Winter Sports and Your Skin: How to Maintain a Healthy Complexion

Woman wearing ski goggles

You’re probably looking forward to all of those winter sporting activities you have planned over the next few months. Unfortunately, this is something that your skin will be dreading. Why? Because the cold weather, combined with UV rays that are more intense at higher altitudes, can really cause havoc to your complexion. Here’s how to […]

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23 Key Dates for Your 2021 Fashion Diary

Legs on fashion runway

A new year often means new looks and timely wardrobe choices. From headwear to shoes, every year has something new to offer. There’s always something old to revive. Are you ready to take on the latest trends? Then you should be on the lookout for this year’s important fashion events! With the world so busy […]

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OROGOLD’s Labor Day BOGO Sale


Hydration, hydration, hydration! It’s been a HOT summer, and your skin’s been working overtime. Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and give your skin some much needed luxurious love. OROGOLD wants to celebrate your hard work by offering a Labor Day BOGO sale. Starting August 20 through September 3, you can expect […]

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Try Meditation for Beautiful Skin

Calm and peaceful woman meditating at home

Beauty gurus are throwing around the latest creams and beauty treatments. Nutritionists are shoving in our faces the latest diets and super foods, to guarantee long and healthy lives. Fitness gurus are coming up with fitness routines meant to strengthen our bodies.  While having a balanced diet, active lifestyle and appropriate skincare routine can help […]

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