Posted on July 1, 2016

Woman soothing the skin near her eyes

From sun exposure to eczema, there are many different factors that can contribute to dry skin around the eyes. While each of these conditions will require specialized care in order to treat, there are a number of ways in which you can soothe and nourish this dry area, no matter what the cause, giving your skin some much-needed relief.

Always Be Gentle

Being so thin and delicate, the skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, meaning that you need to be even more gentle with this area than you are with the rest of your face. When using water around your eyes, make sure that it is lukewarm rather than hot, as this will irritate the area much less, while only mild and unscented cleansers should be used, as fragrances are usually composed of a whole range of different chemicals. When drying the area around your eyes, pat it gently and be sure not to rub, as any friction will only trigger even more dryness.


If you do not own any eye creams or serums, then now is the time to invest in a couple of quality products. Be sure to only apply this to your skin when it is damp, as this will lock in some extra moisture, and wait for a couple of minutes in between applying each product, to give all of the ingredients enough time to settle.

Sun Protection

Whether or not your dryness has been caused by the sun, subsequent sun exposure is only going to exacerbate the problem. Look for a gentle sunblock that can be used around the eyes, as well as a pair of UV blocking sunglasses for an extra level of protection.

Cut Back on Eye Makeup

Using eye makeup, or any sort of makeup on your dry areas, will only irritate your skin even more, worsening the dryness. In addition to this, certain products, such as mascara and eyeliner, cause stress to the skin when they are applied, due to unavoidable pulling and stretching. Irritation to the skin around the eyes is one of the leading causes of dryness in the area, so cutting back on your makeup could really go a long way in soothing your skin. If wearing makeup is absolutely necessary, opt for cream-based formulas, as these are smoother to apply and easier to remove, causing less stress to your skin.

Each of these methods can make a huge difference when it comes to treating dry skin around the eyes. However, it is still important to pinpoint exactly what it is that is causing your dryness, as there may be other steps that you can take in order to eradicate the problem even quicker.

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