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Spring is a season of change and transition, not only in the environment, but also within your skin. In order to prevent all of the common springtime skin issues from occurring, whether this be breakouts, allergies or oiliness, here are a few tips that you can follow.


Lighter Products 

Now that the humidity in the air is rising again, your skin needs to be able to breathe and adapt itself to the warmer temperatures. If you continue to use your thick, winter moisturizer, your skin will not be able to do this, as your pores will end up blocked, leading to an increase in oil production. This is the reason why so many people experience an increase in breakouts as spring arrives, meaning that a quick and easy solution to this would be to simply use lighter skin care products instead, especially when it comes to your moisturizer.



Another common springtime skin concern is a dry and flaky complexion, and this is because the winter months will have sucked a significant amount of moisture out of your skin. Since your skin is likely to be feeling quite raw and sensitive, this often puts people off of exfoliating, even though this is key when it comes to clearing away this dryness. However, abrasive scrubs are only likely to cause more irritation, so try to opt for chemical acids or fruit enzymes instead, as this will help to eliminate any flakes without exacerbating sensitivity.


Countering Inflammation 

Many people experience inflammation during the early months of spring, and the best solution for this is to work on calming and soothing your skin back down. This means going back to basics, using a mild and gentle cleanser before applying a serum that is packed with hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, and then topping this with a layer of moisturizer that contains antioxidants. If your inflammation often leads to spots, it would be worthwhile having some salicylic acid on hand, as this will exfoliate your top layer of skin and clear any blocked pores, while also preventing future spots from forming.


Nourish Your Skin from Within 

As important as it is to pay attention to the skin care products that you use during each new season, you should also be placing a strong focus on your diet, examining the way in which you are nourishing your skin from within. Spring brings with it many healthy, seasonal foods, so make the most of these as they will be able to provide your skin with vitamins and minerals that it would not be able to obtain from anywhere else. Hydration is also essential, so ensure that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water each day, infusing this with fruit slices for added antioxidant benefits.


Everybody’s skin will react to the changing seasons in an individual way, meaning that it is up to you to pinpoint exactly what your skin needs now that spring is here. Whether that may be a gentler form of exfoliation, or a healthy boost from within, these solutions will keep your skin looking and feeling incredible throughout the months of spring.

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