Cluttered Closet

Living amongst clutter is never fun, however much you may have tried to convince yourself otherwise. While de-cluttering your life may seem like more effort than it is worth, this is definitely not the case, and, by following these simple steps, a clutter-free life could soon be yours.

A Buying Freeze

Once you have committed to making the effort to de-clutter your life, you need to put yourself on a temporary buying freeze, as owning more “things” will just make the task harder. Whether your shopping addiction is makeup, clothes or gadgets, resist the urge to purchase more until your life is somewhat clutter-free.

Remove the Excess

It goes without saying that one of the first steps to living a clutter-free life is to purge all of your excess belongings. This is the step that most people find the hardest, as it can often be taxing having to let go of items that you once loved. To make this task easier, start off small, perhaps by sorting through a drawer in your house that always seems to accumulate junk. Move on to a closet next, before tackling a larger area of your house, slowly and methodically working your way through. If there are certain items that you cannot bear to part with, pack them away into a cardboard box and store them out of sight.

Everything Has Its Place

Every item in your home should have its very own place that it belongs. While it may take some creativity to find a place for everything that you own, this will help you when making purchases in the future, because if you cannot think of a place where it can go, then you should not be buying it.

“One In, One Out”

The “one in, one out” rule is a great habit to adopt if you are trying to live a more clutter-free life. This rule should be applied to every room in your house, and it basically means that each time you bring a new item into a room, you should be throwing an existing item out. This will help you to keep all of the items in your home well-balanced, preventing your belongings from piling up and becoming overwhelming.

New Habits

Once you have removed all of the excess clutter that has built up around your house, it is important to develop new habits that will help you to maintain this. One of the best habits to develop is to set aside a time slot each day, whether it be ten minutes or two hours, where you can dedicate yourself to de-cluttering. By taking this time each day to focus on different small tasks around the house, your home will always be kept in order.

It is important to remember that de-cluttering is a process, and that it is much easier to do this regularly over short periods of time rather than having to deal with years of clutter in one go. Most people would agree that having to get rid of excess belongings is usually the hardest step to de-cluttering, but, once you see the positive results of your purging, it definitely gets easier in the future.

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