Posted on October 12, 2015


One of the best ways to celebrate Oktoberfest is to take your very own beer trip, and there is no better place to do this than in Europe. Rather than being just another frothy beverage, beer has earned itself a significant part in European culture, and you will be spoilt for choice with all the local brews wherever you go. OROGOLD Stores has put together a quick guide on the ‘Best Beer Trips in Europe‘, highlighting the cities, as well as pubs, bars and taverns, that any beer lover should definitely visit.

Although Oktoberfest may have originated in Germany, the celebrations have spread throughout the world. While some may be small and intimate, others are much bigger and grander, lasting all the way through the month of October. With fantastic selections of German beer, traditional German cuisine, and entertainment for the whole family, those of you who are hoping to attend an authentic Bavarian bash should take a look at OROGOLD Store Locator’s post on the ‘Biggest Oktoberfest Celebrations‘.

In addition to giving us Oktoberfest, Germany also created the notion of beer gardens. Thanks to a widespread dissatisfaction of the beer produced by the bigger brands, local brewers started selling their beverages straight from the cellars, setting up tables and chairs outside. Thus, the beer garden was born, and has become another German tradition that quickly made its way around the world. This week, OROGOLD Locations will be taking a look at some of the best ‘Beer Gardens Around the World‘, so do have a look to see which ones are nearby to you!

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