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With spring having made its first appearance, now is the time to take a long look at your skin care regime, and make any necessary seasonal changes. To help you stay on the right track, here are the answers to some of the your most popular spring-related skin care questions, all of which will help you to give your skin everything that it needs.


Can I Continue to Use My Winter Moisturizer in the Spring?

As the weather turns warmer, and there is more humidity in the air, the thick and greasy moisturizer that you were likely using during the winter months is not necessary any more. In fact, using this will only end up clogging your pores and preventing your skin from breathing, which is why many tend to experience an increase in breakouts at this time of the year. To keep this from happening, switch to a lighter lotion as the temperatures start to rise, boosting this with a hydrating serum if you feel as though your skin still needs some extra help.


How Often Should I Be Exfoliating?

While it can be tempting to want to scrub off all of that rough, dull winter skin, you need to refrain from over-exfoliating, as this will only cause more harm than good to your skin. Twice a week is usually the recommended amount, but keep in mind that everybody’s skin is different, so you need to work out the frequency that is best suited to your skin. If you want to exfoliate more than twice a week, build this up gradually, ensuring that your skin can tolerate it, and dropping it back down if you experience any redness or raw patches.


What is the Best Sunscreen to Buy?

Now that you will be spending more time outdoors, it is only right that you pay some extra attention to the sunscreen that you choose for your skin. A broad spectrum formula, with an SPF of at least 30, is vital, and this needs to be regularly re-applied throughout the day. Research has shown that the majority of people out there do not use enough sunscreen on each application, so try to ensure that you use the equivalent of a shot glass full to cover your face and body each time.


What Should I Do for My Skin on Those Chilly, Blustery Spring Days?

While the weather may be warmer, there are still always going to be those spring days that are much cooler and windier than average, and, on these days, a light lotion simply will not cut it. To prevent the colder blasts of air from drying your skin out, it is always a good idea to keep your winter moisturizer on hand during the spring, so that you can use it as a spot treatment on the parts of your face that are particularly prone to dryness. The clothing that you choose can also have a huge effect, so make sure that you always have a hooded jacket with you, to protect your face and body on colder days.

After the frigid temperatures of winter, spring is always highly anticipated, but you need to make sure that your skin is not neglected. Whether you have been wondering about sun protection, or about how often you should exfoliate, these answers will help you to prepare your skin for the warmer months ahead.

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Spring is a season of change and transition, not only in the environment, but also within your skin. In order to prevent all of the common springtime skin issues from occurring, whether this be breakouts, allergies or oiliness, here are a few tips that you can follow.


Lighter Products 

Now that the humidity in the air is rising again, your skin needs to be able to breathe and adapt itself to the warmer temperatures. If you continue to use your thick, winter moisturizer, your skin will not be able to do this, as your pores will end up blocked, leading to an increase in oil production. This is the reason why so many people experience an increase in breakouts as spring arrives, meaning that a quick and easy solution to this would be to simply use lighter skin care products instead, especially when it comes to your moisturizer.



Another common springtime skin concern is a dry and flaky complexion, and this is because the winter months will have sucked a significant amount of moisture out of your skin. Since your skin is likely to be feeling quite raw and sensitive, this often puts people off of exfoliating, even though this is key when it comes to clearing away this dryness. However, abrasive scrubs are only likely to cause more irritation, so try to opt for chemical acids or fruit enzymes instead, as this will help to eliminate any flakes without exacerbating sensitivity.


Countering Inflammation 

Many people experience inflammation during the early months of spring, and the best solution for this is to work on calming and soothing your skin back down. This means going back to basics, using a mild and gentle cleanser before applying a serum that is packed with hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, and then topping this with a layer of moisturizer that contains antioxidants. If your inflammation often leads to spots, it would be worthwhile having some salicylic acid on hand, as this will exfoliate your top layer of skin and clear any blocked pores, while also preventing future spots from forming.


Nourish Your Skin from Within 

As important as it is to pay attention to the skin care products that you use during each new season, you should also be placing a strong focus on your diet, examining the way in which you are nourishing your skin from within. Spring brings with it many healthy, seasonal foods, so make the most of these as they will be able to provide your skin with vitamins and minerals that it would not be able to obtain from anywhere else. Hydration is also essential, so ensure that you are drinking a sufficient amount of water each day, infusing this with fruit slices for added antioxidant benefits.


Everybody’s skin will react to the changing seasons in an individual way, meaning that it is up to you to pinpoint exactly what your skin needs now that spring is here. Whether that may be a gentler form of exfoliation, or a healthy boost from within, these solutions will keep your skin looking and feeling incredible throughout the months of spring.

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Your skin’s needs change along with the seasons, meaning that now that winter is almost over, you need to begin thinking about transitioning your skin into spring. While there are many ways in which you can help your skin to recover from the stressors of winter, these are some of the easiest, and most effective, methods.


A Lighter Moisturizer

In the winter, the air is extremely dry, which is why a thick and greasy moisturizer is essential to keep skin hydrated and protected. However, as spring approaches, the air begins to have more moisture in it, meaning that your thick winter moisturizer will only begin to clog up your pores as the temperatures rise, which is why many people tend to experience breakouts at this time of the year. To prevent this, switch to a lighter moisturizer that will allow your skin to breathe.


Frequent Use of SPF

Sun protection is vital throughout the year, but, once spring arrives, people begin to spend more and more time outdoors, meaning that exposure to the sun is increased. This means that you need to be using sun protection more frequently, reapplying it whenever you get wet or sweat. In addition to applying it to your face, as well as other parts of your body that will be exposed to the sun, you should also be using a lip balm that contains SPF, as the skin on the lips is extremely sensitive, and will have dried out significantly over winter.


Spring Cleaning

While you may have accumulated a number of skin care products over the past few months, now is the perfect time to go through them all, throwing out products that are past their use by date, or are over six months old. Using expired skin care products can lead to everything from clogged pores to a build-up of bacteria, which is why this is an important task to carry out in the spring.



One of the main skin issues that arises over winter is dehydration, which is why extra effort needs to be put into hydrating your skin before spring arrives. This should be done from both the inside as well as the outside. Externally, moisturizer, as well as a hydrating serum, is all that you really need, but be sure to apply your moisturizer when your skin is damp rather than dry, so that it has extra moisture to trap into your skin. Internally, you should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day, while also consuming foods that have a high water content, such as fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

The winter months can really take their toll on your skin, but now that spring is almost here, you need to prepare your skin for the upcoming seasonal transition. While these steps may seem simple, they will help your skin to slowly adjust to the changing temperatures, enabling it to really thrive for the rest of the season.

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Fill your home with flowers for first day of spring

The first day of spring usually falls around the 20th or the 21st of March each year, because, with the earth’s axis now tilted towards the sun, this is when the days become start to become longer and the warmer weather arrives. Whether or not it actually feels like spring yet in your hometown, here are some things that you can do to celebrate the first day of spring.

Make a Start on Your Spring Cleaning

The first day of spring is a great time to make a start on your spring cleaning, ensuring that it is all done by the time the weather is too nice to stay indoors. Whether you need to reorganize your cupboards or sort through your garage, make some time on the day to begin this annual task. This may not seem like the most exciting activity to dedicate this day to, but think of it as embracing new beginnings, using the spring equinox to purge all the clutter that has built up around you over the past year.

Fill Your Home With Flowers

Spring signals the blooming of all of your favorite flowers, and a great way to celebrate the first day of the season is to bring spring into your home. Whether you opt for elaborate bouquets around your house or small bunches of humble daffodils lining your windowsills, this will remind you to appreciate spring even when you are indoors.

Plan an Outdoor Family Activity

The first day of spring is a great excuse to bring the whole family together, and a fun way to do this is by planning a spring-related family activity. Take into consideration the different personalities within your family when planning the activity – if your family are foodies, you could plan a gourmet spring picnic, or if they are quite outdoorsy, organize a spring hike.

Start a Garden

Whether you are a seasoned gardener or have always been curious about growing your own flowers or food, spring is the ideal time to get started on this. Depending on where you live, it may still be too cold outside to put any plants out, but you can most certainly start some seedlings off indoors, ready to plant out when the weather starts to heat up even more.

Plan a Trip

Planning a vacation in advance will help to ensure that you are really excited about it, counting down the days as your departure date draws nearer. The first day of spring is the ideal time to begin planning an exciting vacation for this year, whether it be for a short trip for later in the spring, a long and leisurely summer vacation, or an adventurous autumn getaway.

While it may not yet feel like spring in many places around the world, it is definitely significant to mark the first day of the season with a special activity. Whether you celebrate spring with a family outing, or simply begin the task of spring cleaning, remember that spring is all about new beginnings, so be sure to embrace yours.

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Spring brings with it an array of different beauty and hair trends, giving you the perfect excuse to switch up your style and try something new.  This week, OROGOLD Reviews has not only gathered together all of the “Sleek and Straight Hair Trends” that you need to know, but will also be sharing the most “Beautiful Eyebrow Trends”, ensuring that your hair and brows will be on point for spring.

Celebrities have direct access to skin care and beauty specialists all over the world, as they need their skin to be as flawless as possible. American singer, actress and model Demi Lovato is known for her gorgeous glow, which is why OROGOLD Deep Peeling will be bringing you all you need to know about “Demi Lovato’s Clear Skin Regimen”.

Now that we have your hair and skin taken care of for spring, it is time to overhaul that winter wardrobe, and there is no better way to do this than by seeking inspiration from the major fashion capitals of the world. From New York to Milan, OROGOLD has rounded up some of the best “Spring 2016 Fashion Tours”.

We always has an eye on the various fashion trends that come and go each season, and one of the hottest trends expected to be huge this spring focuses on the shoulders. From cold-shoulder silhouettes to off-shoulder billowy tops, “In for Spring: Strong Shoulders” can be found on OROGOLD WordPress.

With spring comes spring break, and no matter how you plan on spending it, having a toned body is always a benefit. If you would like to learn about a “Springbreak Workout” that is easy to replicate and will have you on your way to feeling your healthiest yet, head on over to How to Use OROGOLD.

We always love to explore different cities and neighborhoods, and this week we will be checking out New York City’s SoHo, which, for those of you who were not aware, stands for south of Houston, because the area lies south of Houston Street. For an exclusive guide to the hottest shops, art galleries and restaurants that “SoHo” has to offer, visit OROGOLD Locations now.


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