Sunset View of Bahrain in front of body of water

Bahrain is considered to be quite the shopper’s paradise, with visitors flocking here from far and wide to indulge in some retail therapy. Whether you are seeking out elegant and exclusive shopping malls, or busy and noisy souqs, OROGOLD Stores has put together a guide that will tell you exactly where to go when “Shopping in Bahrain”.

For those who want to learn more about Bahrain’s history and heritage, the “Bahrain National Museum” is the place to go. OROGOLD Store Locator will be featuring some of the museum’s highlights, so that you know exactly which exhibits to head to if you are short on time.

Translated to English as The Gateway to Bahrain, Bab al-Bahrain is another of the country’s famous landmarks. Marking the entrance to the sprawling labyrinth of the Manama Souq, OROGOLD Locations will be spending “A Day at the Bab al-Bahrain Bazaar”.

While many of its neighbors have banned alcohol, Bahrain is much more tolerant, which is why its nightlife scene is one of the very best amongst the Gulf states. From intimate bars that focus on an eclectic music range to the hottest nightclubs that always have a packed dance floor, OROGOLD Store Locator will be taking you to the very best of “Bahrain’s Weekend Nightlife” venues.

In the same way that food and language has spread from the West, so has fashion, and Western influences can now be seen in just about every country around the world. From classic jeans to the powerful business suit, OROGOLD WordPress will be taking a look at some of the “Western Styles that are Loved Everywhere”.


Scientists are always seeking out new anti-aging secrets, and it would seem as though a new and exciting one has recently been discovered. For those who are intrigued, head on over to OROGOLD School to learn more about “Fighting Back the Effects of Cell Aging”.

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