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Many people do not put much thought into the pillows that they use, but these can have a huge effect on the quality of your sleep. Pillows not only provide support, but they are also in direct contact with your skin while you sleep, making your choice of pillow so important.

Compression and Sleep Position

Compression is the force at which your face is pushed against the pillow, and is one of the leading causes of skin creases in the morning. While there will always be compression to some extent, unless you are able to always sleep on your back, there are specially designed pillows that you can opt for that are able to reduce this quite a bit. These feature a series of different elevations to ensure comfort no matter which position you prefer to sleep in, each with a small recess for your cheeks to fit in, meaning that they do not actually come into contact with the actual pillow. While sleeping on your back is an alternative, many find themselves naturally rolling over in the middle of the night, making this pillow the ideal tool to have.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Allergy Pillows 

The filling within your pillow is extremely important, as many filling types can trigger allergic reactions. These reactions can often be quite minute, so you may not realize that they are there, but could be the reason for any redness or irritation in the mornings. While hypoallergenic pillows are great, dust mites can still build up within them over time, making anti-allergy pillows far more superior. These make use of synthetic fibres that do not emit any dust, preventing an allergic reaction from occurring.

Silk Pillowcase

The majority of people out there use cotton pillowcases, but, when your face rubs against this, the friction that is caused can lead to lines developing on your skin. Silk, or even satin, pillowcases prevent this from happening, as they will not scratch or tear at the skin, allowing you to wake up with a much smoother and fresher complexion. As an added bonus, silk pillowcases are also great for your hair, and will prevent any frizz from forming.

Copper Pillowcase

Copper oxide is a mineral that is naturally found in the skin, and plays a vital role when it comes to the skin regeneration process. Pillowcases that have been embedded with copper oxide have been clinically proven to be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, boosting the overall complexion.

Your choice of pillow has a huge impact on the way in which your skin looks when you wake up. If you want to improve the health of your skin while you sleep, it could be worthwhile looking into the different pillow types out there, and finding one that is able to target your primary skin issues.

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