skincare products to penetrate through your epidermis, therefore making your skincare routine all the more effective.

Again, no matter your age or your skin type, overly harsh cleansers should always be avoided. These strip away the skin’s natural protective barrier, which is something that you should be trying to preserve as much as possible. So, stay away from cleansers loaded with sulfates and instead opt for those that make use of gentler surfactants, just like OROGOLD’s 24K Mousse Cleanser. 

This creamy cleansing mousse uses cleansing agents derived from coconuts. Not only will they effectively remove dirt and oil from your face, but they’ll also moisturize your skin at the same time. This formula enhances that even further by offering up other moisturizing ingredients too, including moringa seed oil, argan oil, and shea butter esters. Together, they’ll leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and supple post-cleanse, without any of the redness and irritation that harsh cleansers can cause.

Step 2: Exfoliate

24k multi vitamin peeling

While all of the other steps in this skincare routine can be followed daily, or even twice a day, exfoliation is something that should only be done once or twice a week. 

Exfoliating is vital when it comes to maintaining a healthy complexion. It gets rid of the dead skin cells that gather on the skin’s surface. Although the skin naturally sheds these, the rate at which it does so declines with age. This can lead to a rough and dull complexion. Exfoliating your skin does away with this, giving you the bright and clear glow that you enjoyed in your youth.

There are several methods of exfoliation out there that you can choose from. However, our favorite way to exfoliate is with a peeling gel, just like the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. As you can tell from its name, this formula boasts mandelic acid. It’s an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that comes from almonds and it’s known for being one of the gentlest AHAs out there. 

In this product, we’ve combined mandelic acid with bamboo powder. It also acts as an exfoliating agent by physically dislodging any dead skin cells that are stuck to the surface of your skin. Powered by both of these exfoliants, this formula is highly effective yet super gentle at the same time.

Although people of every age should be exfoliating, how often you exfoliate should depend on your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a weekly exfoliating session is all you need. However, if you have oily or combination skin, then you may need to exfoliate twice a week, or possibly more. 

Step 3: Dab on a Hydrating Toner

purifying toner

Whether you’ve just finished cleansing or you’ve also exfoliated, it’s now time to apply a toner. Ideally, go for a hydrating formula. This is something that will benefit every skin type at every age.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, a hydrating toner will provide a much-needed dose of moisture. It will also help your skin’s pH level to feel rebalanced, which will prevent the visible signs of irritation and inflammation from plaguing your appearance. For those with oily skin, a hydrating toner will reduce how greasy your skin feels. At the same time, it’ll also minimize the look of enlarged pores.

How can you tell if a toner is hydrating? By taking a look at its ingredient list. Pay attention to the first five ingredients on there. Ideally, at least two or three of them should be capable of hydrating and soothing your complexion.

The OROGOLD 24K Purifying Toner is a great example. You’ll find aloe vera leaf juice, cucumber fruit extract, and organic chamomile extract at the top of the ingredient list. This is how the toner is able to bring about such a bright and dewy complexion each and every time it’s used. There aren’t many toners out there that are suitable for all skin types, making this one a clear winner!

Step 4: Apply a Vitamin C Serum

rejuvenating skin serum

When you’re in your 20s and early 30s, the serums that you use should be focused on preventing the visible signs of skin aging. However, once you reach your mid-30s, you’ll need to start prioritizing serum formulas that target and reduce the appearance of aging. 

Fortunately, there’s an exceptional ingredient out there that’s capable of doing both; vitamin C. Add a vitamin C serum to your skincare routine and you won’t have to worry about finding a new serum to use as your skin ages. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will not only work to keep the appearance of aging at bay for as long as possible, but will also help to diminish any visible signs of aging that do happen to crop up.

For this reason, every skincare routine out there should contain a vitamin C serum. Look for a formula that offers more than one form of vitamin C, such as the OROGOLD 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum. With both tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate, this serum really intensifies the power of the antioxidant. Since vitamin C always works best when it’s supported by other antioxidants, you’ll find vitamins A and E in this formula too, along with hemp seed and wheat germ oils to provide some moisture.

Step 5: Use an Eye Cream

eye serum

The eye area is extremely susceptible to dryness. It contains fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of the face, meaning that there isn’t as much natural oil produced in the area, resulting in a lack of moisture. 

Since the eye area is almost always moving, it’s prone to wrinkles too. All of this wear and tear causes the skin’s proteins to break down, meaning that all of those creases that form each time you make a facial expression will soon be here to stay.

One way to prevent the appearance of fine lines around the eyes while also diminishing the visibility of any creases that have already started to etch their way onto your face is with an eye cream. In addition to helping to eliminate the look of lines, a good eye cream will also work to de-puff and brighten your complexion, leaving your eye area with a beautifully radiant finish.

One eye cream that does exactly that is the OROGOLD 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. It contains a number of superstar ingredients. Peptides, caffeine, green tea extract, vitamin A, and more come together to revive the look and feel of the skin around the eyes. Whether you’re struggling with the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, dark circles, puffiness, or anything else, adding this eye cream to your skincare routine will help, no matter your age.

Step 6: Moisturize Your Face and Neck

day moisturizer

You’ve now applied some pretty potent products to your face, so it’s time to lock that all in with a good moisturizer. This will prevent those previous products from evaporating out of your skin to such a great extent while also treating the skin to some extra moisture.

We always recommend having two moisturizers in a skincare routine; one for the day and another for the night. This way, each formula can tackle the unique needs that your skin has at different times of the day.

For example, our 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acid will leave your skin feeling fortified and protected when it comes into contact with environmental aggressors. It’s a lightweight formula that will give your skin a plump and dewy glow throughout the day.

In the evenings, hand things over to the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol. As its name implies, retinol is one of the key actives in this formula. This vitamin A derivative is revered for how it can inhibit the appearance of aging skin, leaving the skin looking firmer, smoother, and brighter. Along with aloe vera leaf juice and sodium hyaluronate to hydrate the skin, plus jojoba oil and shea butter to moisturize, this cream will have you waking up to a fresh and radiant complexion at every age.

Step 7: Sun Protection

skin tone spf30

If you’re following this skincare routine at night, then this is a step that you can skip. However, during the day, it’s so important to round your skincare routine off with a sunscreen.

Studies have found that the sun causes up to 80% of the visible signs of facial aging. In fact, some even point to this figure being closer to 90%. This shocking statistic just goes to show how much you can protect your skin from the appearance of aging if you’re diligent about keeping it protected from the sun.

The OROGOLD 24K Skin Tone SPF 30 makes this easy. It acts as both a sunscreen as well as a moisturizer. This means that you can skip the previous step in this skincare routine if you’re using this two-in-one product. Its broad-spectrum formula will shield your skin from harmful UV rays while also keeping your complexion smooth, soft, and supple.

Enhance Your Skincare Routine With OROGOLD

While some skincare products will only work well when used at certain stages in life, others, such as the products featured above, are always going to be beneficial to the skin, no matter its age. So, if you’re tired of trying to figure out what your skin needs as you progress through each decade, give this skincare routine a try and watch your complexion thrive!

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The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Radiant Skin

Orogold Cosmetics

Everyone wants radiant skin but, unfortunately, very few people are blessed with a naturally flawless glow. This means that achieving radiant skin can take a little work, which, so long as you have the right skincare products and techniques by your side, is actually easier than many imagine.

Wondering where to get started? That’s what OROGOLD is here to help with! Read on as we share our ultimate guide to achieving a beautifully radiant complexion.

Establish a Good Cleansing Regimen

vitamin c facial cleanser

If you want your skin to look bright and radiant, then a good cleansing regimen is a must. Simply slapping on any face cleanser every few days whenever you happen to remember won’t cut it. Instead, you need to find yourself a high-quality cleanser – one that will clean your skin without drying it out. You’ll then need to use it regularly. If you have dry or sensitive skin, cleansing each evening will usually suffice. On the other hand, those with oily skin may need to cleanse twice a day.

To enhance your cleanse even further, consider double cleansing. This involves using an oil-based cleanser to begin with before following up with a water-based cleanser. It gives the skin an even more thorough cleanse, leaving it looking refreshed and dewy. 

We have a couple of exceptional cleansers at OROGOLD that you can try. With that said, one of our favorite formulas for achieving radiant skin is the 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is loaded with ingredients that have been proven to effectively brighten and illuminate the complexion. From vitamin C and licorice root extract to lactic acid and gold, simply cleansing with this formula each day will already make a world of difference to your complexion.

Exfoliate Regularly

24k multi vitamin peeling

Unfortunately, even if you double cleanse daily, this on its own won’t be enough to give you radiant skin. After all, a cleanser only tackles impurities on the surface of your skin. Anything that has already delved into your pores won’t be touched by a cleanser, making it important to regularly exfoliate too.

When choosing an exfoliant, you have two main options; physical or chemical. Many physical exfoliants, such as face scrubs and loofahs, can be too harsh on the skin. At the same time, overly potent chemical exfoliants can irritate the skin too. 

That’s why we created the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. This formula contains elements of both physical and chemical exfoliation, bringing them together in a way that thoroughly clears out the pores without irritating or damaging the skin. Bamboo stem powder works to physically slough off dead skin cells while mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from almonds, provides the chemical exfoliation. You’ll also find a number of vitamins and antioxidants in this superstar product, enabling you to reveal truly radiant skin each time you rinse it off.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

skin tone spf 30

If you aren’t properly protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever manage to achieve radiant skin. After all, UV rays cause so much damage. In the short term, they’ll leave your skin dull, rough, red, and irritated. In the long term, this translates to a faster rate of skin aging, meaning that fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots will appear far sooner in life than they otherwise would have. Even worse, UV damage can also cause skin cancer.

For most people, a product with SPF 30 is sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, then, by all means, go with something stronger. However, SPF 30 is usually enough, so long as you’re diligent about reapplying it every few hours.

With many people now trying to cut back on how long their skincare routines are, 2-in-1 moisturizers and sunscreens, just like OROGOLD’s 24K Skin Tone SPF 30, are becoming more popular. This cream moisturizes and soothes the complexion while also ensuring that the sun’s UV rays are kept at bay. Use it daily throughout the year and your skin will thank you for it!

Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

rejuvenating skin serum

There are plenty of ingredients out there that can contribute to radiant skin. However, most of them are only suited for certain skin types, which is what makes vitamin C such a superstar. This antioxidant plays well with all skin types, offering up a plethora of benefits.

If you’re hoping to tackle the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out the look of your skin, vitamin C can help. It firms and tightens the complexion, leaving it looking much younger. It aids in fading the visibility of hyperpigmentation too, and can also be used as a preventative to stop the appearance of dark spots from forming on the face.

If all of that wasn’t enough, vitamin C also leaves the skin feeling stronger and more resilient. This has the knock-on effect of boosting skin moisture levels, keeping the complexion hydrated.

The best way to make the most of these skin-loving properties is to use a vitamin C serum. Sure, vitamin C creams are great too, but serums are so much lighter, which allows them to dive a little deeper into the skin. 

You’ll find different forms of vitamin C in several OROGOLD serums. However, the 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum stands out because of how it contains two forms of the antioxidant. It combines these with vitamins A and E since antioxidants always work best when used in conjunction with other antioxidants. At the same time, hemp seed oil and wheat germ oil provide moisture while gold helps to brighten the complexion even further.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine as the Seasons Change

rose gold advanced cream

It can take a while to establish a good skincare routine. There’s a fair bit of trial and error involved, especially if your skin easily reacts to different products. 

So, it can feel a little heartbreaking to finally create the perfect routine, only to then have to adjust it again as the seasons change. While you may be tempted to stick to the same regimen, we would highly recommend tweaking your skincare routine in line with seasonal shifts, especially if you’re hoping to achieve radiant skin.

Why is this so important?

Because your skin’s needs change with the seasons. During the warmer months, your skin produces extra oil. The heat and humidity trigger this, meaning that the skincare products that you use in the summer months should be relatively lightweight in order to avoid congesting your skin and clogging your pores. The mattifying properties of the 24K Rose Gold Radiance Silk Cream make it ideal for the summer season.

However, the skin usually feels much drier in the winter months. This is when sebum production slows down. You’ll need to turn to thicker creams, such as the 24K Rose Gold Advanced Cream, to save the day as your skin will require a little extra help when it comes to moisture retention.

Try Multi-Masking

24k deep lifting mask

Face masks are a great way to promote radiance in the skin. However, chances are that you have at least a couple of different visible skin concerns that you want to tackle, making it difficult for one mask to help with everything.

That’s why the multi-masking trend really took over the skincare world for a while. Unlike many of the other trends that often crop up, this one really holds some merit. It involves using multiple face masks at the same time, each one applied to a different area of the face. This way, you’ll be able to pick and choose face masks that target each of your individual skin concerns. You won’t have to worry about finding one formula that does it all.

Of course, the downside to multi-masking is that you’ll need to find masks that are designed to remain on the skin for similar amounts of time. However, this doesn’t need to be difficult, especially if you’re using OROGOLD face masks.

For example, the 24K Termica Energizing Mask is a fantastic formula for leaving the skin feeling detoxified. Apply this to any areas of your face that often experienced clogged or enlarged pores, such as your t-zone. 

You can then apply the 24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask to the areas of your face that could do with looking lifted and firmer. Then, apply the 24K Advanced Facial Mask to the dry and dull parts of your face, before swiping the 24K Skin Balancing Mask Stick over your fine lines and wrinkles.

Wait for 10-15 minutes before washing all of your face masks off to reveal stunningly radiant skin!

Focus on Hydrating Your Skin

golden dew serum

Hydrated skin looks plump, dewy, and radiant. On the other hand, dehydrated skin looks…well, the opposite. So, it goes without saying that if you want to add a glow to your face, keeping your skin hydrated is vital.

Thankfully, this is easy. All you need to do is look for skincare products that are jam-packed with humectants. These are ingredients that have moisture-binding properties. They’re great for making the skin look brighter, fuller, and more volumized, which will therefore leave it looking more radiant too.

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin tend to be the most talked-about humectants in the industry. You’ll find them both, along with squalane, in the OROGOLD 24K Golden Dew Serum-in-Cream. This formula also contains a cocktail of plant oils, including avocado, sweet almond, and grape seed. These oils form a film over the surface of the skin, locking the humectants in the formula into the skin so that they’re able to work even more effectively.

Don’t forget that some people are more prone to dehydrated skin than others. So, work out how often you need to hydrate your skin in order for it to look radiant. While some people can get away with using a moisturizer once or twice a day, others need regular top-ups throughout the day in order to keep their skin looking its very best.

Achieve Radiant Skin With OROGOLD

Achieving radiant skin can sometimes feel like quite a challenge. However, once you’ve established a solid skincare routine that consists of products designed to encourage and enhance your natural radiance, you should start to see your skin glowing in no time at all!

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7 Essential Steps for a Flawless Skincare Routine

orogold cosmetics

Want your skincare routine to be as perfect as possible? 

While everyone has their own preferences as to how long their skincare routine should be, these are the seven steps that OROGOLD recommends following each and every day for a bright, smooth, and glowing complexion.

Step 1: Remove Any Makeup

24k mousse cleanser

If you don’t wear makeup, then you have one less step to follow. However, for those of you that do, it’s essential that you remove it before applying anything else to your skin. While you may be tempted to skip this step too and simply remove your makeup while you’re cleansing, you’ll experience much better results from your skincare routine if you double cleanse.

The OROGOLD 24K Mousse Cleanser is a great formula for removing even the most stubborn makeup. Mousse cleansers are loved for how they lift away makeup particles without drying the skin out. This one forms a creamy lather that will leave your face looking clear and makeup-free.

Step 2: Cleanse Your Skin

vitamin c cleanser

Now that you’ve removed your makeup, it’s time to cleanse your skin. This is the step that clears away all of the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that are littering the surface of your skin, preventing any other skincare products from soaking through. 

If you were planning on skipping this step because you already used a cleanser to remove your makeup – don’t. With your makeup gone, cleansing again will allow your cleanser to thoroughly work its magic on your skin. Double cleansing is extremely beneficial if you regularly wear makeup – try it for a while and you’ll see the improvements in your skin for yourself!

For the ultimate cleanse, we’d recommend turning to the OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. In addition to vitamin C, it’s also enriched with vitamins A and E. Together, they’ll brighten and tighten your complexion, especially when combined with the licorice root extract in this formula. Add in some lactic acid to clear away dead skin cells and witch hazel extract to shrink the look of your pores and you have an incredible formula that’s ideal for daily use.

Step 3: Swipe on a Toner

white gold toner

Toners may not be in the limelight as much as other skincare products, but these unsung heroes can really work wonders on the complexion. The right toner is capable of hydrating, soothing, and brightening the complexion while leaving it feeling more receptive to other products that are applied over the top.

If your skincare routine is currently lacking a toner, consider the OROGOLD 24K Purifying Toner. It contains aloe vera leaf juice to hydrate the skin, along with cucumber fruit extract and organic chamomile extract to soothe the complexion. This alcohol-free formula is also infused with real gold, which will give your appearance a glow.

Even more convenient is the spray nozzle that this toner’s bottle boasts. It makes application so easy – simply point and press! You can then either leave it to sink into your skin or use a cotton pad to spread it around more evenly.

Step 4: Apply a Vitamin C Serum

vitamin c serum

While it’s always good to look for serums that target the visible skin concerns that you’re dealing with, a vitamin C serum is something that benefits everyone, no matter their skin type. 

Vitamin C is such a fabulous multi-tasker. There is so much research out there that proves how the ingredient can assist with everything from the appearance of photodamage to excessive dryness. No matter what your skin may be going through, you can count on vitamin C to help.

When choosing a vitamin C serum, look for one that offers two forms of vitamin C, rather than just one. The OROGOLD 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum is a great example. With both tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate, this formula provides a double dose of skincare’s most-loved antioxidant. 

Even better, this serum combines vitamin C with vitamins A and E. As we mentioned earlier, the three work extremely well together, making this serum capable of improving your complexion in so many different ways.

Step 5: Apply Another Targeted Serum

caviar serum

While you could go ahead and use just one serum in your skincare routine, it can definitely be advantageous to incorporate two. This way, you’ll be able to tackle your visible skin concerns from multiple angles, which is what you need to be doing if you want to see results as soon as possible.

Pick a serum that targets the specific skin concerns that you’re dealing with. For example, if you’re hoping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, then our 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Serum would be ideal for you. This exquisite blend, which contains vitamins, peptides, and green tea extract, will tighten and firm your complexion, leaving your skin looking smooth and crease-free.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to brighten the look of your skin and fade the visibility of dark spots, check out the OROGOLD 24K Termica Activation Serum. It contains a powerful cocktail of ingredients that are famous for how they lighten the look of discoloration while adding radiance to the complexion. From kojic acid and licorice root extract to vitamin C and green tea extract, this serum is exactly what you need if your skin has been looking dull and discolored.

If you’d like to try something a little different, then take a peek at our 24K Rose Gold Age Glow Duo. This two-step system starts with a powder that transforms into a liquid as it’s applied to the skin. It’s topped off with a serum, with the full set suitable for weekly use. With an ingredient line-up consisting of resveratrol, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, and a number of botanical extracts, this serum will leave you looking smoother, firmer, and brighter.

Step 6: Moisturize Your Skin

24k nano day recovery

A moisturizer serves a few different purposes. Firstly, it helps to improve the skin’s moisture content. It does this by pampering the skin with hydrating ingredients, while also sealing off the skin’s surface to prevent moisture from evaporating into the air.

This seal that a moisturizer forms has another benefit too; it pushes all of the serums that you’ve already applied deeper into your skin. Without a moisturizer on top, a large percentage of your serums would end up evaporating away, making your skincare routine less effective. By topping them off with a moisturizer, your skin will be able to soak up even more goodness.

Ideally, you should have two moisturizers to turn to; one for the morning and another for the evening. A day moisturizer works best when it’s lighter in texture, whereas a night cream should be slightly thicker and richer. 

So, for daytime use, check out the OROGOLD 24K Nano Day Recovery. It’s packed with lightweight hydrating ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate and seaweed extract. At the same time, it also contains vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin feeling protected from environmental damage. Thanks to its gel-like texture, this moisturizer sinks in quickly and feels weightless on the skin. You can even apply makeup over the top with ease.

In the evenings, we’d recommend using the 24K Multi Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol. Retinol is a fantastic ingredient for reducing the visible signs of damage and aging. Research confirms that regular use will leave the skin feeling thicker and stronger. The results are even more impressive when retinol is combined with other vitamins. This is why you’ll also find retinyl palmitate (another form of vitamin A) and vitamin E in this cream.

Step 7: SPF

white gold spf

While you don’t need to worry about SPF in the evenings, it’s imperative during the day. The sun’s UV rays severely damage the protein fibers in the skin, which drastically accelerates the skin aging process. Let’s not also forget the connection between UV exposure and skin cancer.

This is where SPF comes in. Keeping your skin protected with sunscreen will stop UV rays from wreaking their damage. So long as you regularly reapply your sunscreen every few hours, your skin will remain protected.

Ideally, look for a broad-spectrum formula with an SPF of at least 30. If you’re not keen on adding an extra step to your skincare routine, then a moisturizer that contains SPF is a good alternative, just like OROGOLD’s 24K Skin Tone SPF 30. This moisturizer is sheer and lightweight, making it perfect for daytime use. In addition to blocking UV damage, it will also deeply hydrate your skin while helping to keep your skin feeling protected from other forms of environmental damage.

Additional Steps to Add in Once a Week

The skincare routine that we’ve shared above is one that you can follow every day. However, once a week, there are a couple of extra steps that you should be adding in:


multi-vitamin deep peeling

Exfoliation is vital for a healthy-looking complexion. It’ll clear away your dead skin cells, keeping your pores free of blockages.

Chemical exfoliants are known for being gentler than physical exfoliants, which is why the 24K Multi Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid is such a hit. Mandelic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that comes from almonds. It’s much gentler than the other AHAs out there, making this formula suitable for all skin types.

Use a Face Mask

rose gold mask

Although a face mask isn’t as essential a step as exfoliation, it would still be worth adding one to your weekly skincare routine. Apply a face mask to freshly exfoliated skin and it will be able to work its magic even more efficiently. 

As always, pick a face mask that targets your visible skin concerns. If your skin looks dull and drab, the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask won’t disappoint. It’s infused with rose hip seed extract, seaweed extract, and sodium hyaluronate to brighten and plump up the look of your skin.

The 24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask is another one of our bestsellers. This formula has been designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking smoother, firmer, and younger.

Create a Flawless Skincare Routine With OROGOLD

If your skincare routine hasn’t been producing satisfactory results, then it would be well worth reassessing the steps that you follow to ensure that you’re giving your skin all that it needs. Consider adding in a few of the potent OROGOLD formulas featured above and it won’t be long before your skincare routine starts working even more efficiently.

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The Top Skincare Ingredients for Youthful-Looking Skin

orogold cosmetics

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to sustain beautifully youthful skin, even as they progress into the later years of their lives? 

Well, in some cases, it’s down to genetics. However, most of the time, that youthful skin is brought about due to the love and attention that people lavish on their complexion. Using the right skincare products can really go a long way in keeping the visible signs of aging at bay.

So, which ingredients should you be looking out for if you want your skin to look as fresh and young as possible? Read on as OROGOLD shares the very best!

Sodium Hyaluronate

multi-corrective solution

First up, one of skincare’s most popular ingredients at the moment; sodium hyaluronate. You may not have heard of it, but you’re likely familiar with hyaluronic acid, which is where sodium hyaluronate comes from. The main difference between the two is that sodium hyaluronate features a much smaller molecular size. This allows it to dive deeper into the skin.

Human skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid – youthful skin is full of it! However, with age comes a decline. Since hyaluronic acid is largely responsible for hydrating the skin and keeping it looking plump and full, the lack of it causes a dull, hollow, and sallow appearance.

That’s what makes topical sodium hyaluronate such a game-changer. It has an immediate hydrating effect, restoring the look of volume and radiance to the skin. Its moisture-binding properties keep skin cells looking supple, soft, and so much younger.

You’ll find sodium hyaluronate in several OROGOLD skincare products. However, one formula that really showcases its fast-acting effects is the 24K Golden Multi-Corrective Solution. In addition to sodium hyaluronate, it also contains a number of other complexion-plumping humectants, plus vitamins and antioxidants to help restore the appearance of vitality to your skin.

Vitamin A

eye formula cream

When it comes to achieving the appearance of youthful skin, just about every dermatologist would recommend vitamin A. It has been around for decades, with so many studies confirming how retinoids can dramatically reduce the visible signs of aging. They smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten the look of discoloration, and tighten the overall complexion.

While that may be the case, you need to be careful about the retinoid that you pick. Overly potent concentrations of certain derivatives can lead to skin irritation and purging.

That’s why retinyl palmitate is such a hit. It provides all of the fantastic results that retinoids are revered for, yet it won’t cause irritation to your skin. In fact, it’s gentle enough to even be used on the delicate skin around the eyes, which is why you’ll find it in our 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. 

This eye cream is infused with a number of ingredients that will help to keep your skin looking energetic and young. In addition to retinyl palmitate, peptides feature heavily in this blend. Just like hyaluronic acid, peptides are naturally plentiful in youthful skin. They keep the complexion soft and moisturized, which is why roughness and dryness are often experienced as natural peptide production slows down with age. 


termica serum

Yet another compound that’s heavily present in youthful skin, ceramides are lipids that can be found in the skin’s protective barrier. Their main purpose is to keep the skin hydrated while preventing irritants from entering the skin’s deeper layers.

Youthful skin is hydrated skin, making ceramides a great ingredient to use if you’re trying to turn back the clock on your complexion. There are various ceramides out there, with ceramide-2 particularly beneficial at hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

You’ll find the ingredient in the OROGOLD 24K Termica Activation Serum. This formula has been designed to brighten the look of the skin while reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, making it a must-try if a youthful complexion is your aim. In addition to ceramide-2, it also brings you peptides, seaweed extract, sodium hyaluronate, and green tea extract, enabling it to tackle the appearance of aging from every angle.

Vitamin C

facial serum

You probably already know how important vitamin C is when it comes to achieving the appearance of youthful skin. After all, just about every dermatologist, beauty blogger, and skincare brand out there is raving about it.

And they’re definitely not wrong. Vitamin C’s popularity lies in how it’s able to boost the complexion in multiple ways. It firms and tightens the appearance, which, in turn, smooths away the look of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, it addresses the visibility of hyperpigmentation, lightening the look of discolored skin to balance out the complexion. It helps to keep the skin hydrated too, while also soothing the feeling of inflammation.

As you can see, it’s the ultimate multi-tasker, making it well worth adding to your skincare routine. At OROGOLD, we love the ingredient so much that we have an entire collection dedicated to it. However, if you were to pick just one product to use, make it the 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum.

This silky serum is loaded with two forms of vitamin C, meaning double the results. It contains vitamins A and E too, both of which are also superstars at reducing and preventing the visible signs of aging.

Green Tea Extract

HD solution

There are so many different botanical extracts used in skincare, with each one offering its own unique array of benefits. Just about every plant extract out there will be brimming with antioxidants, but one that manages to outshine the rest is green tea extract.

Its effects are thanks to EGCG. This phenolic compound has been proven to help with everything from repairing the look of sun damage to calming the feeling of inflammation. It tackles the visibility of skin aging too, while also rebalancing how oily the skin feels to reduce the appearance of acne breakouts.

It’s an ingredient that’s well-suited to every skin type, which is why you’ll find green tea extract in such an array of skincare products. It has been included in plenty of OROGOLD formulas too, such as the 24K Termica HD Solution. 

This product is all about providing a smooth, matte, and illuminated finish. It combines green tea extract with a number of other botanicals, including sea buckthorn, chamomile, and cucumber. It also contains sodium hyaluronate, vitamin A, and a sprinkling of meteorite powder to give the skin a luminescent glow.


rose gold serum

Youthful skin usually alludes to skin that hasn’t yet been affected by environmental damage. While this is difficult to completely avoid, environmental damage isn’t usually visible until the later stages of life. It takes a while to build up in the skin, which is why youthful skin tends to look so flawless.

However, once all of that environmental damage has accumulated, it takes its toll on the skin. From dark spots to accelerated skin aging, this damage is a major part of what detracts from a person’s youthful complexion.

How do you repair the look of environmental damage? That’s where antioxidants come in. We’ve already discussed the potency of EGCG, which is one of the antioxidants in green tea extract. However, another powerful antioxidant worth adding to your skincare routine is resveratrol.

Derived from the skin of red grapes and other foods, resveratrol is often taken as an oral supplement. However, it works brilliantly when applied topically too. It will reduce the appearance of skin damage while brightening the complexion. Regular use can make the skin look so much younger, which is why the OROGOLD 24K Rose Gold Age Glow Duo is worth the investment. 

This is a two-step skincare system. You start by applying the 24K Rose Gold Multi-Vital Liquid Powder to your skin, massaging it in until it turns into a liquid. The resveratrol contained in these droplets will quickly soak into your skin. After this, you follow up with the 24K Rose Gold Enriching Serum, which is packed with even more antioxidants. Use this set weekly and you’ll soon be enjoying a vibrant glow.

Mandelic Acid

multi-vitamin deep peeling

You’re probably already aware of how important exfoliation is when it comes to keeping the complexion looking youthful. It clears away the dull and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, revealing the radiance beneath. It also removes any clogs from within the pores, therefore preventing the appearance of inflammation and breakouts.

In terms of how you should be exfoliating, you have a few options. If you’re trying to obtain a youthful finish, then chemical exfoliants are the better option. These contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), which are extremely effective at exfoliating the skin.

While that may be the case, aging skin is pretty delicate. Some AHAs are simply too strong for its fragility, so you need to be careful about which you pick. That’s where mandelic acid can be a game-changer. Unlike other AHAs, mandelic acid, which is derived from almonds, features a much larger molecular size. This means that it’s far less likely to cause irritation, and it won’t damage your skin either. At the same time, it will still exfoliate beautifully.

Give mandelic acid a try for yourself with the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. While mandelic acid is the star of this formula, it also contains bamboo powder to physically exfoliate the skin too. Vitamins A, C, and E make an appearance as well, as do several hydrating and moisturizing compounds. These are key in any good exfoliant. They’ll prevent the skin from feeling vulnerable and dry post-exfoliation, leaving it looking stronger and smoother instead.

Hoping to Achieve Youthful Skin?

While you may have enjoyed effortlessly flawless skin in your youth, this becomes much harder to maintain as a person grows older. From the natural aging process to environmental damage, your skin has so much to deal with as it progresses through life. Keeping your skin looking youthful as this happens definitely requires some extra effort, as well as plenty of consistency when it comes to your skincare routine. However, pamper your skin with the ingredients featured above and you’ll be able to keep the visible signs of aging at bay so that you can enjoy a naturally bright and youthful complexion for many more years to come. 

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How to Choose the Right Skincare Products for Your Skin Type

woman skincare

Skincare advice can vary depending on who’s dishing it out, but one thing that everyone agrees on is that a person’s skin type should influence the skincare products that they use. Fill your skincare routine with products that don’t play well with your skin type and you could end up overloaded with a number of skin concerns.

However, this is often easier said than done. How exactly do you go about ensuring that you’re using the right products? 

That’s where OROGOLD can help. Read on to learn everything you need to know about matching your skin type to the perfect skincare products.

Identifying Your Skin Type

First things first, make sure that you know what your skin type is. You may think that you do, but it’s always worth a quick reassessment if you haven’t been paying attention to your skin for a while. Skin types can change due to everything from hormones to aging, so you’ll likely experience a few of them as you progress through your life.

Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out exactly what your skin type is:

  • Dry Skin: Dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum, leaving it feeling dry to the touch. Flakiness and itching are common, and you’ll likely also sport quite a rough and dull complexion.
  • Oily Skin: Oily skin produces too much sebum, which leaves the skin greasy and shiny. The pores usually look larger too, and breakouts are a common occurrence.
  • Combination Skin: Combination skin is a combination of oily and dry. It’s usually the T-zone (nose and forehead) that’s oily with the cheeks being dry, but the dry/oily areas can vary with each individual.
  • Sensitive Skin: Sensitive skin features a compromised skin barrier, making it easily reactive. Redness, inflammation, irritation, and stinging are all common symptoms.
  • Normal Skin: The rarest skin type, normal skin looks clear and even, without noticeable blemishes. It produces just the right amount of sebum to keep the skin moisturized without leaving it greasy.

Choosing Skincare Products for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, then you need to look for skincare products that moisturize and hydrate your skin. By replenishing the lost moisture in your skin, you’ll be able to alleviate that dry feeling. Humectants, such as sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, are great for this.

It can also help to turn to natural oils and butters that help to seal off the skin’s surface. These will prevent moisture from evaporating away, making them the perfect companion to moisture-binding humectants.

The 24K Rose Gold Advanced Cream

rose gold moisturizer

It’s so important to keep dry skin constantly moisturized, and the 24K Rose Gold Advanced Cream will do just that. Designed specifically for dry skin types, this pink-hued moisturizer contains a wide selection of humectants and plant oils. From rose hip to sunflower to seaweed, it’s packed with some of the most moisturizing botanicals that nature has to offer.

This moisturizer also contains vitamin E and peptides. Both ingredients will help to thicken the feel of your skin’s barrier. This will help to cut back on how dry your skin feels in the long run.

24K Deep Moisturizer

orogold moisturizer

Another fantastic face cream for dry skin is the 24K Deep Moisturizer. With shea butter as its base, this formula feels beautifully velvety, yet absorbs quickly when applied to thirsty skin.

This moisturizer is infused with several vitamins too, including vitamin C and two forms of vitamin E. Combined with gotu kola extract, white tea leaf extract, and chamomile extract, this cream will immediately leave your skin feeling touchably soft and smooth.

24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid

deep peeling gel

Dry skin can often look quite rough, with dead skin cells quickly building up. Exfoliation helps to clear this dull layer away, but many exfoliants can actually make dry skin even worse in the long run.

That’s why we created the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. It’s a gentle exfoliant compared to many of the others out there, but what makes it truly unique is how it combines elements of both manual and chemical exfoliation. Featuring bamboo powder and mandelic acid as its exfoliating agents, along with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and green tea leaf extract, this formula will soften and brighten your complexion without drying it out.

Choosing Skincare Products for Oily Skin

When dealing with oily skin, you need products that will help to cut back on how greasy your skin feels. Look for lightweight formulas that will mattify your complexion, rather than weighing it down.

It would also be a good idea to seek out ingredients proven to reduce the feeling of inflammation in the skin. This will help to prevent the appearance of acne in the future.

The 24K Deep Facial Brush Set

skin brush

Exfoliation is important when working with oily skin. However, since there’s an extra layer of oil to penetrate through, regular exfoliants can sometimes benefit from a helping hand. That’s where the 24K Deep Facial Brush Set comes in. 

This battery-powered device comes with two heads. One massages the skin while the other exfoliates. Use this brush once a week instead of your regular exfoliant to leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed and purified.

24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum

rejuvenating serum

If your skin is extremely oily, then water-based skincare products may struggle to access your skin cells. Sometimes, water-free formulas can be more beneficial, which is why the OROGOLD 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum is a must-try. 

This serum is infused with all of the major vitamins that your complexion needs to glow, including A, E, and two forms of vitamin C. It also contains wheat germ oil and hemp seed oil. Both will help to rebalance how oily your skin feels while giving your skin cells the hydration that they need to thrive.

24K Termica Activation Serum 

termica serum

Oily skin is highly prone to breakouts, and these can often leave dark marks on the skin. Fortunately, there are some incredible ingredients out there that have been proven to fade the look of discolored skin, and you’ll find several of them in the 24K Termica Activation Serum. 

From kojic acid and licorice root extract to vitamin C, vitamin A, and green tea leaf extract, this formula combines some of the best complexion-lightening ingredients in the industry to give the skin a brighter and more even finish.

Choosing Skincare Products for Combination Skin

Some people with combination skin invest in two sets of skincare products; one lot will be for their dry areas and the other will target their oilier patches. This method can be beneficial as it enables you to give each area of your skin exactly what it needs.

That said, there are some products out there that can be beneficial to both dry and oily skin. They contain ingredients that hydrate and moisturize without clogging pores, with vitamins, humectants, and certain plant extracts being prime examples.

The 24K Mousse Cleanser

mousse cleanser

Even if you decide to go down the route of purchasing separate products for your dry and oily areas, it can be difficult to restrict a cleanser to specific parts of your face. This means that you need a formula that’s safe for both dry and oily skin, just like our 24K Mousse Cleanser.

In this formula, gentle cleansing agents are combined with lightweight plant oils and extracts. The result is a blend that thoroughly clears away any excess oil lingering on the surface of the skin without drying the skin out.

24K Kelp Caviar Micro Bead Serum

kelp serum

If you’re looking for a way to hydrate your skin without leaving your oily areas feeling greasy, turn to the 24K Kelp Caviar Micro Bead Serum.

This formula is loaded with humectants, including glycerin, aloe vera leaf extract, and kelp extract. It’s also infused with a range of antioxidant-rich botanicals to help brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask

lift stretching mask

Multi-masking can be extremely beneficial for people with combination skin types. However, chances are that you won’t always have the time for that, so consider the 24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask for when you need a formula that can be used all over your face. 

This mask will draw out excess oil to leave your oily areas looking detoxified and grease-free. At the same time, it will hydrate your skin to give the dry parts of your face a plumper and softer feel.

Choosing Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be tricky to shop for. Ideally, you need to first identify your skin’s irritants. This makes it much easier to avoid products containing them.

That said, you won’t go wrong when looking for skincare products designed to soothe and calm the feeling of inflammation and irritation. Ingredients that leave the skin barrier feeling stronger and more resilient are also beneficial.

24K Purifying Toner

skin toner

Even an extremely gentle cleanser can leave sensitive skin feeling irritated. A toner is a great way to soothe your complexion post-cleanse, with the 24K Purifying Toner being particularly effective.

With a blend of aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, and allantoin, this hydrating formula will quickly calm the look of your skin, diminishing the appearance of redness and inflammation.

24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & Collagen Renewal Eye Mask

deep tissue mask

Hydrogel masks are fantastic for sensitive skin. They’re packed with moisture and feel wonderfully soothing and refreshing – exactly what sensitive skin needs!

If you haven’t tried one yet, treat yourself to OROGOLD’s 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & Collagen Eye Mask. Featuring a number of hydrating ingredients, this mask will leave sensitive skin feeling perfectly balanced and deeply restored.

Choosing Skincare Products for Normal Skin

Chances are that your skin type isn’t normal. If it were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this since you would be able to use just about every skincare product out there! The only exceptions would be when it comes to products designed specifically to treat the visible symptoms of one of the other skin types – these formulas could unbalance your skin.

However, if you’re shopping at OROGOLD, you won’t need to worry about this. All of our formulas will work well on normal skin types, so get browsing!


When you first begin your skincare journey, learning how to choose the right skincare products for your skin type can seem like a challenge. However, once you learn more about the various ingredients and products that your skin type needs to thrive, shopping for skincare will soon become second nature!

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Natural Skincare Ingredients That Really Work

natural ingredients

People have been using natural skincare ingredients for centuries. From shea butter, honey, and gold, which were revered by the Ancient Egyptians, to goji berries and green tea, which were loved in Ancient China, the historic use of these ingredients is so widespread.

While that may be the case, there’s no denying that some natural skincare ingredients function far more efficiently than others. The modern-day world means that we now have access to ingredients from all over the planet, so it only makes sense to pick and choose the very best ones for your skin.

So, when it comes down to it, which are the natural skincare ingredients that really work? Read on as OROGOLD shares some of the most effective.


gold skincare

When people talk about natural skincare ingredients, they usually refer to plant-derived extracts and oils. However, the natural world has plenty else on offer too, including precious metals. While some of the natural skincare ingredients on this list may be modern-day marvels, gold is one that has been used since ancient times, and for good reason.

Gold has a number of purposes in skincare. For starters, it soothes the look of inflammation and redness, giving the skin a beautiful radiance. It also helps to repair the appearance of environmental damage while reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

In fact, gold is such an impressive multitasker that it’s our signature ingredient at OROGOLD. You’ll find it in every single one of our skincare products, making it easier than ever to give your skin a gorgeous glow.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

eye firming cream

When it comes to natural skincare ingredients that hydrate the skin, nothing quite compares to aloe vera. Not only does the plant itself have a high water content, but it also acts as a humectant. This means that it has moisture-binding properties that enable it to immediately plump up the complexion, leaving the skin looking dewy.

Even better, aloe vera boasts some truly powerful antioxidants. This allows it to neutralize the appearance of free radical damage, leaving the skin feeling stronger and healthier. Of course, aloe vera feels incredibly soothing on the skin too, making it a delight to apply! 

With aloe vera being such a skincare wonder, you’ll find this ingredient in several OROGOLD products. However, one formula that really highlights the properties of the botanical is the 24K Cryogenic Contour Eye Firming. It’s an eye cream that combines aloe vera with several other natural skincare ingredients to firm, de-puff, and hydrate the look of the eye area. Use it daily for maximum benefits.

French Lavender Extract

caviar elastin restoration

Many of the natural skincare ingredients on this list are well-known, but French lavender extract is a little less so. Sure, you may be familiar with the heady scent that lavender is loved for, but did you know that there are 47 types of lavender out there? When it comes to skin benefits, French lavender comes out on top.

French lavender is revered for how it calms the feeling of inflammation in the skin. This makes it a useful tool in helping with the appearance of several skin concerns, including acne and psoriasis. It will soothe your complexion and lower the feeling of irritation, giving your skin a relaxed and balanced finish. It’s also a great ingredient for regulating how oily the skin feels, making it ideal for those who often find themselves dealing with clogged pores and acne.

You’ll find French lavender extract in the OROGOLD 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration. This is an encapsulated serum, meaning that each dose of the serum is packaged in a small capsule. This keeps each dose potently fresh, allowing you to fully benefit from how this formula focuses on plumping, soothing, and hydrating the complexion.

Shea Butter

body butter

Another natural ingredient that dates back to historic times is shea butter. Shea butter’s biggest claim to fame is how it intensely moisturizes the skin. It’s loaded with essential fatty acids that leave the skin barrier feeling thicker and better supported. As a result, in addition to giving your skin some instant moisture, it will also help with future moisture retention, so long as you use it regularly.

Our 24K Classic Body Butter makes this easy. Thanks to its velvety texture, this rich body cream feels ultra-indulgent when applied. Its main goal is to hydrate and moisturize the skin, leaving the body looking significantly smoother and softer. Slather it over your skin as soon as you step out of the shower for maximum benefits.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

orogold face mask

You may be familiar with it as a culinary herb, but rosemary leaf extract also happens to be one of the best natural skincare ingredients to be applying to your face. It contains a compound called rosmarinic acid, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of skin inflammation. It also helps to boost the feel of the skin barrier while improving the look of the skin’s surface texture.

Rosemary extract is also loved for how it tightens the complexion. It’s a great botanical to use if you’re trying to combat the visible signs of skin aging as it’s packed with antioxidants.

To add rosemary leaf extract to your skincare routine, check out our 24K Cryogenic Magnolift Mask. Not only is this magnetic face mask so much fun to use, but it’s also infused with some of the best natural skincare ingredients around. It will help to smooth out and contour the look of your face while leaving your skin feeling deeply purified.

Jojoba Seed Oil

orogold lift mask

Certain plant oils are known for their heavy, occlusive properties. This means that they sit on top of the skin’s surface and form their own barrier, which spells bad news for people with oily skin. However, jojoba oil is different. The molecular structure of this botanical very closely mimics that of the skin’s sebum. As a result, the skin readily drinks it up.

Once absorbed into the skin, jojoba oil is highly effective at regulating how oily the skin feels. It’s one of the best oils to use on oily skin, yet it’s also hydrating enough to be a game-changer for people with dry skin too. The icing on the cake is how it’s brimming with antioxidants as well. This means that it can help to reduce the appearance of environmental damage.

While you’ll find jojoba oil in a few different OROGOLD formulas, it’s one of the main components of our 24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask. This face mask has been designed to firm, tighten, and lift the look of aging skin. Thanks to a hefty concentration of vitamins and antioxidants, it does this beautifully. Use it weekly and it won’t be long before your skin looks noticeably younger.

Chamomile Extract

orogold night cream

If you’re looking for natural skincare ingredients that will soothe and relax the feel of your skin, then chamomile extract is a must-try. This botanical is loaded with powerful polyphenols and phytochemicals that quickly calm the feeling of stressed-out skin. They also help to protect the complexion from free radical damage.

Chamomile extract is an ingredient that every skin type accepts, making it another one that’s widely used in OROGOLD products. It’s extremely gentle on the skin – you won’t need to worry about side effects. To treat your face to this ingredient, check out our 24K Nano Night Recovery. It’s a silky serum that will have you waking up to skin that looks dewy and rejuvenated.

If you’d prefer to use this botanical in cream form, then our 24K Deep Moisturizer is the way to go. Even better, combine this cream with the serum above to enjoy a double dose of chamomile goodness!

Licorice Root Extract

orogold eye cream

People often turn to harsh chemicals when they want to lighten the look of discolored skin. However, those ingredients are notorious for their side effects, making it wise to try natural alternatives first. This is where licorice root extract comes in.

Studies confirm that licorice root extract can successfully fade the look of hyperpigmentation. Whether you’re dealing with the appearance of dark spots from teenage acne breakouts or melasma caused by hormonal fluctuations, licorice root extract can help to rebalance your complexion to leave it looking bright and even.

Since the eye area is highly prone to discoloration, we’ve included licorice root extract in our 24K Intensive Eye Formula Cream. This product is all about reducing the look of dark shadows and circles around the eyes. It also de-puffs the appearance while smoothing away the visibility of crow’s feet. Use it each night before bed to wake up with an eye area that looks smooth and bright.

Mangosteen Fruit Extract

orogold pearl elixir

Mangosteens are a tropical and relatively rare fruit. People love them for their uniquely sweet flavor. However, research also points to how this ingredient can help with a variety of different visible skin concerns too. 

For starters, it has powerful antioxidant properties. These are vital when it comes to reducing the appearance of skin aging, which mangosteen extract has been proven to do. This botanical is also fantastic at calming the look of inflamed and irritated skin. Even better, it will mattify the complexion at the same time.

You’ll find this fruit extract in the OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Pearl Revival Elixir. This serum not only illuminates the complexion but also targets the visible signs of skin aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

orogold eye serum

Let’s round things off with one of the most-studied natural skincare ingredients out there; green tea extract. Why is it so popular? Because it’s an amazing source of EGCG, a potent antioxidant that can protect the appearance from sun damage.

In addition to ensuring that the skin feels protected, EGCG can also reduce the look of existing damage. Whether this may be wrinkles, dark spots, or anything else that has been triggered by UV rays, green tea extract is what you need to repair your complexion.

Since green tea extract is such a mainstream ingredient, chances are that it’s already present in your skincare routine. However, if it’s not, give the OROGOLD 24K Intensive Eye Serum a try. It combines green tea extract with licorice root extract and a number of other botanicals to restore and revive the look of the skin around the eyes.

Enjoy the Best Natural Skincare Ingredients With OROGOLD

At OROGOLD, we’re all about making the most of what nature has to offer. Whether this may be in the form of precious metals, flower extracts, or seed oils, our formulas are loaded with some of the best natural skincare ingredients available. If you know that your skincare routine could do with an upgrade, try adding some of these products to your regimen today!

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The Importance of Sunscreen: Protecting Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

woman on yacht

When it comes to the importance of sunscreen, we all know the basics; sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays.

However, what exactly do these UV rays do to the skin? And how do you go about choosing the best sunscreen for your skin? Read on – OROGOLD has all of the answers!

The Importance of Sunscreen Explained

We’re told time and time again to respect the importance of sunscreen. However, it becomes so much easier to do this once you fully understand the role that sunscreen plays in keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways in which a good sunscreen could help your skin and body:

It Prevents the Appearance of Premature Aging

aging woman

If you’re hoping to keep the appearance of skin aging at bay for as long as possible, then you need to be committed to wearing a sunscreen. 

The sun’s UV rays are extremely damaging to the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. These are the proteins that give your skin its structure and volume. Without them, the skin sags and loosens, resulting in wrinkles and an aged appearance.

For many people, the importance of sunscreen is all about keeping their complexion youthful. There is so much research out there confirming how the use of sunscreen can prevent the look of aging, making SPF vital if you want to avoid developing a wrinkled appearance.

It Lowers Your Risk of Skin Cancer

For many people, the importance of sunscreen is all about maintaining a healthy appearance. However, the sun’s UV rays go beneath the surface of the skin and wreak havoc on a much deeper level. When this happens, skin cancer is formed. As you probably know, this can have devastating effects.

Even more frightening is how the prevalence of skin cancer is on the rise. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans will likely develop skin cancer by the time they hit the age of 70, making it vital to keep your skin protected with a sunscreen.

It Prevents the Appearance of Hyperpigmentation

woman with hyperpigmentation

Whenever your skin comes into contact with the sun’s UV rays, it produces melanin. This is your skin’s pigment. It’s responsible for the color of your skin, but its main purpose is to provide a natural defense against UV rays.

In theory, this is great. If melanin can keep your skin protected from the sun, then bring it on – you will also need fewer visits to a dermatologist – it’s a win-win!

Unfortunately, in reality, it doesn’t work quite that way. Melanin will only provide protection to a certain extent. After this, unprotected skin is still highly susceptible to damage.

Even worse, when the skin starts to produce too much melanin, it isn’t able to spread these cells evenly throughout the skin (in the way that it does when it gives you a tan). As a result, the pigment ends up clustering underneath certain areas of your skin, resulting in those parts of your face or body taking on a darker and discolored appearance.

It can take a while to treat the visibility of dark spots, making prevention with a sunscreen a far better plan. 

It Reduces the Risk of Sunburn

woman with sunburn

Chances are that you’ve been sunburnt at least once in your life. However, did you know that experiencing five sunburns doubles your risk of developing skin cancer?

Not only that, but sunburns can also lead to other forms of skin damage, including scarring. Not to mention, they can be very painful! By keeping your skin protected with a sunscreen, your complexion will be able to remain sunburn-free!

It Reduces the Feeling of Inflammation

Sunburns are an inflammatory reaction to the sun’s UV rays. However, even if your skin doesn’t burn, don’t be fooled into thinking that the sun hasn’t triggered your skin’s inflammatory response.

Even a small amount of sun exposure can lead to inflammation in the skin. You may not be able to see it from the surface (although you might notice slight redness), but it will be doing its damage beneath the outer layer of your skin.

What does inflammation do to the skin?

It can accelerate the skin aging process, trigger acne breakouts, and so much more. By understanding the importance of sunscreen, you’ll be able to save your skin from feeling inflamed, which will keep it looking balanced and healthy.

Picking the Best Sunscreen For Your Skin

orogold spf 30 sun protection

Now that you’re better acquainted with the importance of sunscreen, you’re probably wondering where to begin when it comes to upgrading that dusty old bottle of sunscreen sitting at the back of your skincare shelf.

Well, when it comes to picking a new sunscreen for everyday use, look for an SPF of at least 30. If you spend a particularly long time out in the sun each day, then you may want something slightly higher. 

Ideally, you also want a formula that feels lightweight and sheer on the skin. This way, it will absorb quickly and won’t leave your skin looking greasy or unnaturally white after application.

This is where the OROGOLD 24K Skin Tone SPF 30 really stands out. It melts into the skin quickly, leaving the complexion fresh and dewy rather than oily.

What makes this product extra special is how it’s infused with multiple antioxidants too. From vitamins A and E to green tea extract, this formula will not only protect your skin from the appearance of premature aging, but it will also help to repair the look of any aging-related damage that is already visible on your skin.

Since our sunscreen was designed to double up as a day moisturizer, it contains several hydrating ingredients too. Aloe vera leaf extract and glycerin both function as humectants. They bind moisture to the skin to plump up the complexion and keep it feeling soft and supple.

And, as with all OROGOLD products, this formula also contains gold. It’s an ingredient that adds radiance to the skin, so you can expect your face to be glowing after each application!

When and How Often to Use a Sunscreen

When should you be using a sunscreen? It’s pretty simple – all the time during the day! Unless you happen to be spending the entire day in a windowless basement, then sunscreen is a must. 

The time of year doesn’t matter either as the sun’s UV rays are present and dangerous year-round.  They can penetrate through glass and thick clouds too. This means that even when you’re driving around in your car on a dull and cloudy day, or daydreaming by your office window, the sun’s UV rays are still damaging your skin.

What makes things a little more complicated is that one application of sunscreen in the morning isn’t going to last you the entire day. The higher its SPF, the longer its effects will extend for. However, in general, you can expect to have to reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours.

This makes it worth having a few different jars of sunscreen in your life. Keep one at home on your dresser, one in your office, and perhaps also one in your car. This way, you’ll never be without your trusty SPF!

How to Properly Apply a Sunscreen

woman applying sunscreen

Applying sunscreen may seem like a no-brainer. Surely you just massage it into your skin in the same way you would a face moisturizer?

In some ways, yes. However, you need to pay close attention to how much product you apply each time. Most people end up using too little, meaning that their skin isn’t receiving the full level of SPF protection printed on the label. As a result, they end up experiencing sun damage even when they think that their skin is protected.

Ideally, when applying sunscreen to just your face and neck, use about half a teaspoon full. If you need to cover your entire body, then one ounce would be sufficient. That said, don’t be afraid to use more! When it comes to making the most of the importance of sunscreen, too much is definitely better than too little.

Once you’ve applied your sunscreen, try to give it 10-15 minutes to kick into action before you step out into the sun. If you expose your skin to the sun any sooner than this, then it will still be vulnerable to all of the damage that those UV rays can cause.

Other Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Sun’s UV Rays

woman bathing suit hat

If you want to protect your skin from UV rays as much as possible, then, in addition to understanding the importance of sunscreen, there are a few extra steps that you should be taking.

For starters, try to keep your skin physically covered as much as possible. Long clothing will provide an extra barrier between your skin and the sun. The thicker the fabric, the more effective it will be at shielding your skin. Wearing long but loose styles of clothing in light colors will help to ensure that you don’t end up feeling too hot.

You should also own a variety of sun-protecting accessories. Oversized sunglasses will help to keep your delicate eye area protected from UV rays. Meanwhile, a wide-brimmed hat will block the sun from your face. 

You could even take things a step further by carrying a parasol or umbrella with you on particularly sunny days. Studies show that a black handheld umbrella has the potential to block at least 90% of the sun’s UV rays! Carrying an umbrella around may seem cumbersome at first, but your skin will most definitely thank you for it.

There are also certain foods out there that can help to ramp up your body’s natural sun protection. These don’t come close to comparing to the importance of sunscreen itself, but they can help you to fortify your defenses a little more. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and spinach are particularly beneficial, as are berries and pomegranates.


When it comes down to it, there really is no denying the importance of sunscreen. Just this one single product can do so much for your complexion, while also helping to keep your risk of developing skin cancer to a minimum. Commit yourself to regularly using a sunscreen now and your future self will be extremely appreciative!

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