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While a bright and youthful complexion may seem hard to achieve, it can be even more difficult to maintain. From knowing when to cleanse to using the right products, these tips will ensure that your skin looks clear and fresh for years to come.

Keep Your Skin Clean

Each and every day your skin gets covered with dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells, and while they may be too miniscule for you to visibly see straight away, it will not take long for their effects to start building up, causing dryness, roughness and dullness amongst other things. To keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, daily cleansing is absolutely essential, but be sure to use a separate face towel afterwards, as this will prevent any bacteria on your hand or bath towel from transferring onto your face. Cleansing in the morning and also in the evening before bed is usually best.


Good nutrition can have a huge impact on your skin, and it will only take a few days before you begin to notice the difference. Try to go for a couple of weeks without any processed, sugar-filled foods, opting for plant-based versions instead, and once you see how well this is able to maintain a flawless complexion, there will be no turning back. There are certain vegetables that are especially beneficial to your skin, from beta-carotene filled carrots to juicy red tomatoes that contain lycopene to dark, leafy greens that are picked with vitamins and minerals.

The Right Ingredients for Your Skin Type

While there may be a few general categories for skin types, everyone’s skin is different, meaning that no two skin care routines should be the same. When trying to maintain an ageless complexion, it is important to use ingredients that are beneficial to your specific skin type. If you have tend to have oily skin, oil-free products are a must, as are cleansers containing ingredients like salicylic acid, which will help to clear away any excess oil. Those with dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin should opt for moisturizing products, with plenty of gentle but nourishing oils.

Minimal Makeup

Once you have achieved a clearer complexion, you will not need to wear that much makeup on a daily basis, which is vital when it comes to maintaining your healthy glow. While some forms of makeup do not cause any damage, especially if you thoroughly cleanse each evening, layers of foundation and concealer can end up clogging pores, which will soon detract from your youthful skin.

Everybody’s skin needs something slightly different in order to stay clear, bright and youthful, making it important to take the time to discover exactly what works for you. Whether this is cutting back on the makeup or switching up your skin care products, with a bit of practice you will soon be able to maintain your ageless skin with ease.


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