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If you have a date night coming back, then it is likely that you want your skin to be sporting a beautiful, radiant glow. Rather than turning to makeup for a quick fix, here are a few tips that will help you to have your skin looking its very best just in time for date night.

Exfoliate the Night Before 

While you may want to leave the exfoliation to just a couple of hours before your date, it would be best to exfoliate the night before, as this will give your skin some time to calm down and regenerate. No matter which method of exfoliation you prefer, make sure that you apply a thick layer of moisturizer as soon as you are done, as exfoliation leaves your skin quite vulnerable, and the moisturizer will offer some added protection.

Invest in a Primer 

If you are planning on wearing makeup for your date night, which most women do, then investing in a quality primer is a great idea. Primers are designed to be applied onto the face after a moisturizer, but before any makeup, and create a blank canvas onto which your makeup can grip. This then allows your makeup to last for so much longer, and prevents any unsightly smudges. Try to look for a primer that also contains a wide range of antioxidants, as this will give your skin a healthy boost at the same time.

A Hydrating Face Mask 

If you tend to suffer from dry or dehydrated skin, then a hydrating face mask is one of the best ways to nourish your skin before date night. These contain powerful active ingredients that penetrate the skin’s layers and inject it with a dose of hydration, leaving skin looking fresh and plump afterwards. Hydrating from within is also important, so try to increase your water consumption a few days before date night.

The Eye Area 

Everybody wants their eyes to be sparkling on date night, which means that you need to tackle any dark shadows or under-eye circles. The best way to do this is with an eye serum or cream, preferably one that contains the active ingredients needed to target your specific issues. Simply apply a small amount to the skin around your eyes, before applying your moisturizer, and this will help to smooth out any fine lines, while brightening the entire area.

If you usually tend to take quite a while preparing for date night, do not forget that a large amount of your date night skin care can be done the day before. From exfoliation to face masks, these steps can be carried out in advance, leaving you with plenty of time to spend on choosing outfits, hairstyles and more.

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When it comes to romantic relationships, it is essential that you know exactly how to express your love to that special someone. Even if grand, extravagant gestures are not your style, there are many simple ways in which you can express your love, and show just how much you really care.

Put Your Feelings Into Words

One of the simplest ways to express your love is also one that many people tend to forget about, and this is verbalizing what you are feeling inside. Your loved one cannot read your mind, which is why you need to be able to put your feelings into words. If you find this difficult, it may be easier to write your feelings down rather than speaking them out loud, whether this may be in the form of little cards hidden around the house, or a long, love-filled letter.

Physical Affection

While not everyone is comfortable with full-on PDA, physical touch is a great way to create intimacy and to show your partner that you really do find them irresistible. Whether you make an effort to hold hands more often, or simply give your partner random hugs throughout the day, physical affection shows your loved one that you really enjoy being close to them.

Acts of Kindness

An act of kindness can really go a long way, and kindness is actually one of the best predictors of long term satisfaction, as well as stability, in a relationship. Think about what you can do to make your loved one’s life easier or less stressful, whether this may be helping out with the workload at home by offering to cook dinner each night, or simply providing a listening ear at the end of a hectic day, as these small gestures can make a huge difference.

Quality Time

Quality time is so important in a relationship, but can often be hard to come by. To show your loved one that you are really serious about spending time together and creating new memories, set aside a specific time each day, or week, for the two of you to spend together. Whether this is an hour every evening where you mute all other distractions, or date night every weekend, increasing the amount of quality time that you spend with your special someone will really strengthen your bond.

In order for your relationship to really thrive, you need to express your love regularly, even if this may be in the smallest of ways. From writing a love letter to upping the physical affection, each of these gestures is likely to be extremely well-received, and will help your relationship to blossom.

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There is always plenty to think about when preparing for a date, from what to wear to how to style your hair. Luckily, you won’t be needing to give your “Date Night Makeup” too much thought, as OROGOLD Locations has planned this out for you with some great tips and techniques to have you looking sweet but sexy.

One of the ultimate ways to pamper you and your loved one is by treating them to a decadent weekend away, and what better place to go than a luxury spa? From a majestic five star spa on the Swiss Alps to a Balinese spa retreat that has won numerous awards, OROGOLD Store Locator will be bringing you some spectacularly “Romantic Spa Getaways”.

While at the spa with your sweetheart, why not sign up for a couples massage? Massages, in general, bring about some fantastic health benefits, but did you know that a couple’s massage can significantly improve upon your relationship? Find out how in the post on “Benefits of Couple’s Massage” on OROGOLD Stores.

A dinner date on Valentine’s Day is quite the standard activity now, but, with Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year, it is the perfect opportunity to try something a little different. Whether you want a buffet spread on a luxury yacht, or a Creole-inspired spread with unlimited champagne, head on over to OROGOLD WordPress to plan your “Valentine’s Day Brunch”.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to do this. This year, consider spending the day with your favorite girlfriends, showing them just how much they mean to you. Not quite sure how to make the day special? OROGOLD.com will be sharing some ideas on “Flying Solo – Girls Only V-Day”.

Now that we are well into February, it is a good time to evaluate just how well you are doing with sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. If you are finding it difficult, don’t give up, because a habit can take much longer to form than you may have imagined. OroGoldCosmetics.com will be explaining how “It Takes 60+ Days to Form a Habit” in more detail, with some helpful suggestions to make your journey slightly easier.

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OROGOLD Valentine's Day infographic

It’s not just about loving each other, Valentine’s Day is a time to love yourself. It is a time to feel special, feel pampered and feel loved. It is a time to commit to your body, make your skin look beautiful and have a blast while you’re at it. Love brings out the best in most people and what better way to celebrate love than ensuring that you look your stunning best on Valentine’s Day. This infographic from OROGOLD Cosmetics allows you to understand how to take care of your skin and prep it for Valentine’s Day.


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