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Experiences Have More Value Than Money

When it comes to value, money is what you give and receive in exchange for something, while experiences give you a sense of value and worthiness that money simply cannot buy. Experiences give you a sense of wisdom, and will teach you how to connect with yourself on a much deeper level. More often than not, experiences are irreplaceable, and can heal parts of your soul that you never even realized were damaged.


Seeing the World

While financial wealth may be able to buy you a plane ticket, traveling smartly means that money does not need to play such an important role in your experiences. Traveling and seeing the world will provide you with experiences that can truly change your outlook on life, and will broaden your horizons in ways that you could never have imagined.


Following Your Passions

Some of the financially wealthiest people in the world are actually quite miserable, and this is because, the only way to truly lead a happy life is by pursuing your passions. If you live a life in which the things that you are passionate about play no role, you won’t ever feel as though you are actually living.


Falling in Love

Falling in love, and being able to love passionately and freely, is an experience that will make you feel as though you are the richest person in the world. Rather than fearing that initial tumble as you fall head over heels for someone, embrace this, because even if it ends in heartache, it will give you an incomparable experience that you will really value in the end. Life is full of highs and lows, and the only way to fully appreciate the highs is by experiencing the lows.


Sharing Your Experiences

Studies have shown that even when people have an experience that they consider to be negative, their impressions of that experience rise dramatically once they share them with others. Sharing your experiences is important, whether it be just verbally talking to your friends about them, or starting a blog and keeping a diary of all that you experience. While sharing your experiences with others, you are likely to come across people that have similar experiences, meaning that you will be able to learn more about what you experienced, expanding on the wealth that you gained from it.

Experiences are an important part of life, and while many may still associate wealth with money, views on this are changing as many are realizing that money really does not buy happiness. Instead, true wealth is about a life enriched with different experiences, from falling in love to traveling the world, and there is nothing that can take the place of this.

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