4 Reasons Why You Need OROGOLD’s White Gold Collection + BOGO Sale

Looking for the perfect skin care regimen that’s luxurious, cruelty free and delivers long lasting results over time? Look no further, OROGOLD has you covered! Whether you’re a seasoned skin care vet or just starting to dabble with new, luxurious skin care products, OROGOLD is a name you can’t ignore when it comes to opulence […]

Try Meditation for Beautiful Skin

Beauty gurus are throwing around the latest creams and beauty treatments. Nutritionists are shoving in our faces the latest diets and super foods, to guarantee long and healthy lives. Fitness gurus are coming up with fitness routines meant to strengthen our bodies.  While having a balanced diet, active lifestyle and appropriate skincare routine can help […]

8 Surprising Everyday Causes of Skin Trauma

In order for your skin to stay healthy, and to look its very best, you need to keep it as safe and protected as possible. It doesn’t help that there are so many surprising ways in which your skin experiences trauma each and every day. In fact, much of the time, you probably won’t even […]

How to Save Your Skin from Premature Aging

While aging is inevitable, premature skin aging is something that you can definitely avoid. How? By following these tips… Understand the Importance of Cleansing If you are worried about skin aging, then, if you haven’t already done so, it will only be a matter of time before you end up investing in a plethora of […]

How to Care for Fair Skin and Light Hair

Fair skin and hair can be such beautiful traits if they are properly cared for. Pale skin can be easily damaged by environmental factors and requires extra protection to ensure not only its beauty but also its health. Light hair (be it blonde or grey) also comes with its challenges. Just like fair skin, light […]


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