The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Radiant Skin

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Everyone wants radiant skin but, unfortunately, very few people are blessed with a naturally flawless glow. This means that achieving radiant skin can take a little work, which, so long as you have the right skincare products and techniques by your side, is actually easier than many imagine.

Wondering where to get started? That’s what OROGOLD is here to help with! Read on as we share our ultimate guide to achieving a beautifully radiant complexion.

Establish a Good Cleansing Regimen

vitamin c facial cleanser

If you want your skin to look bright and radiant, then a good cleansing regimen is a must. Simply slapping on any face cleanser every few days whenever you happen to remember won’t cut it. Instead, you need to find yourself a high-quality cleanser – one that will clean your skin without drying it out. You’ll then need to use it regularly. If you have dry or sensitive skin, cleansing each evening will usually suffice. On the other hand, those with oily skin may need to cleanse twice a day.

To enhance your cleanse even further, consider double cleansing. This involves using an oil-based cleanser to begin with before following up with a water-based cleanser. It gives the skin an even more thorough cleanse, leaving it looking refreshed and dewy. 

We have a couple of exceptional cleansers at OROGOLD that you can try. With that said, one of our favorite formulas for achieving radiant skin is the 24K Vitamin C Facial Cleanser. This cleanser is loaded with ingredients that have been proven to effectively brighten and illuminate the complexion. From vitamin C and licorice root extract to lactic acid and gold, simply cleansing with this formula each day will already make a world of difference to your complexion.

Exfoliate Regularly

24k multi vitamin peeling

Unfortunately, even if you double cleanse daily, this on its own won’t be enough to give you radiant skin. After all, a cleanser only tackles impurities on the surface of your skin. Anything that has already delved into your pores won’t be touched by a cleanser, making it important to regularly exfoliate too.

When choosing an exfoliant, you have two main options; physical or chemical. Many physical exfoliants, such as face scrubs and loofahs, can be too harsh on the skin. At the same time, overly potent chemical exfoliants can irritate the skin too. 

That’s why we created the 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid. This formula contains elements of both physical and chemical exfoliation, bringing them together in a way that thoroughly clears out the pores without irritating or damaging the skin. Bamboo stem powder works to physically slough off dead skin cells while mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from almonds, provides the chemical exfoliation. You’ll also find a number of vitamins and antioxidants in this superstar product, enabling you to reveal truly radiant skin each time you rinse it off.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

skin tone spf 30

If you aren’t properly protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever manage to achieve radiant skin. After all, UV rays cause so much damage. In the short term, they’ll leave your skin dull, rough, red, and irritated. In the long term, this translates to a faster rate of skin aging, meaning that fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots will appear far sooner in life than they otherwise would have. Even worse, UV damage can also cause skin cancer.

For most people, a product with SPF 30 is sufficient. If you have sensitive skin, then, by all means, go with something stronger. However, SPF 30 is usually enough, so long as you’re diligent about reapplying it every few hours.

With many people now trying to cut back on how long their skincare routines are, 2-in-1 moisturizers and sunscreens, just like OROGOLD’s 24K Skin Tone SPF 30, are becoming more popular. This cream moisturizes and soothes the complexion while also ensuring that the sun’s UV rays are kept at bay. Use it daily throughout the year and your skin will thank you for it!

Add Vitamin C to Your Skincare Routine

rejuvenating skin serum

There are plenty of ingredients out there that can contribute to radiant skin. However, most of them are only suited for certain skin types, which is what makes vitamin C such a superstar. This antioxidant plays well with all skin types, offering up a plethora of benefits.

If you’re hoping to tackle the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out the look of your skin, vitamin C can help. It firms and tightens the complexion, leaving it looking much younger. It aids in fading the visibility of hyperpigmentation too, and can also be used as a preventative to stop the appearance of dark spots from forming on the face.

If all of that wasn’t enough, vitamin C also leaves the skin feeling stronger and more resilient. This has the knock-on effect of boosting skin moisture levels, keeping the complexion hydrated.

The best way to make the most of these skin-loving properties is to use a vitamin C serum. Sure, vitamin C creams are great too, but serums are so much lighter, which allows them to dive a little deeper into the skin. 

You’ll find different forms of vitamin C in several OROGOLD serums. However, the 24K Rejuvenating Skin Serum stands out because of how it contains two forms of the antioxidant. It combines these with vitamins A and E since antioxidants always work best when used in conjunction with other antioxidants. At the same time, hemp seed oil and wheat germ oil provide moisture while gold helps to brighten the complexion even further.

Adjust Your Skincare Routine as the Seasons Change

rose gold advanced cream

It can take a while to establish a good skincare routine. There’s a fair bit of trial and error involved, especially if your skin easily reacts to different products. 

So, it can feel a little heartbreaking to finally create the perfect routine, only to then have to adjust it again as the seasons change. While you may be tempted to stick to the same regimen, we would highly recommend tweaking your skincare routine in line with seasonal shifts, especially if you’re hoping to achieve radiant skin.

Why is this so important?

Because your skin’s needs change with the seasons. During the warmer months, your skin produces extra oil. The heat and humidity trigger this, meaning that the skincare products that you use in the summer months should be relatively lightweight in order to avoid congesting your skin and clogging your pores. The mattifying properties of the 24K Rose Gold Radiance Silk Cream make it ideal for the summer season.

However, the skin usually feels much drier in the winter months. This is when sebum production slows down. You’ll need to turn to thicker creams, such as the 24K Rose Gold Advanced Cream, to save the day as your skin will require a little extra help when it comes to moisture retention.

Try Multi-Masking

24k deep lifting mask

Face masks are a great way to promote radiance in the skin. However, chances are that you have at least a couple of different visible skin concerns that you want to tackle, making it difficult for one mask to help with everything.

That’s why the multi-masking trend really took over the skincare world for a while. Unlike many of the other trends that often crop up, this one really holds some merit. It involves using multiple face masks at the same time, each one applied to a different area of the face. This way, you’ll be able to pick and choose face masks that target each of your individual skin concerns. You won’t have to worry about finding one formula that does it all.

Of course, the downside to multi-masking is that you’ll need to find masks that are designed to remain on the skin for similar amounts of time. However, this doesn’t need to be difficult, especially if you’re using OROGOLD face masks.

For example, the 24K Termica Energizing Mask is a fantastic formula for leaving the skin feeling detoxified. Apply this to any areas of your face that often experienced clogged or enlarged pores, such as your t-zone. 

You can then apply the 24K Deep Lift Stretching Mask to the areas of your face that could do with looking lifted and firmer. Then, apply the 24K Advanced Facial Mask to the dry and dull parts of your face, before swiping the 24K Skin Balancing Mask Stick over your fine lines and wrinkles.

Wait for 10-15 minutes before washing all of your face masks off to reveal stunningly radiant skin!

Focus on Hydrating Your Skin

golden dew serum

Hydrated skin looks plump, dewy, and radiant. On the other hand, dehydrated skin looks…well, the opposite. So, it goes without saying that if you want to add a glow to your face, keeping your skin hydrated is vital.

Thankfully, this is easy. All you need to do is look for skincare products that are jam-packed with humectants. These are ingredients that have moisture-binding properties. They’re great for making the skin look brighter, fuller, and more volumized, which will therefore leave it looking more radiant too.

Hyaluronic acid and glycerin tend to be the most talked-about humectants in the industry. You’ll find them both, along with squalane, in the OROGOLD 24K Golden Dew Serum-in-Cream. This formula also contains a cocktail of plant oils, including avocado, sweet almond, and grape seed. These oils form a film over the surface of the skin, locking the humectants in the formula into the skin so that they’re able to work even more effectively.

Don’t forget that some people are more prone to dehydrated skin than others. So, work out how often you need to hydrate your skin in order for it to look radiant. While some people can get away with using a moisturizer once or twice a day, others need regular top-ups throughout the day in order to keep their skin looking its very best.

Achieve Radiant Skin With OROGOLD

Achieving radiant skin can sometimes feel like quite a challenge. However, once you’ve established a solid skincare routine that consists of products designed to encourage and enhance your natural radiance, you should start to see your skin glowing in no time at all!

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