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Are Premium Skincare Products Worth the Investment?

OROGOLD premium skincare products

With an abundance of affordable, bang-for-your-buck solutions out there, it may seem nonessential to splurge on premium skincare products. After all, many have survived on drugstore and generic skincare all their lives. Why bother spending more than we need?

The answer is this: skincare is anything but trivial. This means that your skincare should be an investment.

Unlike clothing, what you put on your face directly affects the condition of your skin. Depending on your skin type, your sensitivity level, and the formulations of the products you use, these effects could manifest for a few days or extend for months on end. 

While genetics, diet, and environmental factors are important too, your skincare can make or break your skin. For this exact reason, building your skincare routine should be a mindful, discerning process. Your skin deserves only the best of the best.

This is where OROGOLD’s premium skincare products come in.


24K Multi Vitamin Night Nourishment

A brand dedicated to spotlighting the multiple benefits of gold, OROGOLD Cosmetics is built on years’ worth of culture and research. 

The world knows that Cleopatra famously incorporated gold into her beauty regimen. However, she wasn’t the only one who had a staunch belief in the benefits of the ingredient:

Gold has been used for a wide variety of purposes across many centuries and cultures. It’s been a benchmark of beauty and wealth, an anti-aging elixir, and even an all-around salve for skin concerns.

OROGOLD not only harnesses these benefits but further amplifies them with expertly concocted formulations. By combining gold with other tried and tested skincare ingredients, our brand has developed a roster of products that is both luxurious and effective.

OROGOLD’s products fall under the umbrella of high-end beauty. While they come with a luxurious price tag to match, premium skincare products like OROGOLD are well worth the investment. Here’s why:

Ingredient Selection

OROGOLD premium skincare products

OROGOLD’s premium skincare products would not have come into existence if not for the multiple properties that gold offers in the realms of health and beauty.

24K Gold

Some of the benefits gold can provide include:

  • Neutralizing free radicals. These are responsible for many visible signs of aging and skin fatigue. Fortunately, the high antioxidant content of gold helps to combat this. 
  • Fighting off inflammation. Colloidal gold has been used by medical professionals to treat rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune inflammatory ailment.
  • Stimulating the skin. As a metal and mineral, gold can stimulate the skin to improve blood circulation. In turn, this boosts the skin’s moisture levels.
  • Boosting the skin’s natural glow. Gold nanoparticles can penetrate deeper into the skin, effectively boosting hydration and elasticity.
  • Diminishing toxins. Ancient Chinese history traces the advanced applications of gold back to the Ming Dynasty. During this time, physicians used gold to treat skin conditions like smallpox and ulcers. 


DMAE, which stands for Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate, is a compound naturally found in the human body and is the star of OROGOLD’s DMAE line. In the medical field, DMAE is believed to positively affect mood and memory. Meanwhile, in the beauty realm, this ingredient brings potent anti-aging benefits. 

According to a four-month study published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, a product infused with 3% DMAE reduced lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead — both common problem areas. Meanwhile, a 2009 study reported improved hydration and better appearance overall. 


The star of our Cannabis Golden Leaf Collection, Cannabidiol is a compound derived from the controversial cannabis plant.

Despite the ingredient being banned in certain states and countries, CBD has been proven to provide a variety of skin benefits. Some of these benefits are:

  • Fighting dryness and flaking. Thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, various forms of the ingredient can be used to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. This makes CBD oil and products especially great for those suffering from heightened sensitivity. 
  • Slowing down signs of aging. No matter what products you use or treatments you commit to, aging is inevitable. There are, however, ways to slow down the visible signs that come hand-in-hand with aging, like lines, sagging, and wrinkles. According to a 2017 study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, the antioxidants found in CBD are one such way to combat signs of aging, which are largely caused by oxidative stress.
  • Calming and preventing acne flare-ups. In addition to being packed with antioxidants, Cannabidiol also has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and oil-reducing abilities. The Journal of Clinical Investigation also reported a study in 2014, highlighting CBD’s effectiveness in regulating sebum-producing sebocytes.

Research & Innovation

Skincare lab

In the ever-changing beauty landscape, it is not enough to come up with a hit product and stop there. At OROGOLD, innovation is king. With multiple best-selling product lines, we continue to find ways to continuously improve its roster and stay ahead of the game.

A classic example of OROGOLD’s beauty innovations is our Tèrmica Collection. While cooling skincare products have long been in demand, this line flips the switch, instead offering up innovations from the opposite side of the spectrum: unique self-warming products.

Beauty’s equivalent of a cozy blanket or a trusty down coat, self-warming skincare products are ideal for the wintertime. Brisk weather strips the skin of moisture, but the OROGOLD Tèrmica line can undo the damage. It’ll also calm the skin and bring back its natural texture. You can see why this collection is so popular!

The Tèrmica line consists of four products. While all the products on the roster are anti-aging, they each have unique formulas and other top-tier ingredients to target additional skin concerns:

Synergistic Formulations

There are no one-hit wonders here. At OROGOLD, premium skincare products are created in collections that either target a specific skin concern or harness the skin-nourishing abilities of a particular ingredient.

While mixing and matching cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and other products may work well for some, having synergistic products in a single collection takes the guesswork out of your skincare. Instead of navigating your way through endless beauty aisles and online catalogs, you can rest easy knowing that OROGOLD’s collections can get the job done. 

The Skincare Experience

OROGOLD advert

Another reason to consider premium skincare products is the pure pleasure that comes with using them.

Effectiveness and results aside, using luxury products can give off a completely different experience from more affordable options from the drugstore. From the thoughtfully designed and sturdy packaging to the richer, more substantial textures of the products, choosing premium skincare products means choosing a more enjoyable skincare experience. 

OROGOLD Collections to Try

If you’re ready to welcome premium skincare products into your regimen, we’ll help you figure out where to begin.

With so many diverse collections to choose from, it can be daunting to narrow down exactly where to kick off your OROGOLD journey. Below, we’ve rounded up a few foolproof OROGOLD collections that can work wonders for all skin types:

24K Vitamin C Collection

OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection

This is one of OROGOLD’s most straightforward collections. Consisting of only two products, the 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum, this may seem like an extremely pared-down collection. However, you might just find that these two premium skincare products are all you truly need.

Ascorbic Acid, or Vitamin C, has been recognized as a star ingredient in the skincare world. A mainstay in the routines of many, Vitamin C has the ability to:

  • Combat hyperpigmentation. By inhibiting the production of melanin, Vitamin C-infused skincare can chip away at dark marks and stubborn spots. With consistent use, Vitamin C can also help in preventing marks from manifesting on the skin surface.
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles. As a naturally acidic ingredient, Vitamin C signals the skin to increase the production of collagen and elastin, two essential protein fibers that keep the skin plump and youthful.
  • Fights environmental stress. Whether it’s UV exposure or oxidative stress, the antioxidants in Vitamin C defend the skin, helping to keep it in tip-top shape.

Get the most of Vitamin C’s benefits with OROGOLD’s Vitamin C collection. Shop the OROGOLD Vitamin C collection online.

24K Multi-Vitamin Collection

OROGOLD Multi Vitamin Collection

Since vitamins are great for the skin, why stop with just Vitamin C? OROGOLD’s Multi-Vitamin collection hinges itself on Vitamins A, C, and E — all of which bring their fair share of benefits. 

We’ve discussed what Vitamin C can do for your skin, but what about Vitamins A and E? Here’s a breakdown:

If retinol or retinoids have a spot in your regimen, consider yourself well acquainted with Vitamin A. With the ability to stimulate collagen production, Vitamin A is a powerful ingredient that can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also promotes cell regeneration, helping the skin reveal a newer, healthier layer with a better tone and texture. 

Vitamin E, on the other hand, is all about that dewy glow and ample hydration. When the skin’s protective layer is compromised, barrier-boosting Vitamin E acts to seal up the cracks that can cause a loss in moisture. This ingredient also has healing and soothing properties, thanks to its antioxidant content.

A dynamic duo in the skincare world, vitamins C and E amplify each other’s strengths. While one brightens, the other protects. When worn together under SPF, Vitamins C and E can amplify the protection level of the sunscreen, giving the skin an effective shield to fight against UV exposure and environmental stress.

Shop the OROGOLD Multi-vitamin collection online.

White Gold Collection

OROGOLD White Gold Collection

One of OROGOLD’s most extensive product lines, the 24K White Gold collection casts a wide net in terms of its capabilities. Across this lineup of 12 products, you’ll find everything your skin could need, from anti-aging gold to nurturing botanicals. You can easily put together a daily skincare routine from this collection. 

Some of the key ingredients found in the White Gold collection include:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil. Despite being an oil, this ingredient is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog or irritate the skin. It contains linoleic acid, enabling Sunflower Seed Oil to help maintain the skin’s moisture barrier, as proven in a 2013 study.
  • Glycerin. An unsung hydration hero, Glycerin works well with natural oils to pull and lock water into the skin.
  • Cucumber Fruit Extract. Even with its distinct, natural fragrance, Cucumber Fruit Extract is non-sensitizing. With the ability to cleanse, soothe, and heal, this ingredient is a favorite across all skin types. 
  • Shea Butter. Many moisturizers and body creams contain Shea Butter because it is an all-in-one hydrator. It brings moisture to the skin, protects against temperature sensitivity, and plumps the skin as it does the job.
  • Cetearyl Alcohol. Unlike the simple, stripping alcohols that cause stinging and redness, Cetearyl Alcohol is non-damaging and non-sensitizing. Cetearyl Alcohol is loved for its ability to emulsify and stabilize formulas, encouraging thicker and more even formulations.

The White Gold collection is also one of the few product lines that include both skin and body care. Beyond skincare staples like a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and cream, you’ll also find the 24K Classic Hand & Body Cream, 24K Hydrating Body Mist, and 24K Classic Body Butter.

Shop the OROGOLD White Gold collection online.

Give Your Skin What it Deserves

From luxurious formulations to carefully curated ingredients, your skin deserves nothing but the best in the market.

Convinced your skin is worth the investment? Start your transition to premium skincare products with OROGOLD. 

Discover more of OROGOLD’s best-selling skincare innovations here.

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The Correct Way to Use a Scrub

Gold scrub

If you’re a skincare enthusiast, chances are that you’ve used a scrub before.

Scrubs have been around for quite some time in the beauty industry, and they are instrumental in sloughing off all that dead skin and grime off your face and body.

Here at OROGOLD, our 24K Classic Body Scrub gives you the ultimate spa experience right from the comfort of your own home. This scrub gently but effectively removes your skin’s outer layer, renewing and rejuvenating it.

The best part? It’s gentle enough that you can use it on your facial skin as well. However, we also offer a few other exfoliating products too, so don’t forget to also check them out.

Our gold scrub contains ingredients like glycerin, Dragon’s Blood extract, cucumber extract, and calendula extract that’ll help revitalize your skin, gently exfoliating without compromising your skin barrier. If you struggle with dull, dry skin, or need a pick-me-up, just grab this gold scrub because, trust us, this bad boy does not disappoint. It’s even enriched with luxurious 24K gold, perfect for that self-pamper sesh!

However, did you know that if you don’t use a face scrub properly, it may result in more damage to your skin? Read on to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of using a face scrub.

Why Do We Use Scrubs?

OROGOLD gold scrub for body

Body and facial scrubs are incredibly beneficial. By removing dead skin, they improve your skin’s absorption of moisturizer. That way, any moisturizer applied after a good scrub will penetrate the skin more deeply.

Besides that, they unclog pores and keep ingrown hairs at bay. Using a body scrub regularly can help clear your pores and avoid razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Body scrubs can aid in smoothening and evening out your skin. If you don’t remove dry skin, it causes your skin to feel rough to the touch, with a dull, cracked texture and appearance. You should have smoother and more even skin after removing the dead, dry cells with our best-selling gold scrub.

Benefits Of Using a Scrub

Reduce the Appearance of Scars

If you struggle with scarring, physical exfoliation can help! Acne scars and hyperpigmentation can also be reduced with scrubs, even if they’re on your body.

Using OROGOLD’s gold scrub aids in the natural resurfacing of the skin. Exfoliating eliminates dead and damaged skin cells, allowing your skin to regenerate.

Say Goodbye to Flaky Skin

Struggle with dry, flaky skin? Don’t worry, use our gold scrub, and you’re good to go.

Flakey skin can make your skin look sallow, rough, and dull. Using a facial scrub to exfoliate the face will help you get rid of flaky skin and make it smoother.

Clogged Pores Will Become a Thing of the Past

Clogged pores can be the bane of our existence.

To keep the skin hydrated, the body creates sebum, a natural oil. However, occasionally the creation of sebum oil becomes excessive, and all that oil is trapped in the pores of your skin.

Acne outbreaks occur when the skin pores get clogged. Exfoliation eliminates sebum oil from the skin and unclogs the pores.

Welcome, Smooth Skin!

Physically exfoliating your skin can result in glowing, brighter skin because it helps remove dead skin cells. It also stimulates collagen production, which helps to plump and tighten the skin in the long run. 

When is the Best Time to Use a Scrub?

Woman using body scrub

Face Scrubs

Scrubbing is a form of physical exfoliation, which is a tad different from chemical exfoliation. In general, chemical exfoliants can be used daily. On the other hand, using physical methods more than once a week may be too harsh.

Most experts would advise you to exfoliate two to three times per week. However, if your skin is delicate, you may only need to exfoliate every other week. Most people believe that just weekly exfoliation is enough for a newcomer, and it’s a good place to start.

Apply the OROGOLD gold scrub to slightly damp skin and massage for 60 seconds in a circular motion over the entire face. To get the best results from a facial scrub, remember to not press hard on your skin, as this will cause irritation.  If you believe your skin could benefit from more exfoliation, use it for at least 90 seconds rather than applying more pressure. After rinsing, don’t forget to apply toner, serum, and our 24K Deep Moisturizer.

Body Scrub

When’s the best time to get exfoliatin’? Well, in the shower, of course!

It’s preferable to use a body scrub while still in the shower immediately after washing to ensure that your skin is clean and ready to exfoliate. In general, you shouldn’t use a body scrub every day or even every other day on your skin. This may result in dry or irritated skin.

Your skin type will determine how often you should apply a body scrub (or exfoliate in general). However, you shouldn’t use OROGOLD’s gold scrub more than twice a week. If you have sensitive skin, you should only use the gold scrub once a week.

Skin Types And Exfoliation Frequency

Since our skin type plays a major role in how much we should exfoliate and give ourselves a good scrubbin’, here’s a quick guide to that:

Mature Skin

When it comes to mature skin, try using a chemical exfoliant that is gentle two times per week. Redness or irritation should lead you to reduce the frequency of your use.

Enzymes or alpha hydroxy acid products are definitely recommended! You’ll find a powerful yet gentle alpha hydroxy acid in the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. This is a one-of-a-kind exfoliating gel that uses Mandelic Acid, vitamin C, and bamboo stem powder to gently polish skin without the use of harsh scrubs. Your skin will feel radiant and revitalized after using this peeling solution.


Combination Skin

Combination skin is probably the hardiest skin type around. You can go either way and even mix and match scrubs, acids, and enzymes.

If it’s suitable for your skin, exfoliate two or three times per week.

Those with combination skin could try making ingredients like mandelic acid your BFF. Mandelic helps to remove excess oil from the face while remaining gentle enough to use on dry skin.

Besides the gold scrub, you could also try our 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling exfoliator.

Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

If your skin can tolerate it, those with an oily or acne-prone skin type can exfoliate the face two or three times per week.

Dermatologists also recommend using products that are oil-soluble, like salicylic acid.

BHA, or beta hydroxy acid, aids in unclogging pores without interfering with oil production. Not only can it prevent breakouts, but it can also treat them. Additionally, people with oily skin should try physical exfoliation to help remove any buildup that isn’t oil or sebum.

Other than adding our gold scrub to your facial routine mix, you could also invest in this 24K Deep Facial Brush Set for some added exfoliation. Enhance your facial cleansing experience with this two-in-one system that exfoliates and guarantees proper dispersion of topical skincare treatments with an attachable soft bristle brush and a gentle silicone brush.

Dry/Sensitive Skin

Be cautious if you have dry or sensitive skin because harsh cosmetics and skincare can irritate the skin, causing it to become even more dry or sensitive.

Only exfoliate once or twice a week for these skin types.

An enzyme is the best exfoliator for those with extremely sensitive skin, and if you’re on the dry side, glycolic acid is your go-to exfoliant. That being said, you don’t have to avoid physical exfoliants because sensitive skin types can handle physical exfoliation to a certain degree.

You could alternate your usage of the OROGOLD gold scrub with another one of our bestselling exfoliators, the 24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage. This is a ground-breaking leave-on solution that exfoliates the skin’s surface softly. This luxurious gommage cleanses excess oils and dirt with coconut, green tea, and chamomile extract!

OROGOLD Diamond Gommage

Should You Be Worried About Using Scrubs?

Using scrubs excessively may dry out your skin, which doesn’t sound like a good idea. To prevent skin irritation, dermatologists recommend applying a lotion or moisturizer as soon as possible to seal in the moisture and to avoid dryness.

Studies have shown that exfoliating the skin, while helpful in maintaining a youthful look, can also disrupt your skin barrier for a short time. 

So, what can you do to make sure scrubbing your skin doesn’t cause more harm than good?

  • Don’t over-exfoliate!
  • Don’t go out in the sun too much, and always remember to slather on some SPF.
  • Use skin barrier repair products.
  • Avoid saunas and bathing in very hot water.

Face Scrubs: Fact Or Fiction?

Can exfoliating with scrubs damage your skin?

Scrubbing does not imply skin damage. You’ll only damage your skin if your scrub has large and sharp grinding particles in the scrub that can cause tears in your skin.

What’s great about the OROGOLD gold scrub is that it’s made of corn kernels and sugar, which are much gentler on your skin. However, excessive pressure when massaging the scrub can also be harmful.

If you feel a tingling sensation when scrubbing your face or body, that means that the product is effective, right? 

False. That tingling sensation could be a sign of sensitive skin, meaning your skin barrier might be compromised. Unless your scrub contains menthol or other cooling ingredients, stay away from scrubs that make your skin tingle.

Can scrubbing your skin cure acne? 

Facial and body acne can be challenging to deal with, but exfoliating too much with scrubs could make things worse.

A scrub alone cannot treat or heal acne. It would be better to supplement your routine with acne-busting ingredients like BHA’s and benzoyl peroxide.

Will a scrub remove scars on your face?

Using scrubs can definitely lighten the overall look of scars but not make them disappear immediately. For that, try scar-brightening ingredients like alpha arbutin.

Natural scrubs are better, right?

Some scrubs that use natural ingredients are often terrible for the skin. For example, nuts, fruit pits, and salt are all natural, but they can be pretty harsh on the skin. Other natural ingredients like jojoba beads, oatmeal, silica, and rice bran are gentle and effective. 

However, the only thing that should be considered is how fine the scrub particles are, whether they dissolve when used to avoid overdoing it, and whether the formula also contains hydrating and soothing ingredients.

When testing out a scrub, try it on the back of your hand to determine how abrasive the granules are so you don’t develop microtears when you use it.

OROGOLD gold scrub

Can scrubs get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads originate deep in the pore, so face scrubs are powerless against them. When applied to blackheads, a face scrub will only be able to remove the uppermost, visible portion of the blemish.

Another explanation for why blackhead scrubs don’t work is that those black dots that appear in the pores before the skin are spotless are not due to dirty pores that need to be cleaned. Instead, black coloration results from oil and dead skin, oxidizing together and darkening once they reach the surface.

Using a facial scrub on a regular basis can do wonders for your skin. You will have smooth, soft skin when you remove dead skin cells and excess sebum oil from your face.

That’s why we recommend adding the Orogold gold scrub to your everyday routine. It’s suitable for both facial and body skin, so just follow the guidelines above, and you’ll have the skin of your dreams in no time.

If you’d like to treat yourself to a luxurious gold scrub, you’ll find everything that you need here.

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The Best Gold-Infused Skin Care Products for Every Skin Type

Gold products skin care from OROGOLD

From Cleopatra’s belief in gold’s age-defying benefits to the multiple gold-infused facial treatments named after her, gold has long been used as a skin-nourishing ingredient. With the ability to soothe, protect, and boost radiance, this precious mineral can offer benefits to anyone whose skin needs a little boost.

But using gold products skin care isn’t just as simple as slathering a random formulation on and hoping for the best. Skin care is a science. It pays to know which products will serve your skin best, which is exactly what OROGOLD is here to explain. 

The simplest way to start curating your own gold-infused routine? By figuring out your skin type. 

Skin Types

Woman applying foundation

As the basis of most skin care routines, understanding your skin type can help you predict whether or not a product will work for you. But first thing’s first: what are skin types, and what influences them?

Put simply, skin types are categories under which most people’s skin fall, based on their look, feel, sensitivity, and general condition. The type of skin a person has is primarily determined by genetics but can change with time because of fluctuations in sebum levels. 

While there are various ways to categorize skin types, these five are the most common: dry, oily, normal, sensitive, and mature.

At OROGOLD, the power of gold-infused skin care is used to not only work with different skin types. With a little push from the healing and anti-aging powers of gold, all five skin types can thrive.

Here are the best gold products skin care has to offer, tailored for each skin type:

Dry Skin

Dry skin tends to look wrinkly, cracked, or rough. If you think you may have this skin type, here are a few more telltale signs:

  • Visible fine lines
  • Dullness
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Tight, stretched-out sensation

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so, you likely have dry skin.

Dry skin can feel tight, look red, or be more susceptible to wrinkles and lines because the skin lacks natural oils. The skin needs a healthy amount of moisture to stay healthy, after all—and without enough sebum, the symptoms of dry skin can begin to take root.

While many are born with dry skin, it’s important to remember that skin can dry out with age. Environmental factors such as constant exposure to UV radiation, cold weather, and indoor heating can contribute to drier skin.

Another factor to consider: skin care. Constantly subjecting your skin to harsh, stripping ingredients can aggravate dryness. Curating your routine to include nourishing and moisturizing products is crucial. 

How, then, do we include gold products skin care in our lives? Start with these formulas:

24K Mousse Cleanser


Mousse cleansers are great for all skin types, but are especially beneficial for those with dry skin. Once massaged into the skin, the OROGOLD 24K Mousse Cleanser turns into a rich, creamy formulation that gently removes impurities.

The cleanser is formulated with Chamomile Extract, which has been used in traditional medicine to heal various ailments. A calming antioxidant, Chamomile Extract can help soothe flare-ups and conditions associated with dry skin.

The 24K Mousse Cleanser is also formulated with Witch Hazel. While well-loved in the skin care community, this ingredient is more commonly used for acne-prone or oily skin types. However, one of the main functions of the ingredient is to reduce redness and inflammation, which makes it useful in combating the struggles faced by those with dry skin type.

24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask

OROGOLD Rose Gold Mask and other skin care products with gold

Dehydration and dryness are not the same thing: the former refers to a lack of water in the skin, while the latter pertains to a lack of oil. However, because they often exist in tandem, the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask from OROGOLD targets both with one product.

There are several superstar ingredients in this mask that make it a multi-tasking, deeply nourishing product. Some of them are:

  • Rosehip Extract, which facilitates barrier repair and moisturizes the skin with high levels of fatty acids.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate, the cousin of Hyaluronic Acid, that delivers hydration to the deeper layers of the skin.
  • 24K Gold, which has ions that stimulate the cells, resulting in improved blood circulation and skin moisture.

For a moisture boost and an early start on anti-aging, introduce the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask into your gold products skin care routine once a week. 

24K Deep Moisturizer

24K Deep Moisturizer

Since dry skin is characterized by a lack of moisture, it’s important to have a potent moisturizer in the mix. Our product of choice for dry skin: the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer.

Like the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask, this product contains 24K Gold that can improve skin moisture and circulation. However, this moisturizer is made even more nourishing with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, two foolproof ingredients beloved by those with dry skin.

Oily Skin

On the opposite end of the skin spectrum is the oily skin type. With all of the moisture that dry skin lacks, oily skin has the propensity to overproduce sebum, which can often result in a shiny look.

If you think you have oily skin, here are other signs you should look out for:

  • Frequent breakouts
  • Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Large pores
  • Greasy skin, especially around the T-zone

One can be born with dry skin and start to transition to an oilier skin type during puberty. Exposure to warmer climates or hormonal changes can also cause the face to adopt a new skin type altogether.

When it comes to caring for oily skin, balance is key. You’ll want to nourish the skin without pushing sebum production over the edge and pick up excess oils without drying out the skin.

Here’s how gold products skin care can work with an oily skin type:

24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

OROGOLD Vitamin C Cleanser

Vitamin C is an ingredient that needs no introduction, considering how well-loved it is all over the world. However, there’s more to Vitamin C than just its brightening abilities. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C can fight free radicals, target acne scars, and prevent signs of aging.

The 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser harnesses the strengths of the ingredient. Together with soothing Aloe Vera and Retinyl Palmitate, this cleanser is lightweight but not drying—perfect for washing off all the grime and grease after a long day.

24K Termica Activation Serum

OROGOLD gold 24K serum

Gel-type formulas like the 24K Termica Activation Serum are a great match for oily skin. Because gel formulations are light and sink in easily, the 24K Termica Activation Serum’s gel consistency serves as an ideal base for the skin-enriching gold particles within the product.

To complement gold’s skin-defending benefits, the product also includes:

  • Witch Hazel Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Seaweed Extract

All three of these ingredients are commonly found in formulations for oily or acne-prone skin due to their sebum-regulating abilities.

24K Termica HD Solution

OROGOLD Termica HD gold products skin care

A follow-up to the Activation Serum, the 24K Termica HD Solution contains Vitamin A and Cucumber Extract. Both of these ingredients are a goldmine of benefits for oily skin, what with their inflammation-fighting, oil-regulating properties.

By combining these ingredients with Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate, the 24K Termica HD Solution helps oily skin achieve that balance of being well-moisturized—but never greasy. Upon application, this formula smooths lines and mattifies the skin, also making it work as a great makeup base.

Normal Skin

Normal or eudermic skin is the sweet spot of all skin types. Neither too oily nor too dry, this skin type is not prone to breakouts, sensitivity, or flaking.

Those with a normal skin type are often considered the lucky ones because of their well-balanced skin condition. However, nothing comes easy in skin care—and even these folks need to work to maintain what they have.

This is where gold products skin care comes in.

Pure gold is rich in antioxidants, which makes it beneficial for every skin type—even normal skin. By fighting off free radicals, it can reduce skin stress and retain the skin’s harmonious balance.

If you have normal skin, here are some of the gold-infused skin care products you can include in your skin care routine:

24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage

OROGOLD Exclusive Cryogenic Collection

No matter how balanced or seemingly smooth your skin may be, there’s always room for a little exfoliation. By ridding the skin’s surface of dead cells and debris, you uncover a fresh layer of cells and allow products to penetrate more effectively.

OROGOLD’s 24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage is a gentle yet effective exfoliator for normal skin types. The word “gommage” comes from a French word that means “to erase”—a fitting name for a product that diminishes all the unwanted cells from the surface of the skin.

Soothing as it sloughs, this product combines coconut-derived proteins with calming Green Tea Extract and soothing K-beauty ingredient, Centella Asiatica.

24K Advanced Facial Mask

OROGOLD Advanced Face Mask

While Hemp Seed Oil remains controversial in some parts of the world, it is the key ingredient behind one of OROGOLD’s gold products skin care lines.

Hemp seed oil brings a host of benefits to the skin. It not only draws moisture to the skin but locks it in with its high levels of omega 3, 6, and 9. A soothing ingredient, it also fights inflammation and prevents breakouts.

In the 24K Advanced Facial Mask, it is used in a creamy, gold-infused formula to restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Sensitive Skin

Everyone gets a little red or itchy at times, but there’s a skin type dedicated to people who are especially susceptible to sensations like itchiness, redness, flakiness, or burning. Those who suffer from skin conditions like rosacea often fall under this skin type as well.

Sensitive skin can be caused by genetic, environmental, or external factors like over-exfoliation. Given this, the key to dealing with sensitive skin is this: be gentle. Exposure to ingredients that are too harsh on the skin will not only trigger a breakout but may cause pain as well.

One of the benefits of a gold products skin care routine is soothing sensitivity. In the realm of medicine, gold has been used to treat autoimmune inflammatory ailments. In skincare, gold not only reduces inflammation, but calms redness, too.

Here are some gold products skin care that are gentle enough for sensitive skin:

24K Purifying Toner

Toner with cosmetic gold

Depending on the product you use, your skin may feel tight, tingly, or dry after cleansing. The OROGOLD 24K Purifying Toner can help reduce this sensitivity by replenishing lost moisture with:

  • Aloe Vera Juice, which is used to heal wounds and foster skin regeneration.
  • Cucumber Extract, which alleviates swelling and inflammation. 
  • Allantoin, which moisturizes the skin and improves texture.

In the process, the toner also picks up the remaining dirt and debris left on the skin post-cleanse.

24K Skin Tone SPF 30

OROGOLD SPF moisturizer

We often hear about how temperature, makeup, or abrasive skin care can cause sensitivity, but there’s one trigger we need to talk about more often: UV rays.

It’s a well-known fact that ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of aging. However, those with sensitive skin need to take extra care under the sun. Prolonged exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation, spots, burns, or in extreme cases, skin cancer. Finishing your routine with a layer of sunscreen isn’t optional, but a necessity.

The 24K Skin Tone SPF 30 sunscreen from OROGOLD strikes a balance between gentleness and protection. A broad-spectrum sunscreen, this product neutralizes UV rays while rehydrating the skin. Its formula is also lightweight and non-greasy, limiting the possibility of breakouts and irritation.

Mature Skin

Aging is natural, and it comes with its fair share of physical changes. The regeneration process of our skin slows down, UV radiation takes its toll, and signs of mature skin begin to show through. These include:

  • Prominent wrinkles
  • Deeper lines
  • Age spots
  • Slacking, sagging skin

As inevitable as getting older may be, there are ways to slow down the visible signs that accompany the aging process. One such way is including gold products in your skin care routine.

Gold is a powerful anti-aging ingredient. It prevents wrinkles, lines, and sagging by boosting skin elasticity and reinforcing firmness.

However, gold alone is not enough. These products amplify the age-defying benefits of the precious mineral by combining them with other potent ingredients:

24K Caviar Elastin Restoration

Caviar Elastin Restoration

Mature skin, along with loss of elasticity, also suffers the loss of radiance. This leads to dull skin, which can cause one to look tired or washed out. 

OROGOLD’s 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration is a radiance-restoring serum. Encapsulated in mini silica capsules, one to two capsules a week can help plump and hydrate the skin for a rejuvenated appearance.

24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol

24K Multi Vitamin Night Nourishment

Designed for nightly use, the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol is a potent moisturizer that doubles down on signs of aging.

Retinol, a form of topical Vitamin A, is known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by stimulating the production of collagen and new blood vessels, which plumps the skin and improves the skin’s color and texture.

Depending on the strength and concentration of a product, Retinol may need to be introduced gradually. However, like all of OROGOLD’s gold products skin care, the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol is carefully formulated.

By combining Retinol with soothing ingredients like Vitamin E and Green Tea Extract, this age-defying moisturizer is kind enough on the skin to be used every night.

24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum

24k eye serum

Because of its thin skin and fewer sebaceous glands, the eyes are one of the areas that are more prone to wrinkles. This is why signs of aging like darkness, puffiness, and fine lines are especially noticeable in this area.

With Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, a blend of amino acid-rich fatty acids, the 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum firms up the delicate skin that frames the eyes. With continued use, this silky-textured serum helps bring back the eye contours and fortifies the skin, making it less prone to spots and wrinkles.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can rest assured that OROGOLD has a gold skin care product that can work seamlessly with your skin type.

Whether you need more radiance, defense against skin stressors, or a hefty boost of moisture, introducing these gold products to your skin care can transform your skin for the better, for the long term.

Discover more of OROGOLD’s gold skin care products here.

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7 Ways to Soothe and Repair Sun Damaged Skin

There’s no denying it. Feeling the sun’s rays warm your face can feel amazing.

Until you realize that soaking up the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays without protecting your skin has caused you to develop signs of sun-damaged skin.  

Suddenly you are noticing the beginning creases of crow’s feet around your eyes and a few fine lines scattered here and there as well. Your cheeks are red and blotchy in color. Your skin, that once glowed year-round begins to look dull, dry, dehydrated. It looks thinner too, and hangs a little looser.  

With a feeling of urgency, you wonder how you can repair the aging damage that the sun has caused to your skin?  

Don’t worry, you can take steps right now to soothe and repair the damage to your skin.  

We know that taking care of your skin means using high-quality products with carefully selected ingredients to address your skin concerns, and we’ve included 24K cosmetic Gold in every drop.  

Cleanse Your Skin with the 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

24K Cleanser

If you want to restore your skin to its pre-sun damaged glory days, you’ll want to take time to plan a restorative skincare routine.

Every skincare routine should begin with a gentle cleanser.

Our 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is a mild face wash that will gently rid your skin of makeup, dirt, and excess oils without stripping your skin of it’s vital natural oils.

Excessive exposure to the sun and free radicals can damage cells and contribute to the aging of your skin every day. This cleanser is chock full of powerhouse ingredient Vitamin C and it will help you immeasurably as you set out to rescue your skin.  Vitamin C helps to protect your skin’s cells and structure while promoting the production of collagen.

Soothing Aloe Vera, and Retinyl Palmitate, and cosmetic gold compliment the Vitamin C in this product to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, clean, and luminous.

Renew Your Skin With 24K Purifying Toner

Toner with cosmetic gold

Does your skin look dull? Is it uneven?

Boasting skin healing anti-inflammatory properties from ingredients like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, as well as cosmetic gold, 24K Purifying Toner is also infused with white cosmetic Gold. 

This gentle and cooling toner won’t sting your skin as it works to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup that your cleanser may have left behind.  

It leaves your skin looking and feeling balanced and even. Most importantly, it will not strip your skin of the vital natural oils that it needs unlike more abrasive toners on the market.

You also can also count on this toner to minimize the size of your pores by tightening those gaps between your skin’s cells. This keeps impurities, contaminants, and pollutants from the environment from absorbing into your pores and damaging your skin.

Our soothing 24K Purifying Toner will leave your skin with a bright, radiant finish.

Want to pair it with a fantastic cleanser? Try our 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser.

Get Your Glow Back with the 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum 

24K Vitamin C Serum

Is your skin looking dull after time spent out in the sun? Do you want to bring a youthful glow back to your skin?

We have packed our 24K Vitamin C Booster Facial Serum with Vitamin A and two different forms of nature’s own antioxidant -Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C helps sun damaged skin by going to work on repairing the damage caused by free radicals and Ultraviolet rays from the sun. It also helps repair your sun damaged skin cells, renewing that youthful glow to your skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This serum can help rid you of the dullness on the surface layer of your skin, brightening your complexion all day long.

Benefits of Vitamin C:

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Fades acne scarring
  • Brightens skin
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Balances skin
  • Repairs damaged skin

Vitamins A and C work wonders in combination, and are the perfect pair in this serum.

Even better?  You’ll also reap the benefits of the Wheatgerm oil infused in this serum.  Wheatgerm oil is a brightening booster loaded with skin-nourishing nutrients like zinc to help rid you of the dullness in your skin caused by sun damage.  

You will be sure to see amazing results from the ingredients in this serum!

We suggest combining this serum with 24K Vitamin C Cleanser and the 24K Dark Circle Eye Solution for the best results possible. 

Shield Your Skin with the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acid

Day cream with cosmetic gold

During the day, your skin is at the mercy of the sun and environmental stressors, which is not a good thing.

The sun’s UV rays harmfully penetrate your skin damaging the elastic fibers that keep your skin tight and taut. You can also blame the sun for visibly damaging your skin during the day.  And environmental pollutants? They damage your skin’s protective barrier to the elements while you go about your day.

We know this, and have developed this non-greasy day cream.  Formulated to protect your skin by helping it to build a powerful invisible barrier to any potential damage from pollutants, UV rays, and other environmental stressors, this one is a winner.

With Vitamins A, C, E, cosmetic gold, and Shea Butter, our 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acid is a vitamin-rich multi-tasking day cream. This cream moisturizes your skin while providing an invisible shield to any future potential damage. And the Amino Acids? They form the building blocks of proteins that are crucial to skin integrity.

Benefits of This Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer:

  • Helps your skin maintain its moisture, improving elasticity
  • Smooths skin, restoring its appearance and texture
  • Delivers lush hydration
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin looks less sallow
  • Brightens complexion

When used alongside 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol as part of your daily skincare routine, you can count on achieving the best results. They’re a must-have for the summer months.

Protect Your Skin with the 24K Skin Tone SPF 30

OROGOLD SPF moisturizer

Most of the signs of aging you are noticing on your skin are caused by the sun.  The sun can wreak havoc on your skin.  That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself from its rays daily.

Using an SPF is an absolute must. A luxurious broad-spectrum sunscreen, 24K Skin Tone SPF is a sheer and comfortable solution to the problem of how to keep your skin safe all day long. 

If your skin is dry as well, this light-weight, non-greasy formula will re-hydrate your parched skin while doing it’s job protecting your skin from further damage.

OROGOLD has developed this product with broad-spectrum protection, and you can count on it to protect your skin from damage from UVA and UVB rays.

This product works great when paired with our 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acids.

Hydrate Your Skin with the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol

24K Multi Vitamin Night Nourishment

Because at night your skin is not exposed to any threats of sun damage or damage from environmental stressors, high-quality night creams like this one take the opportunity to soothe and restore your skin from damage done during the day.

Benefits of this Multi-Vitamin Night Cream:

  • Smooths and soothes skin
  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Relieve skin’s stress and dryness
  • Makes skin more supple
  • Refreshes skins appearance making it more radiant

Because your skin is safe from exposure to damaging UV rays while you sleep, this restorative cream, fortified with gold, fixes any damage done to your skin during the day providing your skin with antioxidant fueled protection. 

The magic of this product is in the ingredients. In addition to our special anti-aging weapon, cosmetic Gold Ferment Extract, this night cream is formulated with hydrating Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil and Shea Butter to deliver lasting results. The very opposite of mature skin.

For optimal results, use in combination with 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acids

Treat Your Skin with the 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration

24K Caviar Elastin Restoration

The sun’s (UV) UltraViolet rays can penetrate right through your skin outer layers and cause damage to the collagen and elastin, or elastic fibers, that help keep your skin taut and wrinkle-free. Once the damage is done, you will also start to notice your skin sagging and stretching. 

If you want to tighten up your skin and miss your youthfully firm complexion, you’ll want to add 24K Caviar Elastin Restoration to your skincare routine. 

Because we have never been a company to shy away from the finer things in life, especially when they are packed with collagen stimulating Omega-3’s and antioxidants, we’ve included real wild American Caviar in this restorative treat for your skin.

Luxurious to the extreme, Caviar has the amino acids, vitamins, ceramides and antioxidants that fortify the skin, healing that damaged skin barrier with nutrients.

The small, silky encapsulated beads in each jar contain a powerful dose of this skin restoring serum.  Encapsulating the serum in this way keeps it potent by keeping it safe from exposure to air and light.

In addition to the cosmetic Gold we’ve infused into this serum, we’ve also added in a nourishing blend of Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate to make your skin feel and look plump, smooth, and hydrated once more.

This serum can be used once or twice weekly.  We recommend using it in harmony with  our 24K Kelp Micro-Bead Cream.

How to Tell if Your Skin is Sun Damaged

Chances are that you’ve experienced some form of sun damage in your life. Sadly, the effects of this accumulate. The following are a few symptoms that point to sun damage being the cause of your skin concerns:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Red, blotchy skin
  • Dark spots of skin
  • Cracked, dry, scaly skin
  • Dull skin
  • Skin that’s losing its firmness

If your skin is showing any of these signs of sun damage, it is not too late to take steps to nourish your skin, restore it’s appearance, and protect it from further damage.

Here is where our holy grail skin ingredient, gold, enters the ring.

24K Cosmetic Gold

We’ve created products with powerful ingredients like Peptides, Hydroxy Acids, Botanical Extracts, and Vitamins galore.

But there is something else. The secret behind all OROGOLD skincare products – cosmetic Gold. 

Once used in ancient Rome as a healing salve, and embraced as part of traditional Chinese medicine as the, “Key to youth,” Gold has both healing and anti-aging properties. We have chosen to follow the steps of our wise ancestors who used gold for beautifying and healing skin conditions.

We have infused our products with this precious mineral to deliver its restorative benefits straight to you.

You’ll find cosmetic Gold to be especially effective on skin that is sun damaged. When skin is damaged, it’s inflamed. And Gold has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. 

It’s our most buzzed about ingredient, and it can totally transform your skin.

Here’s what cosmetic Gold can do for your complexion:

Benefits of Cosmetic Gold

  • Helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s elasticity
  • Reduces redness 
  • Slows collagen depletion
  • Softens fine lines
  • Evens skin tone
  • Restores hydration to skin, instantly brightening its appearance

In Conclusion

Maintaining a skin care routine with high-quality products can help you to prevent and repair sun damage.

If your skin is showing the aging signs of sun damage, and you are ready to repair the damage and transform your skin, we want you to know that there is hope! 

We have developed products with hand-picked ingredients just for you and your skincare needs.  These products are infused with our most special ingredient, cosmetic Gold, along with a plethora of other effective ingredients that will transform your skin.  

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Which OROGOLD Face Mask is Right for You?

OROGOLD face masks

When rounding up your essential skincare routine, face masks might not be part of the roster. Most people might only have the basicsa cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. And while that’s completely fine, you might be missing out on the extra benefits a hydrating and detoxifying mask may provide you. An OROGOLD face mask may fit right in to improve your regimen.

Masking may not exactly be mandatory in your regular skincare regimen, but it’s nice to treat your skin to one when it’s begging for extra love and attention. There are many kinds of masks out there, from nourishing blends to tightening formulas. You just have to pick out the best one for your skin’s needs.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and opulent masking session, pamper yourself with a gold-infused OROGOLD face mask. There are loads to choose from depending on what your skin is craving. Read on to see which face masks are most suitable for you and your skin concerns.

How to Choose the Right Face Mask for Yourself

Woman applying face mask

Every face mask has a specific purpose in your beauty regimen. Some are formulated with anti-aging ingredients to help smooth out any wrinkles, while others are mainly used to nourish parched and thirsty skin. They even come in different formats, from single-use sheet masks to clay that hardens on your face.

Choosing the right face mask for yourself can be overwhelming. But the key to pinpointing which one is best for you lies in two important factors: your skin type and the active ingredients in a mask.

First, let’s talk about assessing your skin type and condition. Before selecting any skincare product, you need to have a thorough understanding of what your skin needs. Is it dry and thirsty for hydration? Is it oily and clogged up, begging to be detoxified?

The mask you choose will rely on this evaluation. After all, you can’t use a super thick and rich face mask on your already oily and greasy skin. At the same time, you shouldn’t dry out your complexion even more with a stripping charcoal mask if you have dehydrated skin.

You should also think about the top skin concerns you want your face mask to address. Do you want to brighten up those age spots, or plump up your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines? Knowing what you expect out of your mask makes choosing one a lot easier.

Take a look at the active ingredients of each face mask to see if it can help you address your skin problems. Look for melanin-inhibiting ingredients like vitamin C if you want brighter skin. Keep your eyes peeled for retinol or hyaluronic acid if you want a more youthful, wrinkle-free glow.

Whatever your skin type or concern is, it’s important to be gentle to your skin. Make sure the mask you go for doesn’t have harmful or potentially irritating ingredients, like parabens. Luckily, every OROGOLD face mask is paraben-free to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Here are eight OROGOLD face mask options for you, depending on what your ultimate skin goal is:

To Get a Radiant, Even Skin Tone: 24K Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask

OROGOLD face mask

Dealing with acne scars and dark spots? Even out your complexion and add a bit of glow with the 24K Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask. It’s chock-full of skin-loving vitamins A and E to make your skin plump and hydrated, as well as mica to give your complexion that youthful radiance you want.

Vitamin A is known to improve acne and even reduce the appearance of pesky scarring from breakouts. This is because it repairs damaged skin cells that lead to discoloration. Vitamin E, on the other hand, works to moisturize your skin barrier to make it more resilient.

Meanwhile, mica is a mineral that adds radiance and glow to the skin. This healthy ends up making your complexion look brighter and more even in tone.

This OROGOLD face mask comes with a silver spoon to easily scoop out the product. Apply it to a freshly cleansed face and leave it on for around 15 minutes before rinsing it off.

To Detoxify Congested Skin: 24K Collagen and Seaweed Mask

OROGOLD Caviar Collection

Those with oily and congested pores will fall head over heels with the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask, a kaolin clay mask that smoothens and detoxifies the skin. It also has hydrating and skin-volumizing ingredients like safflower seed oil, sage, and retinyl palmitate to keep wrinkles away.

Kaolin is known to be one of the gentlest forms of clay in the cosmetics world. It can absorb excess sebum and impurities stuck in your pores, leaving it congested and prone to breakouts. It also soothes the skin of irritation, which is helpful if you have sensitive skin.

That said, this mask isn’t drying or stripping. It plumps up the skin because it’s balanced out with moisturizing and plumping oils and vitamins.

To use this mask, apply a generous layer on clean skin. Kick back and relax for 10 or so minutes before rinsing everything off with cold water.

To Combat Wrinkles and Fine Lines: 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask


If you’re starting to notice those inevitable lines and wrinkles popping up on your complexion, bust out the 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask. This smoothing face mask is infused with anti-aging ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E, and hydrating fruit extracts.

Sodium hyaluronate is a derivative of hyaluronic acid, a popular humectant known for its anti-aging abilities. It hydrates the skin deeply, making up for the moisture lost to old age and oxidative stress. This helps smoothen out those fine lines, making your skin look smooth and plump.

This mask is also rich in botanicals, from aloe vera, bilberry, goji, noni, and mangosteen extracts, among others. These help hydrate the skin for a gorgeous glow.

What’s cool about this OROGOLD face mask is that it isn’t a wash-off. You can leave it on your skin, making it a terrific once-a-week alternative to your nourishing night moisturizer.

To Deeply Nourish Dry Skin: 24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask

OROGOLD face mask from DMAE Collection

In the colder months, your skin can get a bit more dehydrated than usual. Quench its thirst with the deeply nourishing 24K DMAE Instant Stretching Mask, a mask made with a fine blend of moisturizing oils.

This OROGOLD face mask is formulated with jojoba and sunflower seed oils, which add hydration to parched skin. They also leave a slight dewiness to the skin, making it look naturally glassy. Plump and moisturized skin helps minimize the appearance of stark wrinkles and lines, making you look younger.

You can use this wash-off mask every week, allowing it to seep into your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing it off. Be sure to follow up with a high-quality moisturizer after using this mask to help seal in all the nourishing goodness from your masking sesh.

To Wake Your Skin Up with Essential Vitamins: 24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask

OROGOLD Face Mask and other products

If you’re looking for something fun and innovative, you might enjoy the thermal heating effect of the 24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask. The heat makes it easier for your skin to absorb all the essential vitamins in this OROGOLD face mask, including vitamins C, E, and A—three of the best vitamins for healthy skin.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin cell turnover and brightens your complexion by inhibiting melanin.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant as well, except it focuses on protecting your skin from free radical damage from pollution and the sun’s UV rays.

Lastly, vitamin A is known to strengthen your epidermis and protect your collagen from breaking down as you age.

Use this rinse-off mask once a month to keep your skin rejuvenated, strengthened, and protected from the harsh elements.

To Boost Elasticity and Firmness: 24K Advanced Facial Mask

OROGOLD Advanced Face Mask

Worried about your skin going saggy and loose as you get older? Boost your skin barrier’s elasticity and bounciness with the 24K Advanced Facial Mask. This creamy mask is infused with cannabis and gold to smoothen the skin, keeping your complexion tight and firm for longer.

This OROGOLD face mask is infused with cannabis sativa in the form of hemp seed oil, which is known to reduce signs of skin aging, like wrinkles. This is thanks to its linoleic and oleic acids — essential fatty acids that boost skin elasticity and softness.

Applying this mask is super easy. Just massage it into your cleansed face and allow it to rest for about 10 minutes. Rinse off and enjoy your soft, smooth skin.

To Soothe Tired, Irritated Skin: 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask

OROGOLD face mask

Here’s an OROGOLD face mask that comes in a unique hydrophilic gel sheet format — the 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & Collagen Renewal Mask. It’s infused with lavender and collagen to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, leaving behind a soft and smooth texture.

Lavender has magnificent anti-inflammatory and anti-itch properties, making it the perfect star ingredient for these face and eye sheet masks. It’s also an antioxidant, so it provides added protection against pollution, toxins, and other sources of free radical damage.

One box of this OROGOLD face mask set gives you 12 eye masks and 14 face sheet masks. So if you use a mask once a month, you’ll have more than enough for an entire year.

When wearing these single-use sheet masks, make sure to leave them on for at least 15 minutes before taking them off. That way, you can maximize the serum and make sure all of the nutrients seep into your skin.

To Revitalize Dull, Dehydrated Skin: 24K Rose Hold Hydro Mask

OROGOLD Rose Gold products

Lastly, we have the 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask, a rosehip-infused mask that wakes up exhausted and dehydrated skin for beautiful radiance. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients, as well as 24K gold, for a lavish masking experience.

The superhero ingredient of this mask is rosehip extracts. Rosehip oil is known to deeply moisturize the skin because it’s rich in fatty acids. It even has linoleic acid, an essential fat in ceramides — the skin’s main source of naturally-produced moisture.

Rosehip extracts also contain vitamin C, which is known to reduce dark spots and scarring, making your skin look brighter and clearer.

This face mask can double as a night cream since you don’t have to wash it off. Swap it for your moisturizer once a week to get extra nourishment for your parched, weary skin.

Why Are Facial Masks So Important for Your Skin?

Even if you religiously slather on your moisturizers and serums every day, sometimes your skin will crave more hydration and rejuvenation. Face masks are the perfect way to give your skin a little more than what your basic everyday routine does.

Sure, face masks aren’t always necessary. You can even get away with using them just once a month. It’s more of a supplementary skincare step you can look forward to when you want to give yourself a little extra self-love. It’s your weekend treat—an indulgence you don’t always need, but your skin will drink up anyway.

Face masks are excellent at hydrating your skin, making them look and feel smooth and silky-soft to the touch. If your mask has brightening and detoxifying properties, you’ll even look a little glowy.

But face masks aren’t just functional skincare products. They have an amazing emotional benefit too. They’re super therapeutic, especially when they have gorgeous aromas from essential oils and botanical extracts. They’re a great way to wind down and cap off a long, tiring week.


Because there are a plethora of gold-infused OROGOLD face mask options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the one that will suit your skin best. So, use this rundown as a guide when shopping for your next spa-like masking treatment.

The rules are pretty simple. If you have dry skin, go for a moisturizing mask. If you have more oily skin, decongest your pores with one that sucks out all the nasty impurities clogging them. And if you’re dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, get a face mask rich in anti-aging vitamins.

Whatever your skin is going through, there’s always an OROGOLD face mask to pose as a solution. Not only will the masks above target your most pressing skin concerns, but they’ll also let you sit back, relax, and pamper your skin with a luxury treatment at home.

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5 Uses for Gold in Skincare Products

Woman using gold eye masks

When we think about gold, most of us envision gold bars, piles of money, and fine jewelry. We’ve been conditioned to equate gold to wealth, after all. From cartoons to film to real life, we’ve been shown that gold is something to work for and long for, a status symbol in its own league.

However, gold brings more to the table than just luxury and prestige.

Throughout history, mankind has discovered a diverse array of gold uses for products. From medicine and dentistry to beauty, this precious mineral has proven itself to be much more than just a status symbol. Want to know why you’ll find 24K gold in each and every OROGOLD product? Read on…

Golden History

Cleopatra with gold mask

Trendy ingredients come and go, but gold has remained a prominent player in the realms of beauty and health for centuries. The metal has gone down in history for being not only a staple in the routines of some of the most powerful women across the world but as a medicinal marvel as well.

Several key historical moments have taught us about the multiple gold uses for products:

Ancient Egypt

Many gold products on the market reference Cleopatra in their names. The reason behind this is simple: the Egyptian ruler is the best (and first) known figure to use gold for beauty. 

It’s been said that Cleopatra was a staunch believer in the anti-aging benefits of the mineral. Historians claim that the Egyptian ruler covered her face in a mask made out of pure gold every night. This is why, in her honor, we named one of our collections the Cleopatra Regimen.

Ancient China

For a time, Ancient China was recognized to have the most advanced applications for gold. In the Ming Dynasty, gold was used by surgeons and physicians to treat a variety of skin conditions. In particular, gold was applied to smallpox and skin ulcers to remove toxins from the skin.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine, which is one of the world’s holistic healing systems that hails from ancient India, also employed gold, among other metals, for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. According to a 2011 study, it continues to prove useful in alleviating chronic and debilitating diseases.

Throughout history, cultures from all over the world have passed down their beliefs in the healing, anti-aging, and beautifying powers of gold. Today, we continue to harness these benefits in our skincare.

Ahead, discover five of the top uses for gold in beauty products. These are just a few of the reasons why OROGOLD products all contain pure 24K gold. 

Soothes Sensitivities


Colloidal gold has been used to cure rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune inflammatory sickness that plagues 1% of the world’s population. In more recent years, scientists have been exploring gold’s potential in treating cancer.

The reason behind many of gold’s medicinal uses lies in its anti-inflammatory properties.

When applied in skincare, gold uses for products are just as promising. 

Those with sensitive or acne-prone skin would benefit largely from gold’s ability to combat inflammation and reduce redness. However, to truly reap the rewards of your regimen, it’s recommended to combine gold with other soothing ingredients.

The 24K Purifying Toner

Take Orogold’s 24K Purifying Toner, for instance. Toners pick up remaining debris after cleansing while simultaneously balancing the skin. However, this product adds an additional benefit: calming the skin. This is especially important if your cleanser has the tendency to overly strip your skin of its natural oils.

While this toner has 24K gold at its core, it also contains a couple of other ingredients to help fortify its anti-inflammatory abilities:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract or Aloe Vera Leaf Juice is one of the stars of this blend. It is used in many countries to heal wounds. Additionally, it also helps promote skin regeneration.

The 24K Purifying Toner also contains Cucumber Fruit Extract which is a common ingredient in curing balms. Apart from its soothing and cooling abilities, cucumber is known to alleviate swelling.

The 24K Intensive Eye Serum

Compared to other portions of the face, the eye area is especially prone to swelling and wrinkling due to how delicate the skin is. To solve this, Orogold’s 24K Intensive Eye Serum hinges on one of the best gold uses for products, while adding other soothing powerhouses into the mix:

  • Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, a triple-threat with antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of its multiple benefits, Calendula is used to heal wounds and treat skin concerns like eczema and rosacea. When infused into skincare, it also helps the skin hold on to collagen and elastin to maintain suppleness.
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, otherwise known as Green Tea Leaf Extract, another skincare favorite also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, a plant-derived antioxidant that smooths, soothes, and keeps the skin’s moisture in check. This ingredient also contains quercetin, a flavonoid that can combat inflammation.
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, which is a barrier-protecting found in many cosmetics and hair care products. Forming a film-like shield, it counteracts the sensitizing effects of other ingredients that may irritate the skin.

Combats Environmental Stress

OROGOLD Multi Vitamin Collection

If you’re a skincare fanatic, chances are you’re aware of antioxidants and what they do for your skin. Commonly found in Green Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, Resveratrol, and Vitamins A, C, E, and B3, antioxidants keep free radicals at bay. This not only protects the skin from pollution but from UV damage and other common causes of everyday skin trauma as well.

This is just another of the many gold uses for products. Pure gold is antioxidant-rich, making it a great ingredient for reducing skin stress in the long term.

The 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection

While there is no shortage of antioxidant-infused products, OROGOLD’s exclusive Multi-Vitamin Collection combines them in potent amounts to build a line-up of truly protective skincare.

Here are some of the products you’ll find in the 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection:

Fights Premature Aging

OROGOLD Caviar Collection

Gold is widely used in prestigious mask treatments that promise to deliver anti-aging benefits. What exactly is it that helps these treatments tap into the fountain of youth?

The answer is the boost of elasticity that comes from the precious mineral. By reinforcing the skin’s firmness, fine lines are lessened, wrinkles run less deep and sagging is improved. Anti-aging is one of the most common gold uses for products, after all — but gold alone is not enough.

To make a visible, lasting difference in a shorter time, skincare containing pure gold should be used in tandem with other anti-aging actives.

The 24K Caviar Collection

Orogold’s 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Serum is a prime example of gold in the anti-aging frontier. Formulated for nightly use, this product delivers more than just a pretty, gold-flecked formula. Some of the ingredients that work alongside gold to combat aging include:

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, sometimes dubbed “botox in a jar,” cracks down on wrinkles by reducing their depth and length.
  • Glycerin, a naturally occurring moisturizer that can be found in the outermost layer of the skin. It helps the skin hold on to water and keep lipids healthy.
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract.
  • Calendula Officinalis Extract.
  • Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, otherwise known as German Chamomile Flower Extract. It comes from the same stuff you find in a cup of relaxing chamomile tea and combats inflammation and environmental stress.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate, which is Vitamin E in one of its pure forms. Compared to other iterations of the ingredient, Tocopheryl Acetate promises a more stable formulation and extended shelf life.

These ingredients come together to form an age-defying skincare cocktail.

Another notable product from the same collection is the 24K Kelp Micro-Bead Cream. Use it daily for maximum benefits. 

Dive into the ingredient list and you’ll find a wealth of antioxidants and vitamins to support gold’s anti-aging abilities. Among them are Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Kelp Extract, which is rich in amino and fatty acids to fortify the skin.

Maintains Skin Moisture

OROGOLD body butter

Even as we talk about gold in skincare, we must remember that it is still a metal and mineral. As such, it has ions that are said to benefit the body by stimulating our cells. This heightened stimulation leads to better blood circulation and improved skin moisture.

While gold isn’t widely recognized for its moisturizing abilities, this actually goes hand-in-hand with gold’s ability to combat premature signs of aging. Remember, dryness can cause the skin to look old and fatigued.

However, when we talk about skin moisture, our faces shouldn’t be the only thing we keep in mind. Moisturizing the rest of the body — neck, hands, and body — is just as important.

The 24K Classic Body Butter

This is where Orogold’s 24K Classic Body Butter comes in. Harnessing one of the lesser-known gold uses for products, it nourishes the skin with a little help from cult favorite ingredients like glycerin, sunflower oil, and shea butter.

By now, we know that Vitamin E and antioxidants do wonderful things for the face. The same goes for the body—and thankfully, sunflower oil has both of these in spades. While fighting off inflammation and irritation, its emollient properties help the skin cling to moisture throughout the day.

Shea butter, on the other hand, is nothing short of a body care holy grail. It’s no wonder that it’s such a widely used ingredient in lotions and balms with this extensive list of benefits:

While the 24K Classic Body Butter is fragranced, its mild scent is anything but overpowering. For best results, the body butter should be massaged on to clean daily.

Boosts Radiance


Many gold uses for products do the work behind the scenes, but they ultimately materialize in boosted glow and noticeably radiant skin.

Over time and through technological developments, we’ve seen gold take various shapes and forms. We see it in flakes, in powders, and in liquefied forms, but studies show that products with gold nanoparticles or nanopeptides not only penetrate deeper into the skin but can help with hydration, elasticity, and a more youthful glow overall. 

The 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

Harness this mineral’s ability to amp up the skin’s radiance with Orogold’s 24K Bio-Brightening Collection. Expertly crafted to undo rid the skin of hyperpigmentation and brighten the complexion overall, this collection is made up of two products:

The 24K Bio-Brightening Dark Spot Solution, which is sold exclusively in a set with the Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask, does the heavy lifting by chipping away at discoloration caused by acne or sun damage.

Apart from gold, the 24K Bio-Brightening Dark Spot Solution also contains Kojic Acid to lighten problem areas, Retinyl Palmitate and Ascorbic Acid to brighten, and Lactic Acid to gently unveil new skin.

The 24K Bio-Brightening Pigment Balancing Mask, on the other hand, is available as a standalone product or as a part of a set. After the Dark Spot Solution does its magic, this product comes in to finish the rest of the job by evening out the skin tone.

Superstar ingredients in this formula include sebum-regulating Bentonite, brightening Oligopeptide-68, and moisturizing Allantoin and Panthenol. And, of course, a healthy dose of good ol’ gold.

With benefits and breakthroughs aplenty, this much is clear: gold is more than just a passing skincare gimmick.

Across cultures and through history, we’ve learned that this luxurious mineral can soothe, heal, moisturize, brighten—and all this is just the tip of the iceberg. As more products and innovations come to light, so will more gold uses for products.

Discover more gold-infused skincare innovations from OROGOLD. 

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8 Must-Have Skincare Products for Summer

OROGOLD skincare products for summer

Summer. That time of year where we finally get to wear our sundresses, but also the time when our skin needs that extra TLC.

Along with the summer heat comes skin issues like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and even premature aging. Breakouts and pimples are also quite common during this time of the year. A different skincare regimen is needed during the summer months — one that helps the skin stay hydrated while maintaining a clean and grease-free appearance. 

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. OROGOLD has the best skincare products for summer – here are the skincare products for summer you need to get that soft, supple skin you’ve always wanted!

Looking at Skincare Products for Summer? OROGOLD’s Got Just What You Need!

What makes OROGOLD stand out? Well, the answer is in our brand name. Gold.

For centuries, gold was thought to be the “elixir of life” – a magical solution for aging skin, and that’s why we infuse pure gold into our products.

Our gold beauty treatments are perfect for indulging yourself so you can obtain a flawless and radiant complexion just in time for summer!

Here, we list some of the OROGOLD skincare products that are a must-have so that you can have fun in the sun:

Replenish Your Skin’s Moisture with the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer

24K Deep Moisturizer

Notice how your skin feels tight and dehydrated after spending time soaking up all that vitamin D?

You probably need a good moisturizer for that extra hydration, and that’s where OROGOLD’s 24K Deep Moisturizer comes in.

This moisturizer is one of the best skincare products for summer because it prevents water loss. It is important to keep your skin moisturized during the hot summer months because your skin may become oily if it is dehydrated. This means your body will produce more of an oily substance called sebum to keep itself moisturized, since it can’t produce water. 

The 24K Deep Moisturizer is packed with moisture-loving ingredients, like vitamin C and beta-glucan. 

Vitamin C has been proven to help decrease transepidermal water loss, and beta-glucan works by calming and soothing your irritated skin. Beta-glucan is a pretty underrated ingredient in skincare. Besides keeping skin healthy and reducing transepidermal water loss, beta-glucan derived from oats can deeply moisturize the skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Beta-glucan also happens to be a powerful moisturizer. It will shield cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress, which causes premature aging.

We do not produce antioxidants on our own. However, since we are exposed to oxidative stress from pollution and sun exposure daily during the summer months, antioxidants are essential to any skin routine.

Even Out Your Skin Tone with OROGOLD’s 24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream

24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream

Summertime also means that you have to contend with problems like hyperpigmentation and sunspots.

When selecting your skincare products for summer, opt for gentle exfoliating ingredients that will increase cell turnover.

The 24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream is your go-to skin brightening product because it has retinyl palmitate, alpha hydroxy acids, and vitamin C.

Water-soluble acids, also known as AHAs, are derived from fruit sugars. It helps peel the outermost layer of skin away helps bring new, evenly pigmented skin cells to the surface. As a result, your skin will feel smoother after you’ve used this product.

However, it’s essential to protect your newly exfoliated skin from the sun because that’s when your skin is most sensitive. Exfoliation removes the fine protective layer from the skin’s surface or the “protective barrier”. When this protective barrier is removed, the skin becomes more vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

That’s where SPF comes into play…

Protect Your Skin From the Sun with the 24K Skin Tone SPF 30

OROGOLD SPF moisturizer

The sun can be your skin’s worst enemy. That’s why you should make SPF one of your must-have skincare products for summer.

SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, is essentially sunscreen that helps shield your skin from the sun’s rays. The most important feature of sunscreen is broad-spectrum protection. This means that it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

SPF helps by extending your skin’s natural sun protection abilities. While you may see many SPF 50 products out there, an SPF 30 is all that you need. SPF 50 may technically offer a tiny bit more protection, but not in an amount that makes much of a difference. 

OROGOLD has a luxurious broad-spectrum sunscreen that you should use daily to protect yourself from harmful UVA and UVB rays. This lightweight, non-greasy, sheer formula provides daily rehydration and protection from UV rays.

Reviews rave about how lightweight it feels on the skin, without feeling sticky or greasy. That makes this sunscreen a perfect addition to your summer skincare routine.

Say Goodbye to Excess Oil with the OROGOLD 24K Termica Activation Serum

OROGOLD gold 24K serum

The summer heat often proves to be an enemy to those with oily skin, leading to problems like clogged pores and acne breakouts.

A serum would be one of the best skincare products for summer that you could use. Since its texture is lightweight, it’s less likely to clog pores. It might even be able to replace your moisturizer if that has been too heavy for your skin.

The OROGOLD 24K Termica Activation Serum can help you rebalance your sebum production while eliminating excess oil production.

Enriched with a ton of skin-loving ingredients, this serum contains:

  • Witch hazel
  • Licorice root
  • Peptides
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Green tea

Witch hazel is a key summer skincare ingredient. It acts as an astringent. This means that it helps dry out any excess oil and active acne spots, thanks to its active tannins.

If you require a cure to relieve your sunburn, witch hazel is again your best friend. It has been used traditionally to alleviate injury, irritation, and inflammation.

Wash Your Face with the Goodness of Vitamin C with OROGOLD’s 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

OROGOLD Vitamin C Cleanser

Vitamin C is universally known as a powerhouse ingredient. It can restore radiance, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and provide a layer of protection from daily environmental pollution and sun damage.

You need to look for Vitamin C as an ingredient in your skincare products for summer because it has so many benefits.

Excessive exposure to the sun and free radicals can damage cells and contribute to the aging process every day. Also part of the antioxidant family, Vitamin C is helpful in the process of protecting the skin’s structure while also helping promote collagen production.

Why has OROGOLD included vitamin C in this cleanser?

To increase skin luminosity, reduce fine lines, and enhance radiance. It can also serve as a barrier against environmental pollution.

The 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is a mild cleansing liquid that rids the skin of all traces of makeup, dirt, and excess oils.

Packed with Vitamin C, aloe vera, and Retinyl Palmitate, this product is used to cleanse skin thoroughly without stripping away moisture.

Calm and Soothe Your Heated Skin with OROGOLD’s 24K Wild Caviar

OROGOLD 24K Wild Caviar

Sensitive skin is another skin woe that’s pretty common during summertime. It’s vital to treat your skin with care and cut down on products containing too many active ingredients, so you don’t over-sensitize your dermis.

Hot weather leads to a person losing more water in their body. This makes them dehydrated. This may result in skin irritation, redness, and dryness.

The 24K Wild Caviar is a soothing mask that cools down the surface of any reactive and heated skin, perfect for the summer heat.

The main ingredients in this mask? Just Wild American Caviar, gold, and tea tree oil. This simplicity makes it one of OROGOLD’s choice of skincare products for summer.

Wild American Caviar contains amino acids, ceramides, vitamins, and antioxidants that fortify the skin, healing that damaged skin barrier.

Dr. Michelle Green, a board-certified dermatologist, states that caviar is high in omega-3’s that help boost the skin’s barrier and combats any dryness. This aids in preventing any irritants from sensitizing your skin any further while stimulating collagen production.

Additionally, caviar is packed with antioxidants. This gives your skin that much-needed extra layer of protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

On the other hand, tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic. It can help calm and soothe any inflammation on your skin. Its antioxidant and antibacterial properties can also help fight acne, which can resurface during the summer months.

Harness the Potency of Volcanic Ash with OROGOLD’s 24K Sir Volcanic Blaze

24K Sir Volcanic Blaze gold 24k serum

Made exclusively for men, the 24K Sir Collection targets skin problems that most men face.

This product contains volcanic ash, which is a mixture of sulfur and bentonite clay. It is especially rich in minerals and is helpful for healing wounds, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and preserving the skin’s health.

Volcanic ash is similar to clay in that it soaks up sebum, making it especially helpful for those with oily, acne-prone skin. It’s a great ingredient because male skin tends to be thicker and oiler than female skin, making them prone to breakouts, especially during the summer.

In addition, volcanic ash can also aid in clearing up clogged pores and hyperpigmentation.

This serum-like treatment makes for a great skincare product for summer because it helps absorb excess sebum produced by the skin, keeping it clean, fresh, and healthy.

Enriched with a potent mix of ingredients like Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and Sodium Hyaluronate, this blend visibly corrects dry skin, dark spots, and wrinkles while also revitalizing skin. This treatment also helps make the skin taut and firm.

This product is designed to be used alongside other items from the Sir Collection. However, it can be used as a treatment on its own as well.

Rebuild Your Skin’s Resilience with OROGOLD’s 24K Rose Gold Age Glow Duo

OROGOLD products

Spending time in the sun can cause the collagen in your skin to break down, so replenishing it is your best bet.

The 24K Rose Gold Age Duo is packed with peptides, among many other beneficial ingredients like niacinamide and resveratrol.

In addition to providing structural support for the skin, peptides comprise collagen and elastin fibers. These are the proteins that give your skin its volume and firmness. 

This serum has two separate components to give your skin that extra boost of moisture it needs. First, apply the 24K Rose Gold Multi-Vital Liquid Powder. As it is massaged into the skin, it changes from a powder to a liquid, and then it is absorbed. Next, use the 24K Rose Gold Enriching Serum after the first step has been fully absorbed by your skin.


Having a regular routine is one of the main building blocks of great skincare, so it’s always important to be disciplined when it comes to this. It’s also good to understand your skin, so you can have an idea of what products suit you best.

So, whether you’re combatting dry skin, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne, or even clogged pores, OROGOLD definitely has something for you! You’ll be able to display your skin with pride this summer if you add some of these products to your skincare routine – you’ll be glowing like never before! 

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OROGOLD Exclusive: High-End Skincare at its Finest

OROGOLD Exclusive products

There’s nothing wrong with liking the finer things in life. Having a penchant for luxury may cost a pretty penny when you’re out shopping, but investing in the things that matter to you is never regrettable, especially when they’re beneficial for your health and wellness in the long run.

Expensive taste can translate into personal shopping, like for your skincare routine. There are many luxury beauty brands out there, so the choices are endless.

But some skincare brands merely slap on a hefty price tag without justifiable reason. Because of that, it can be difficult to look for high-end skincare lines that give you the quality you’re paying for.

The high-end OROGOLD Exclusive collections are made with exquisite ingredients and innovative skincare technologies. Let’s not forget their gorgeous packaging too. Whether it’s by using heat technology to maximize a hydrating mask or exfoliating your skin with brilliant, shiny diamonds, these opulent skincare lines give you your money’s worth.

Luxury Has Always Been at the Heart of OROGOLD

OROGOLD products

OROGOLD has never been one to shy away from luxurious skincare ingredients. Gold is at the forefront of most, if not all of our products. We believe that it’s key to giving your skin the beauty and glow it deserves.

Our products make the glamour and opulence of gold more accessible to everyone, so that we can be like our ancestors before us who used gold in their daily beauty regimens. After all, gold is known as an incredible anti-aging secret. And who doesn’t want that as a bonus in their skincare routine?

But our OROGOLD Exclusive lines are a little different. They’re on the pricier side, but for a good reason. These collections are the crème de la crème that OROGOLD has to offer.

Not only are they infused with 24K gold, but they’re formulated with the latest technologies in skincare. They’ll give you the most relaxing, effective, and sumptuous beauty experience.

Ready to dive into our finest and most luxurious high-end skincare lines? Here are six of the best OROGOLD Exclusive collections we have:

Use Caviar to Pamper and Strengthen Your Skin

OROGOLD Exclusive 24K Caviar Collection

The first OROGOLD Exclusive line we’ll look into is the 24K Caviar Collection — a moisturizing, skin-strengthening line that features sea kelp and opulent caviar as its main ingredients.

Caviar is rich in omega fatty acids and amino acids, which hydrate and plump up the skin. It also strengthens the skin to maintain healthy collagen and elastin levels, giving your skin that healthy, youthful bounce and glow. Because of this, caviar is considered a lush anti-aging ingredient.

This line is all about moisturization to aid in anti-aging. The 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Cream, for example, makes use of vitamins A and E alongside kelp extracts to boost natural moisture in the skin. This reduces the appearance of harsh wrinkles and fine lines in your complexion.

For something more lightweight, you can use the 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Serum, infused with green tea and gold. This nighttime serum leaves your skin soft and touchable when you wake up.

The most exciting product in this collection is the 24K Wild Caviar. This unique mask involves crushing what looks to be actual caviar eggs and applying the serum (which consists of majestic gold, soothing tea tree oil, and moisturizing caviar) to your skin.

The line also includes serum capsules rich in age-defying sodium hyaluronate and an ultra-hydrating mask that turns from white to gold as you massage it into your skin. The collection is rooted in innovation to give you the most luxe experience possible.

Nourish Your Skin with All the Vitamins it Needs

OROGOLD Exclusive Multi-Vitamin Collection

Feed your skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs to be bright, plump, and wrinkle-free with the OROGOLD Exclusive 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection. It combines vitamins C, E, and A to beat the signs of aging while bringing dull, lifeless skin back to life.

Experience the magic of retinol with the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol. This moisturizing night treatment is infused with retinol (a derivative of vitamin A), green tea extracts, and vitamin E to add elasticity and glow to your skin.

Retinol is a holy grail skincare ingredient for mature skin because it promotes faster cell turnover, enhancing collagen production in the deeper layers of skin. That means it smoothes and firms up your skin, diminishing wrinkles and lines.

Another product you’ll love from this line is the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. With exfoliating ingredients like mandelic acid and bamboo powder and brightening vitamin C, this gel serum will shed all the gunk and dead cells from your skin to reveal a more radiant complexion.

Mandelic acid is a gentle alpha-hydroxy acid extracted from almonds. It breaks down grime and dead skin cells, exfoliating your skin thoroughly for a smooth, soft, even texture. Meanwhile, vitamin C has antioxidants to protect you from free radical damage that can age your skin faster.

This collection also carries a day moisturizer rich in amino acids and a hand lotion that nourishes your skin with jojoba and sunflower seed oils. This OROGOLD Exclusive line cares not just for your face, but other skin areas you want to keep smooth and youthful, too.

Protect and Moisturize with Rosehip Oil

OROGOLD Exclusive 24K Rose Gold Collection

If you have incredibly parched skin that’s always thirsty for moisture, you’ll enjoy the 24K Rose Gold Collection, which puts a stunning rose gold color and rosehip oil at the forefront of its products.

Rosehip oil does wonders for aging skin. It’s rich in fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acids. These moisturize the skin intensely while ensuring it retains all the hydration it absorbs. This keeps the skin plump and firm – a priority for mature skin prone to develop folds and wrinkles.

The most advanced and arguably most opulent product in this line is the 24K Rose Gold IV Filler Concentrate. It’s a powerful wrinkle-tightener that zaps away pesky lines. It’s formulated with DMAE and retinyl palmitate (a derivative of retinol), which are both chock-full of anti-aging properties.

The rest of the collection uses rosehip extracts, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil to nourish the skin deeply. These products come in a rich nighttime cream, a hydrating mask, and a mattifying day cream.

Get a Brighter, Dewier, Clearer Complexion by Exfoliating with Diamonds

OROGOLD Exclusive Cryogenic Collection

If decadence and sparkle are your kryptonite, then there’s no doubt that the 24K Cryogenic Collection will get you super excited for your daily skincare routine. It makes use of diamond dust and AHAs to exfoliate your skin to keep it clear, smooth, and stunningly radiant.

Diamond dust is fabulous for deep-cleaning your pores. It has a degree of abrasiveness, allowing your pores to open up and release stubborn grime and gunk congesting them. This is a great way to eliminate toxins making your skin rough and dull.

The 24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage is one product in the line that exfoliates the skin without being too harsh on it. This leave-on serum sheds off dead skin and washes away excess sebum. It’s infused with coconut, chamomile, and green tea to soothe the skin and replenish it with any lost moisture.

Another interesting product from this line is the smoothing 24K Cryogenic MagnoLift Mask. This nourishing mask is made with rosemary extracts, coconut oil, and sunflower seed oil to make your skin feel soft and supple.

What’s cool about this mask is that you use a special magnet to lift the mask away after letting your skin soak in it for 5-10 minutes. It’s an innovative skincare technology that allows for a richer, more opulent masking experience.

Intensify Your Beauty Regimen with Heat Activation

OROGOLD Exclusive Termica Collection

Energize and wake up your skin with a bit of self-heating technology in this 24K Tèrmica® Collection. Heat technology is fantastic for dilating your pores and ejecting all the dirt and impurities stuck inside. It also improves your blood circulation and how your skin absorbs the products in your routine.

The star product in this line is the 24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask. It’s rich in vitamins A, C, and E. These will refresh, strengthen, and add glow to your skin. The mask has a heating effect that warms up your skin for a relaxing experience.

You can make the mask above a little more intense by applying the 24K Tèrmica® Activation Serum, an anti-aging gel infused with witch hazel, seaweed, and green tea. This serum eliminates the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

There are nourishing and wrinkle-diminishing solutions in this line, too, like moisturizing cream and spot treatment. The collection even includes the 24K HD Touch. This is a face massager that helps you apply your creams and serums smoothly on your skin. It relaxes your skin and boosts blood flow, too.

Give Your Skin the Ultimate Royal Treatment

OROGOLD Exclusive Nano Collection

Feel like a queen with this indulgent 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen — a three-part skincare routine that packs a punch. In this collection, you get a nourishing cream, a lush serum, and sheet masks made with real gold. Together, they work to help you achieve a fresh, dewy, and radiant complexion.

Start with the 24K Cleopatra Gold Sheets. The delicate, gold-infused masks come in envelopes that have three sheets to be placed on different areas of your skin. Apply them to your forehead and each side of your face. Leave the masks on your face to absorb into your skin for 20 minutes.

Your next step is the 24K Cleopatra Nano Serum. Simply massage this hydrating serum into your skin until the gold specks melt into your complexion. Finish off with the 24K Cleopatra Nano Silk Cream. It will seal all that fresh, moisturizing goodness in, and you’re good.

If you can’t be bothered to go through too many steps in your routine but still want something posh and luxurious, this regimen is definitely for you.

Why It’s a Great Idea to Invest in High-End, High-Quality Skincare

Shopping for new skincare products is a constant battle between drugstore and high-end options. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little more for your skincare steps. When you pay a higher premium than usual, you know you’re getting top-quality goods. Just like those in the OROGOLD Exclusive lines above.

You shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to caring for your skin. Your skin is part of your body, unlike clothes you take off at the end of the day, or makeup that you can simply wash off. You must care for your skin with the best products you can afford. It’s not just a vanity thing — it’s for your health, too.

A high-end price tag is a sign that your ingredients are high-quality and properly sourced. When the ingredients are in their purest form, the more potent and effective your product will be. This calls for a more expensive price.

Another factor that can affect the price of a skincare line is how stringent and challenging they are to manufacture. This means that products with the latest skincare innovations may come at a luxury price. When the formula is more precise and is harder to perfect, the more you have to pay to get your hands on it.

Serums that are encapsulated or facial masks you peel with magnets are just some of the more creative and innovative products you’ll find in the OROGOLD Exclusive collections. Investing in opulent formats like these not only makes your skincare routine more fun, but gives you a unique experience, too.

In a nutshell, investing in high-end skincare products like those in the OROGOLD Exclusive lines assures you that you’re using high-quality products—ones that had a lot of thought and rigorous formulating behind them. You’re only getting the best of the best.


Don’t get us wrong — we’re not skincare snobs. We can appreciate a good eye cream or moisturizing serum that costs less than twenty bucks at the drugstore. But, once in a while, your skin deserves something more rich and lavish, like the products in these OROGOLD Exclusive lines.

Whether you’re targeting fine lines and wrinkles, looking for a way to replenish intensive moisture into your dry skin, or just plain curious about the latest, top-of-the-line technologies in the skincare world, there’s an OROGOLD Exclusive collection suitable for you.

Check out any of the collections above to see how you can pamper your skin and treat it like a queen. Whichever one you choose, know that you’ll be walking away with happy, healthy, glowing skin.

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What’s So Special About the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer?

Finger in jar of OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer

The search for the perfect moisturizer can be difficult and tiring.

Using moisturizers are a must for providing your skin with much-needed moisture and hydration. But, when most moisturizers in the market turn your skin into a tacky, greasy mess, what do you do?

Good thing, there’s a moisturizer to answer your problems… and even do more!

Here at OROGOLD, we are extremely proud of our very own OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer.

Light and non-greasy, this moisturizer sinks readily into your skin, and hydrates the skin quickly and readily, giving you smooth, luxurious-feeling skin. What’s more, this moisturizer features many star ingredients that can give your skin more benefits than just moisture.

Join us here at OROGOLD Cosmetics as we take a closer look at what exactly makes the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer an amazing moisturizer for all skin types.

What Makes the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer Special?

OROGOLD 24 Deep Moisturizer

The 24K Deep Moisturizer is formulated with the skin’s health in mind. This moisturizer is made from the best ingredients for hydrating and moisturizing the skin, such as shea butter and Vitamin E, which both hydrate the skin and protect it against moisture loss.

Apart from this, the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer also contains gold – our brand’s star ingredient, which makes our products unique and sets us apart. It also has other ingredients proven to benefit the skin, such as Centella Asiatica and Vitamin C.

Let’s discuss each one in more detail.

OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer Ingredients

OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer infographic


A skincare ingredient since the ancient times, gold has been found to pose many benefits to the skin, one of which is to help fight aging. Gold in skincare helps with boosting circulation, adding elasticity to the skin, and renewing the skin.

Because it is a heat conductor, gold, when applied topically, can draw heat to the skin’s surface to boost blood circulation. The added circulation helps with making the complexion brighter and livelier. It also helps with soothing the skin, and calm redness and allergies.

Apart from this, as gold gets absorbed by the skin, it activates the basal cells, which controls the skin’s elasticity. Because of this, the skin gets tighter and firmer, thereby helping with the appearance of wrinkles.

Lastly, gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties! This allows for clearer, healthier skin.

You can harness these benefits of gold in the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, along with added hydration and moisture from the product. You’ll also find 24K gold included in each and every one of OROGOLD’s products

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its moisturizing properties, which helps with treating dry, flaking skin. It’s also associated with curing dryness associated with eczema and psoriasis.

Vitamin E is also associated with minimizing the appearance of scars, especially due to the moisturizing properties it gives the skin. After all, it has been proven that scarring happens less likely to well-moisturized skin.

With Vitamin E in your OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, you’ll definitely be able to get the hydration your skin needs. To give your skin an additional boost of vitamin E, save your OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer for nightly use, and try the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acid for daytime use. Don’t forget to top it with a sunscreen! 

Shea Butter

Vitamin E isn’t the only hydrating ingredient in the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer. Shea butter is an emollient, which helps trap moisture in the skin, allowing it to stay hydrated.

Shea butter also contains linoleic acid, which has been found to exhibit anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, and also boosts hydration.

Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, allowing it to fight against damage from free radicals, as well as help with collagen deposition.

While the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer is designed for use on the face, this doesn’t mean that your body needs to miss out on shea butter. Give the 24K Classic Body Butter a try for soft and supple skin all over.

OROGOLD 24K Body Butter

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica, also called cica, is a skincare ingredient that’s starting to gain traction due to the wealth of benefits it provides.

Cica is known to exhibit antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for acne-prone skin. It helps calm breakouts and fight redness.

Apart from this, cica has also been found to help boost collagen production in the skin, thereby keeping it firm, supple, and elastic. As a result, cica has potential to be anti-aging, and to fight wrinkles and fine lines associated with aging skin.

Lastly, cica is another ingredient that adds hydration to the skin. Cica contains madecassoside—a compound that increases the skin’s hyaluronic acid production. This helps in keeping the skin’s protective barrier strong and healthy, allowing moisturizers to penetrate better into the skin.

In addition to the 24K Deep Moisturizer, you’ll also find this botanical in the OROGOLD 24K Cryogenic Diamond Gommage.

Vitamin C

Apart from the many moisturizing ingredients in the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, it also features Vitamin C (in the form of Ascorbic Acid) for added benefits to the skin.

Vitamin C is an all-around skincare ingredient capable of addressing multiple skin issues. It helps balance complexion, fade acne scars, and brighten the skin. It’s also has antioxidant and anti-aging properties, making it your best friend regardless of your skin concern!

Vitamin C helps fight against the damage caused by free radicals, as well as the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, it even helps with the repair of damaged skin cells, allowing you to retain your youthful glow!

Moreover, Vitamin C helps boost collagen production. Vitamin C is acidic and, when it comes into contact with the skin, triggers its wound-healing properties, which leads to an increase in collagen and elastin production. This keeps the skin firm and helps fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

Lastly, this vitamin also brightens the skin significantly. Thanks to its ability to inhibit melanin production, it can reduce hyperpigmentation and remove blemishes and dark spots on the skin.

With this in the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, you get everything you need in a skincare product — it’s moisturizing, hydrating, and brightening all at once!

In fact, here at OROGOLD, we believe in the power of vitamin C so much that we’ve even created a special collection dedicated to this super antioxidant. Check out the OROGOLD Vitamin C Collection here!

Benefits of Using the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer on Your Skin

Woman applying OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer to her face

To know its ingredients is one thing, but are there really benefits to incorporating the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer in your daily skincare routine?

What can you expect from using this moisturizer constantly?

Keeps the Skin Healthy and Protected

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential in ensuring its overall health. Without sufficient moisture, your skin is prone to dryness and damage. Moisturizers remedy this problem through replacing moisture that’s been lost, as well as preventing moisture from being lost.

Additionally, using moisturizers can help keep your skin’s protective barrier strong, hence keeping your skin safe from damage and irritation.

Using the 24K Deep Moisturizer can help protect your skin from harsh ingredients and actives, like chemical exfoliants and retinoids. By providing your skin with sufficient moisture to keep your skin barrier strong, this moisturizer helps in preventing irritation from these strong ingredients.

Lastly, because the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer contains antioxidants, you can also keep your skin safe from damage from sunlight and the environment. Free radicals can cause skin dullness and premature aging, and using this moisturizer can prevent all this from happening!

Prevents Dullness and Flaking

Keeping the skin sufficiently moisturized helps avoid dryness and flaking. This is especially true during colder seasons, when there is less humidity and therefore less moisture in the environment.

Additionally, important skin processes, such as cell turnover, require sufficient moisture and hydration. Through using the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, you can be assured that your skin receives enough moisture to carry out these processes.

The result? Your skin remains bright and youthful, as your dead skin cells get shed and your younger cells get to the surface.

Without using moisturizers, you risk accumulating dead skin cells, the number one cause of skin dullness. This is especially true if you also don’t exfoliate (if you do, using exfoliants without using a good moisturizer may end up harming your skin!).

Therefore, investing in a moisturizer like the 24K Deep Moisturizer will surely allow you to keep your skin’s natural glow.

Calms Pimples and Redness

OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer with applicator

The OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer delivers sufficient hydration to the skin, making oil levels remain steady and stable.

When your skin gets dry – usually when you don’t use a moisturizer, or your moisturizer provides inadequate hydration – your skin compensates through overproducing sebum. This results in excess oil for your dehydrated skin, which can lead to acne breakouts when the excess oil mixes with dead skin and clogs the pores or hair follicles.

With the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, you won’t have to worry about this problem. This moisturizer will surely keep your face hydrated and safe from dryness.

Additionally, this moisturizer contains Centella Asiatica, which is known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. This keeps the redness at bay, and also helps with your breakouts!

Balances the Complexion

As mentioned earlier, sufficient moisture is necessary if you want your skin to regularly shed dead skin. And, this process doesn’t only work for reducing skin dullness; it’s also an important consideration if you want your skin tone to remain balanced and even!

With a decent moisturizer like the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, this is easily done. Your skin can reveal the younger skin underneath, which, in time, allows it to balance its complexion.

But wait, there’s more! This moisturizer from OROGOLD doesn’t simply stop there.

The 24K Deep Moisturizer also contains Vitamin C, a brightening ingredient known for treating hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Through inhibiting melanin production, which can be overproduced in other areas of the skin, Vitamin C solves the problem of discoloration.

With regular use, you’ll definitely find your complexion looking more balanced and even! For a little extra help, check out the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Collection

Lightens Blemishes and Dark Spots

Do you know what’s another benefit of using products with Vitamin C like the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer? You also get to lighten dark spots and blemishes.

This works the same way as in skin discoloration—inhibiting melanin overproduction in damaged skin areas makes it possible for blemishes to fade over time.

Additionally, other ingredients present in this moisturizer make it possible to prevent scarring in the first place.

For instance, Centella Asiatica can calm particularly stubborn cysts and nodules. This way, the acne doesn’t get irritated and aggravated.

The result? Your acne gets healed quickly and without any problems. Plus, you won’t have to worry about scarring once the acne heals — that means reducing your chances of getting blemishes, too!

Improves the Appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines

One of the best things about the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer is just how many of its ingredients are designed to fight aging. In fact, almost all of the ingredients outlined above have been proven by scientific studies to boost collagen production, and therefore improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

For instance, gold adds elasticity to the skin, allowing it to be firmer and tighter, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Meanwhile, Centella Asiatica and Vitamin C both have collagen boosting properties, which also contribute towards making the skin firmer and suppler.

All of these together prove that the 24K Deep Moisturizer can aid in softening fine lines and wrinkles, making them less obvious.

Aside from this, the antioxidants present in this moisturizer serve as added protection from skin aging and other damage which can result in wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, the Vitamin C component in the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer even helps in repairing cells and ensuring they remain healthy! Through this, you’ll definitely be able to fight off the first signs of wrinkling.

Last, but not the least, the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer delivers hydration and moisture to the skin.

What does this have to do with wrinkles, you may ask. Well, wrinkles are more visible, and also form more easily, on dry and flaky skin.

However, you won’t have to worry about this because of the amazing hydration that this moisturizer provides. Therefore, you can say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines, and rest assured they won’t develop that fast on your skin.


Skincare is always an investment, and, on that note, the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer is certainly a great investment you can make for your skin.

We hope we’ve been able to explain well enough in this article how this moisturizer can transform your skin and elevate your skincare routine. Plus, with the wonderful ingredients it has, and the many benefits it provides, what’s there to say no to?

With the OROGOLD 24K Deep Moisturizer, you definitely won’t have to worry about your skin drying out during the harsh winters, or feeling greasy during the hot summers. This product offers you the best of both worlds — a light, non-greasy moisturizer, able to deliver sufficient moisture to your skin at all times.

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OROGOLD Reviews: The 8 Best Night Creams for Mature Skin

24K Overnight Cream

You may be able to get away with skipping the night cream while you’re in your teens and 20’s, but, after this, you’ll really start to notice your skin suffering in the mornings. As your skin ages, night creams become extremely important. They’ll help to slow down skin agin, thicken your thinning dermis, plump away fine lines and wrinkles, and lighten and brighten those dark spots.

Of course, with hundreds of night cream products out there, how do you choose?

You’ve come to the right place. Read on as OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews the eight best night creams for mature skin.

For Retinol and Antioxidants: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol


24K Multi Vitamin Night Nourishment

Let’s start with one of OROGOLD’s bestsellers; the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol.

What’s so great about it?

For starters, it contains retinol, one of the most potent anti-aging ingredients out there. Ask just about any dermatologist which ingredients you should be including in an anti-aging routine, and chances are that retinol would be at the top of the list.


Because it helps with a number of different skin functions:

  • Boosts collagen and elastin production, therefore giving the skin firmer and smoother qualities
  • Lightens and fades dark spots and scars
  • Softens and retexturizes the skin
  • Speeds up cell turnover to keep the pores clear, reducing breakouts

OROGOLD reviews show that this potent night cream also leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer, and so much less dry. Since mature skin is thinner, it dries out faster. Hydrating properties are something that you definitely want to look for in a night cream. With sweet almond oil, aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba, and chamomile, it’s not surprising that this formula leaves the skin looking soft and supple!

For even better results, OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews suggest using the 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer + Amino Acid during the day. This comes from the same collection as the retinol night cream, meaning that the two contain ingredients that support each other.

For Intense Hydration: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Overnight Cream


24K Overnight Cream

If your skin has been feeling a little parched lately, the OROGOLD 24K Overnight Cream will quench that thirst. OROGOLD reviews are extremely positive for this product – customers love how they wake up to skin that looks and feels softer and fresher.

This is all down to its botanically-rich formula. It’s packed with plant butters that have been proven to have deeply hydrating properties, such as:

  • Sweet almond oil
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba seed oil
  • Aloe vera

OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews show that this is a formula so perfect for thirsty skin. The multiple humectants in this blend make it even more so – these are what give the skin that instant plumpness after application.

For maximum hydration, apply the 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum before applying the night cream.

For Firmer and Tighter Skin: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Termica Completion Cream


24K Completion Cream

If you’ve been looking into anti-aging creams for a while, then peptides are probably an ingredient that you’ve come across. In particular, acetyl hexapeptide-8 and palmitoyl oligopeptide. Never heard of them?

Let OROGOLD explain…

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is made from one of the same compounds used in Botox. However, unlike Botox, it can be used topically to treat and prevent wrinkles, without any side effects.

Palmitoyl oligopeptide is just as impressive. It plays a key role in collagen and elastin production, meaning that using it regularly will give you skin that firmer and bouncier.

You’ll find both of these ingredients in the 24K Termica Completion Cream. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews reveal that this cream is exceptionally effective at turning back the clock on the skin. Facial lines become less prominent with regular use. The fact that this cream can be used in the daytime, as well as at night, means that regular usage is easy.

OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews also show that customers enjoy combining the Termica Completion Cream with the 24K Termica Energizing Mask. Again, these two products are both from the 24K Termica Collection. While mixing and matching skincare products and brands is absolutely fine, using a complete collection is much more likely to give your skin all that it needs.

For Bright, Even, and Radiant Skin: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream


24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream

Unfortunately, in addition to the fine lines, wrinkles, and increasing dryness, mature skin also often has to deal with dark spots.


It all comes down to sun damage. These dark spots are the result of all of those times you bared your unprotected skin to the sun. The damage accumulates over the years, causing hyperpigmentation.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to be paying for those careless mistakes of your youth forever. All you need are the right topical ingredients. There are certain ingredients out there that can target those areas of excess pigmentation, breaking up the melanin clusters beneath to lighten and even out your skin tone.

OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews all point to the 24K Cryogenic Restoration Cream as being the go-to skin brightener. This formula definitely contains some intriguing ingredients…

In addition to retinyl palmitate, which we’ve already mentioned is great for brightening the skin, this blend also contains alpha hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate away damaged skin cells, along with melon fruit extract for its potent antioxidant properties. Of course, you’ll also find vitamin C in this formula – a must have for anyone looking to lighten or brighten dark spots. 

Since this night cream also contains plenty of humectants and moisturizing components, it’s more than capable of keeping your skin at its best while you sleep. However, it’s also safe for daytime use – just don’t forget to top it off with a sunscreen!

For a Smooth and Soft Body: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Classic Body Butter


24K Classic Body Butter

So far, OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews have focused on the face when it comes to good night creams for mature skin. This is a mistake that you’ll often see in the dermatology world – people pay so much attention to the skin on their face (and rightly so), but then leave the skin on their body neglected.

The skin on your body needs just as much TLC as you age. This is where the 24K Classic Body Butter comes in. It’s delightfully rich and creamy but OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews show that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. This is down to its special blend of botanicals, including:

  • Shea butter
  • Aloe vera leaf juice
  • Chamomile extract
  • Cucumber extract
  • Calendula extract

As you can see, the ingredients are hydrating but they’re not heavy or pore-clogging. That makes this nourishing body butter perfect for all skin types.

Before OROGOLD reviews the next night cream on the list, we want to let you in on a little secret…

To give your skin an extra dose of moisture when applying the 24K Overnight Cream, try spritzing it with the 24K Hydrating Body Mist first.


Because not only does this provide your skin with an extra layer of water molecules, but it will also deliver a dose of vitamins and antioxidants. If you apply this and then leave your skin bare, all of that goodness will end up rubbing/evaporating off. However, layer it underneath a body butter and that body butter will form a seal over the surface of your skin, preventing the mist’s ingredients from going anywhere other than deeper into your skin. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

For Targeting Neck Wrinkles: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Neck Duo Treatment


24 Neck Duo

While your neck is technically a part of your body, the skin on your neck wouldn’t agree. Unlike the skin on your body, the skin on your neck is much thinner and more fragile. This is why wrinkles and the dreaded turkey neck appear in this area faster than anywhere else.

If you want to keep your neck looking tight and youthful, then a good night cream designed for this area is a must. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews suggest the 24K Neck Duo Treatment is the best way to go.

Rather than being a single night cream, this is actually a two-part system. In addition to targeting neck wrinkles, it will also help to fade age spots, another issue that people commonly experience on their neck.

How does it work?

You start by applying a couple of pumps of the 24K NeckLift Boosting Essence, making sure that your skin has been cleansed first. This essence is packed with vitamins and herbal extracts, along with, of course, 24K gold.

Follow this up with a small amount of the 24K NeckLift Nutri-Cream. This cream feels quite rich, but that’s exactly what your neck skin needs. In addition to nourishing plant oils and butters, this night cream also contains peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and multiple vitamins.

For Plumping Up Fine Lines: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Cream


24K Caviar Micro Beads Cream

As you can tell from its name, this product is all about the sea, and OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews show that customers absolutely love this. There’s nothing quite as hydrating as kelp, and it’s also an ingredient that’s absolutely packed with minerals and antioxidants. It’s a botanical that everyone with mature skin should be using, which is why OROGOLD has an entire collection dedicated to it!

The 24K Kelp Caviar Micro-Bead Cream targets fine lines and deeper wrinkles. However, unlike the other night creams on this list, this night cream only needs to be used once a week. Have a read through some of the OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews out there and you’ll notice that many customers use the product more frequently. However, you’ll also notice that they don’t experience results any faster than those who stick to the recommended advice of weekly use. Trust us – using it more frequently won’t change how effective it is, so save yourself from wasting it and stick to weekly use.

So, the benefit of this night cream, apart from the fact that OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews promise a smoother finish, is that you can easily incorporate it into a skincare routine with another night cream. Use this one on one day of the week, and then pick one of the other night creams on this list for the other six days.

For Protecting Against Moisture Loss: OROGOLD Reviews the 24K Deep Moisturizer


24K Deep Moisturizer

If you’ve noticed that your skin feels beautifully moisturized after you’ve applied a night cream, but then dries out surprisingly quickly, then the 24K Deep Moisturizer is what you need.

This formula is designed to protect against moisture loss. While moisture loss is normal to an extent, mature skin is thinner, meaning that it happens faster. By forming a protective seal over the surface of the skin, this moisturizer prevents water loss, giving your skin some extra hydration.

What’s in it?

Several different botanicals, but you’ll also find a few moisturizing ingredients in here. Vitamin E is one, along with vitamin C, which helps to encourage skin cells to naturally retain more moisture themselves.

You’ll also notice beta glucan on the ingredient list. Just like hyaluronic acid, this natural ingredient is also a powerful humectant, making it a must for keeping the skin quenched.

For best results, combine this night cream with a hydrating serum, such as the 24K Nano Night Recovery. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews show that the two work very well together.

Finding the Perfect Night Cream is Easy at OROGOLD


It may take you a while, but stick with it – once you’ve found the perfect night cream, you’ll be able to visibly see the improvements in your skin. Regular use will give your complexion a smoother, fresher, and brighter look, leaving you with skin that looks far younger than its years. Don’t forget, in addition to night creams, you’ll also find everything from face masks to exfoliants on the OROGOLD website – everything you need for a good anti-aging skincare routine. Have a browse around and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.