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If you have a date night coming back, then it is likely that you want your skin to be sporting a beautiful, radiant glow. Rather than turning to makeup for a quick fix, here are a few tips that will help you to have your skin looking its very best just in time for date night.

Exfoliate the Night Before 

While you may want to leave the exfoliation to just a couple of hours before your date, it would be best to exfoliate the night before, as this will give your skin some time to calm down and regenerate. No matter which method of exfoliation you prefer, make sure that you apply a thick layer of moisturizer as soon as you are done, as exfoliation leaves your skin quite vulnerable, and the moisturizer will offer some added protection.

Invest in a Primer 

If you are planning on wearing makeup for your date night, which most women do, then investing in a quality primer is a great idea. Primers are designed to be applied onto the face after a moisturizer, but before any makeup, and create a blank canvas onto which your makeup can grip. This then allows your makeup to last for so much longer, and prevents any unsightly smudges. Try to look for a primer that also contains a wide range of antioxidants, as this will give your skin a healthy boost at the same time.

A Hydrating Face Mask 

If you tend to suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, then a hydrating face mask is one of the best ways to nourish your skin before date night. These contain powerful active ingredients that penetrate the skin’s layers and inject it with a dose of hydration, leaving skin looking fresh and plump afterwards. Hydrating from within is also important, so try to increase your water consumption a few days before date night.

The Eye Area 

Everybody wants their eyes to be sparkling on date night, which means that you need to tackle any dark shadows or under-eye circles. The best way to do this is with an eye serum or cream, preferably one that contains the active ingredients needed to target your specific issues. Simply apply a small amount to the skin around your eyes, before applying your moisturizer, and this will help to smooth out any fine lines, while brightening the entire area.

If you usually tend to take quite a while preparing for date night, do not forget that a large amount of your date night skin care can be done the day before. From exfoliation to face masks, these steps can be carried out in advance, leaving you with plenty of time to spend on choosing outfits, hairstyles and more.

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