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Trends help to keep the skin care industry fresh and exciting, while providing consumers with new ideas for ways in which they can boost the health of their skin. This year, there are a number of new skin care ingredients that have come into the spotlight, as they have been proven to bring the skin so many different benefits.


Yuzu, also known as yuza, is a citrus fruit that is primarily grown in Asia, and is packed with vitamin C. This is an ingredient that often makes it into high quality juices and Japanese dishes, but has been proven to really be able to nourish the skin too. From protecting it against premature aging to brightening the complexion, this is a completely natural and effective ingredient to add to your skin care regime.


Consumer studies have shown that 72% of consumers are interested in using skin care products that contain probiotics, and this is hardly surprising when you consider the surge in popularity that probiotics have experienced in recent years. While scientists are still on the fence about exactly how effective probiotic skin care products are, the formulas that are already on the market promise everything from hydration to reduced redness, making them well worth a try.

Leafy Greens 

There are many leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, that are considered to be superfoods, and, in addition to bringing a wide range of nutrients to your body when consumed, they are also able to nourish your skin with all of their antioxidants. Superfoods are able to provide the body with the building blocks needed to function optimally, and by using them directly onto your skin, you will be amplifying this effect.


Bamboo has been recognized for its medicinal properties in Asia for centuries now, but has only recently begun to make its way into skin care products. Bamboo is able to mimic the skin’s natural moisture, while acting as a humectant at the same time, meaning that it is able to draw moisture from the air into the skin. A face mask that contains bamboo sap is the best way to utilize this ingredient, as face masks give active ingredients enough time to really work their magic.

Birch Juice 

Birch juice is tapped directly from birch trees, and, thanks to its abundance of minerals, amino acids and sugars, is being touted as the new coconut water. In addition to significantly hydrating the skin, birch juice is also able to help maintain a positive oil-moisture balance, making it ideal for those with oily skin.

There will always be new skin care trends popping up, and some of them are well worth taking note of. However, when trying new ingredients and products on your skin, always remember to start off gradually, doing a patch test first to ensure that your skin will not negatively react to any of the ingredients.

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Fashion show

Pre-Fall shows have now become a mainstay in the fashion calendar, being just as highly anticipated as the main seasonal shows. From Chanel to Oscar de la Renta, these were some of the standout looks from the Pre Fall 2017 runway shows.


Held at the Ritz in Paris, the Chanel Pre-Fall 2017 show was as glamorous and extravagant as you would expect. The collection itself is quite eclectic, but this means that there are looks available to suit just about every style. From metallic figure-hugging knit dresses to dramatic black leather capes to tiered skirts creating a beautifully classic silhouette, these looks each have a timeless quality about them, and are likely to be a huge hit next season.

Oscar de la Renta 

While the fantasy-like dresses created by Oscar de la Renta are always adored, the brand’s standout looks for Pre-Fall 2017 were focussed around the footwear instead. Evening flats take center stage, with everything from embellished slide-on shoes to embroidered slippers, and these were styled with such a wide range of garments, from formal ball gowns to casual sweaters, showcasing their versatility.


Coach was another brand that produced quite an eclectic Pre-Fall 2017 collection, and this was also the first time that they put both womenswear and menswear on the runway together. The looks that really stood out were the boy/girl versions of different garments, such as biker jackets, parkas, varsity jackets and shearlings. Sequinned embroidered patches were also seen on the majority of garments, which were originally created as a collaboration with artist Gary Baseman but have now experienced quite the upgrade.

Nili Lotan 

Military influences could be seen throughout the Pre-Fall 2017 collection from Nili Lotan, with these hard and edgy looks contrasting with others that were sensuously feminine. While all of the pieces from this collection are worth mentioning, the star of the show was Lotan’s signature slip dress, which had been updated in a camouflage print silk chiffon, featuring velvet straps and a raw, frayed hemline.

Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection was exquisitely chic, with one of the key colors being a marled pink flecked with gray, and this could be seen on a wide range of garments. Beckham’s bias-cut slip dress was also a standout, as this featured a reverse pinstripe with black stripes on a white background, as well as a matching silk button-down shirt to make the dress office-appropriate. Plaid was also another popular choice, and this seems to be the case in many of the Pre-Fall 2017 collections, so is likely to be quite the trend next season.

As always, the Pre-Fall 2017 shows featured many standout looks that you are likely to soon see much more of as 2017 progresses. If you have been looking to update your wardrobe in time for the next season, then these pieces would be a great place to start.

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Woman standing in front of a floral background

Spring brings with it an array of different beauty and hair trends, giving you the perfect excuse to switch up your style and try something new.  This week, OROGOLD Reviews has not only gathered together all of the “Sleek and Straight Hair Trends” that you need to know, but will also be sharing the most “Beautiful Eyebrow Trends”, ensuring that your hair and brows will be on point for spring.

Celebrities have direct access to skin care and beauty specialists all over the world, as they need their skin to be as flawless as possible. American singer, actress and model Demi Lovato is known for her gorgeous glow, which is why OROGOLD Deep Peeling will be bringing you all you need to know about “Demi Lovato’s Clear Skin Regimen”.

Now that we have your hair and skin taken care of for spring, it is time to overhaul that winter wardrobe, and there is no better way to do this than by seeking inspiration from the major fashion capitals of the world. From New York to Milan, OROGOLD has rounded up some of the best “Spring 2016 Fashion Tours”.

We always has an eye on the various fashion trends that come and go each season, and one of the hottest trends expected to be huge this spring focuses on the shoulders. From cold-shoulder silhouettes to off-shoulder billowy tops, “In for Spring: Strong Shoulders” can be found on OROGOLD WordPress.

With spring comes spring break, and no matter how you plan on spending it, having a toned body is always a benefit. If you would like to learn about a “Springbreak Workout” that is easy to replicate and will have you on your way to feeling your healthiest yet, head on over to How to Use OROGOLD.

We always love to explore different cities and neighborhoods, and this week we will be checking out New York City’s SoHo, which, for those of you who were not aware, stands for south of Houston, because the area lies south of Houston Street. For an exclusive guide to the hottest shops, art galleries and restaurants that “SoHo” has to offer, visit OROGOLD Locations now.

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Red Carpet

In a way, the red carpet has a similar effect to that of the runways at major fashion weeks. By serving as a platform from which the general public can view new or previously unseen items and styles of clothing, accessories and beauty, red carpet trends quickly move on to influencing everyday life.


Spotlights New Designers

Before Halle Berry wore a certain peekaboo gown on the red carpet, Elie Saab was a little-known designer, but now creates dresses for a long list of celebrity A-listers. The same can be said for Bibhu Mohapatra, a young brand whose path took a new turn after their designs were worn on the red carpet by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Elisabeth Moss and Glenn Close. For young designers who cannot afford an ad campaign in an influential magazine, getting one of your creations photographed on the red carpet is definitely the next best thing, if not just as beneficial. The payoff can be even bigger if the celebrity wins an award wearing a young designer’s dress, and it won’t be long before the images spread around the world and the designer is catapulted to fame.


Kickstarts Street Trends

Fashion works as a cycle, with street style influencing high fashion, and high fashion influencing the trends seen on the street. The red carpet is most certainly a major part of this cycle, as the trends seen on here quickly spread and are soon seen on men and women all over the world. An example of this is when high heels were the only footwear worn by women on the red carpet, until Alexa Chung decided to sport some flats amid the sea of stilettos. This made flats seem young and fresh again, and it was not long before they became the main footwear seen on the streets. Chung did the same thing with Peter Pan collars, and these are now available as a statement accessory and can be purchased everywhere from luxury brands to high street stores.


Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

The media are always publishing fashion do’s and don’ts lists, and the red carpet is often where they get most of their inspiration for these. Fashion critics, as well as the general public, spend a large amount of time reviewing red carpet images before putting together these lists. While the majority of the general public may not go out and purchase a replica of a garment that has been seen on the red carpet, these lists usually trickle down to the masses, and subconsciously influence the style choices of many.

The red carpet did not always require formal dress, and red carpet fashion was once known to be quite eccentric. Before the 1990s, celebrities chose their own red carpet outfits, and these could consist of anything from torn denim to sequinned jumpsuits. However, it is the glamour of the red carpet today that helps it to have such an influence on everyday life, from spotlighting young designers to subconsciously swaying the style choices of the masses. Nevertheless, with the increasing number of red carpet events and award shows being hosted today, who knows if this will still be the case in a few years to come.


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