Healthy Habits, Beautiful Skin: 7 Lifestyle Tips For Radiance

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Usually, when someone is trying to achieve clear and beautiful skin, they begin by revamping their skincare routine, adding in new topical products that promise the world. There’s nothing wrong with taking this approach because the right skincare products can definitely help in your quest for a flawless complexion.

However, even if you manage to bag some of the best skincare products around, they’re only going to be able to work to a certain extent if your lifestyle choices are harming your skin at the same time. The best results come from taking a more holistic view of skincare, meaning caring for your skin both internally and externally.

So, assuming you’ve already got your skincare routine all figured out, keep reading as OROGOLD shares seven healthy lifestyle habits that you’ll need to adopt if you’re aiming for a naturally radiant complexion.

1. Keep Sun Exposure to a Minimum

Skin Tone SPF30

Let’s start with one of the biggest steps that you can take to keep your complexion youthful as you age; minimizing sun exposure. Up to 80% of the fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots that you’ll develop as you age are down to the sun, so protecting yourself from UV damage is vital if you want beautiful skin.

This doesn’t mean that you have to live your life in the dark. Instead, simply make an effort to stay out of the sun during its hottest hours. This is usually between 11am and 3pm, although it will depend on your exact location. 

When you do plan on spending time outdoors under the sun, use clothing and accessories to keep your skin covered. Long and loose outfits will provide an additional barrier between your skin and the sun. Go with light colors and you’ll still be comfortable, even in the heat. Meanwhile, a wide-brimmed sun hat and some oversized sunglasses will give your face some extra shade.

Of course, even if you do all of the above, SPF is still vital. An SPF moisturizer, such as the OROGOLD 24K Skin Tone SPF 30, will give your skin the UV protection that it needs, along with a boost of hydration and antioxidants.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet

While topical skincare products can supplement the surface of your skin with certain nutrients, nothing quite compares to the impact that your diet has on your complexion. A poor diet will quickly show through in your skin, which is why a healthy and balanced diet is the way to go if beautiful skin is your goal.

What should you be eating if you want to improve your complexion?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. They’re loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that will help to keep free radical damage at bay. The more colorful the selection of fresh produce you eat, the greater the range of vitamins and antioxidants you’ll be giving your skin.

Healthy fats are important too, which can be found in seeds, nuts, and oily fish. These foods contain omega fatty acids, which keep the skin soft and supple. They’re also a good source of vitamin E, an antioxidant with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

At the same time, ensure that you aren’t consuming any foods that could damage your skin. Your consumption of white bread, white rice, potatoes, and other high-glycemic foods should be reduced, as should the amount of sugar and salt that you eat.

3. Start Drinking Green Tea


Speaking of your diet…

If you don’t already regularly drink green tea, now is a good time to start! Green tea is packed with powerful polyphenols that each contribute to beautiful skin in their own way. From protecting against the visibility of UV damage to reducing the appearance of acne breakouts to preventing the look of aging, green tea can truly work wonders on the complexion. 

How much green tea should you be drinking?

Although researchers haven’t yet confirmed an optimum amount, experts recommend drinking two to three cups of green tea a day.

Don’t enjoy the taste of green tea? 

Adding some lemon can help to counter the bitter flavor that green tea can sometimes have. Honey does the same, but this will only add to your daily sugar intake. 

Of course, in addition to drinking green tea, you can also treat your skin to the ingredient by using it topically. It’s a botanical that you’ll find in several OROGOLD products, including the 24K Termica Activation Serum and the 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment + Retinol. Use green tea-infused skincare while also drinking it daily and you’ll be able to double up on the benefits that this natural ingredient can offer!

4. Minimize Stress

Is stress something that you find yourself dealing with on a regular basis?

For most people, the answer would be yes. Between personal relationships, working life, and general internal struggles, stress can often seem to strike from every angle.

If stressful situations are the norm for you, you’re probably well aware of how detrimental this can be to your mental health. Long-term stress has been shown to increase a person’s risk of developing anxiety, depression, sleep issues, substance abuse problems, and more. It can even lead to physical pain, such as muscular tension.

If that wasn’t enough, stress affects your skin too. The hormone that your body releases when you’re feeling stressed wreaks havoc on the complexion. It causes everything from increased oiliness and acne to dehydration and accelerated wrinkles. 

As you can see, if you’re hoping for naturally beautiful skin, stress needs to be avoided at all costs. Initially, this may seem tough. However, there are so many stress-relieving techniques out there that you can try. Whether you listen to some soothing music, spend some time in nature, or indulge in some self-care with a face mask and a soothing bath, it’s worth spending some time figuring out what you can do to lower your stress levels when they start to soar. Your skin will thank you!

5. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Nano Ultra Silk Serum

It’s common knowledge that the body needs a certain amount of water to function properly. Without this, it will end up dehydrated. This not only leads to several health problems but also affects your skin. When your body is dehydrated, your skin will be too. This can show up in a variety of ways, from increased oiliness and breakouts to dry and rough patches.

Although the importance of water is well-known, statistics show that around 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Why? Because although the majority of them are drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day, the amount of caffeine, alcohol, and salt that is also consumed counters this by dehydrating the skin faster than their water consumption hydrates it.

So, if you want to achieve beautiful skin ASAP, work on keeping your body’s hydration levels topped up. Don’t forget that hydrating skincare products can help with this by providing your skin with an extra moisture boost. Add some hydrating products to your skincare routine, such as the OROGOLD 24K Nano Ultra Silk Serum, and you’ll be able to bump up your skin’s hydration levels even faster.

6. Prioritize Exercise

Mousse Cleanser

Just like drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet, the benefits of regular exercise are widely known. Not only does it physically strengthen the body but it also lowers a person’s risk of developing diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

With that said, many people don’t realize that regular exercise has complexion-enhancing effects too. Each time you get your heart pumping, your blood vessels dilate. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients your skin cells receive, giving your skin an even brighter glow. This boost in circulation aids in the removal of toxins from your skin cells too, which will leave your skin looking rejuvenated.

Of course, don’t forget to follow every workout with a cleanse. Although sweating helps your skin to purge toxins, allowing that sweat to linger means that those toxins will simply work their way back into your skin. Once you’re done exercising, give your skin a quick cleanse with a gentle formula, such as the 24K Mousse Cleanser from OROGOLD, to really enhance your skin’s newfound radiance.

7. Don’t Miss Out on Your Beauty Sleep

Rose Gold Hydro Mask

If you’ve had a few sleepless nights over the years, you’re probably familiar with how this can leave you dealing with dark circles and puffy eye bags the morning after. However, that’s not all that sleep deprivation does to your skin…

You may think that your skin sleeps when you do, but the truth is that your skin cells are always hard at work. While you’re deep in slumberland, your skin cells focus on repairing any damage that has occurred over the day. Nighttime is when cell regeneration and protein production are at their highest. These processes are crucial if you want beautiful skin.

Miss out on that beauty sleep and your skin won’t be able to do what it needs to at night. You may not be able to see the effects of this immediately but, in the long run, poor-quality sleep can rapidly accelerate the skin aging process.

If you often struggle to get a good night’s sleep, work on ways in which you can improve this. Turn your bedroom into a relaxing haven, complete with dim lighting, calming aromatherapy scents, and a cool temperature.

If you want to go the extra mile and ensure that your skin cells feel supported while they heal damage overnight, make sure that your nighttime skincare routine contains plenty of vitamins, antioxidants, and hydrating ingredients. Using an overnight face mask once a week would also be beneficial. The 24K Rose Gold Hydro Mask, for example, will quench your skin with its blend of seaweed extract, sodium hyaluronate, and plant oils. Meanwhile, its other botanical extracts, from rose hip to lime, will perk up your complexion to leave it looking illuminated in the morning.

Achieve Beautiful Skin With OROGOLD

If you’ve been relying on skincare products alone in your quest for beautiful skin, you’ll more than likely have a very long wait before you see results. The secret to achieving a radiantly flawless complexion quickly is to combine your topical skincare efforts with healthy lifestyle habits. This way, you’ll be pampering your skin from both the inside and out, which is exactly what it needs in order to develop a naturally healthy-looking glow.

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