The secret behind OROGOLD Cosmetics is Pure Gold.

Gold and beauty are words that work well together.

Traces of gold usage go way back in time, literally to the time of the ancients. Even though hard archaeological evidence that allows us to pinpoint the exact time when man first encountered this precious metal is not available, it is safe to say that Paleolithic Man found natural gold in Spanish caves around 40,000 BC. Other records that describe uses of gold were recorded at around 6,000 BC. Other fragments of its discovery can be found in the Egyptian empire of 3,000 BC. Ever since its introduction, gold has always been at the center of every civilization and is known to have great intrinsic value. Gold is considered to be one of the easiest metals to work with, something that made it a popular form of jewelry throughout the ages. However, history also records that gold was considered to be one of the best ingredients for skin care across civilizations as well. What made gold so special is that humans place great value on beauty, power and money and gold manages to offer all three.

Hints of gold being added to food and skin care routines can be seen all through history. Ancient civilizations added gold leaves to their food to show hospitality while entertaining their guests. A more direct use of gold in skin care can be traced to the Egyptian civilization. Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, known for goddess like beauty, was rumored to use gold face masks to preserve the her surreal beauty and flawless complexion. Mentions of gold in skin care can also be found in ancient Chinese civilizations, many empresses used crushed gold in their skin care routines to enhance their beauty.

Today, gold is used in a variety of skin care applications to deal with a number of skin conditions. Gold is also known to be used in several different types of medical applications including being used in a process known as chrysotherapy. It comes as no secret that spas and major cosmetic brands across the globe have begun to include and concentrate on gold as a skin care treatment once again, following in the steps of the ancients. According to the World Gold Council, market development organization for the gold industry, gold leaf facial treatments have become extremely popular in Asian countries such as Japan. Advocates state that these treatments can help to rejuvenate your skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. They also explain that the major reason behind gold’s success as a skin care ingredient is that it manages to lock the moisture in your skin and help to keep your skin firm.

OROGOLD skin care products are formulated with the very best vitamins and minerals to offer its consumers extremely effective skin care solutions. However, the main ingredient in our product line is gold. Each of our skin care solutions, irrespective of their function, contain gold. This helps us to cater to specific skin needs without diverting from our main goal of offering timeless beauty to our consumers.

Despite having launched our operations in the year 2008, we have managed to become one of the leading skin care companies in the beauty industry offering gold infused products. Our advanced manufacturing systems and efficient distribution systems allow our products to reach consumers all over the United States. We have also expanded our operations to a number of international destinations as well. OROGOLD locations are now open in over 22 countries across the globe.

To sum up the OROGOLD experience, it would be safe to say that it is not just about the products. It is our commitment to offer customers unmatched solutions. The OROGOLD experience ensures that customers can choose products based on what best suits their requirements after having a personalized consulting session with a trained beauty therapist.

OROGOLD is one of the few cosmetic lines that concentrates on the use of gold as a phenomenal skin care solution and each of our products aims to help our customers fight the signs of aging. Constant innovation in our products and a highly skilled research and development team also allow us to offer our consumers with the very best skin care products that redefine the phrase “value for your money”.