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You likely already have a well-thought out skin care routine for your face, but the rest of your body should definitely not be neglected. Every inch of your skin needs to be nourished and moisturized, and in order to help you to do this in the very best way possible, OROGOLD WordPress has put together an “All Over Body Moisturizing Routine” that is so easy to follow.

Spending hours on a plane can really take its toll on your skin and body, but, fortunately, if you begin to plan for your journey well in advance, you will be able to fully avoid any problems. From putting together an on-board skin care kit to ensuring that you will be as comfortable as possible, head on over to OROGOLD Locations, for the post titled “Are You Ready for Your Long-Haul Flight?”.

It is common knowledge that the human body changes with age, and the same can be said for the skin. From the day you are born to the age that you currently are, your skin has already undergone a number of different changes, and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. To ensure that you are providing your skin with all of the care that it needs, How to Use OROGOLD will be explaining your “Moisturizing Needs At Every Age”.

Many people will soon be heading off on their summer vacation, with destinations such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean experiencing their peak season. While a holiday in the sun is always enjoyable, the humidity that fills the air in locations such as these can often bring about a number of different skin care issues. In order to avoid this, OROGOLD Cleopatra will be teaching you everything that you need to know about “Skin Care for Humid Holiday Locations”.

While it may be tempting to jump into the shower a few times a day in the summer months in order to cool off, you need to consider the impact that this may have on your skin. To keep your skin fresh and healthy all season long, OROGOLD Reviews will be bringing you some top “Summer Shower Tips”.

All too often, the skin care focus is placed on those that are dealing with skin issues, such as oily or dry skin, and those with a normal skin type are often ignored. This week, OROGOLD Deep Peeling will be focussing on “Maintaining Balanced Skin”, bringing you some fantastic tips on how to keep your healthy skin remaining exactly so.

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Zoe Saldana, famed American actress, once said, “Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.” Of course, this quote speaks to deep issues like self worth, but on its surface, it has a simple message: Love your skin. Some women may feel like they have uneven complexions, or that their skin is too light or too dark. Fair skin and light haired individuals sometimes feels as if they are too pale and too washed out. They often have freckles that they sometimes wish weren’t there. Instead of wishing away your light skin and hair, learn how to style it properly and you may feel glamorous in your own skin too.

Start with the Foundation

Oro Gold has dedicated years of research to creating a line of products that help customers keep their skin looking young and healthy. No matter your skin type, you should start and end your day with an Oro Gold skin care routine. For example, you should apply Oro Gold daily moisturizing cream in the morning since fair skin tends to be drier than darker complexions. Next, you should invest in a good foundation. Fair skin is usually thin skin which means that it shows discoloration and blemishes more easily that other complexions. A foundation will give your skin a uniform look. If you need some extra help evening out your skin tone, use a concealer. To be certain you have matching shades, always use foundation and concealer from the same product line. A warning about choosing color: Fair skinned individuals tend to choose the wrong shade of foundation. They end up looking as if they had powdered their face white. It isn’t a bad idea to go to the cosmetic counter and ask a professional to help you find the right color.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Individuals with fair skin should use sunscreen on a daily basis, regardless of weather, and limit their sun exposure altogether. UV rays are present all year round, more so in the summer. Light complexions tend to show the effects of UV rays more quickly. This is why you should always err on the side of caution and stay protected. This will keep skin from burning, but also keep your skin looking younger as you grow older. If you wish to achieve the sun kissed look, opt for a bronzer. Use the light shade of bronzer and apply it after your foundation with a big, puffy brush.

Finding the Right Makeup

When applying makeup to fair skin, less is more. That doesn’t mean that light skinned beauties have to play it safe in neutral land, either. When applying blush, sheer pinks and lighter colors are going to look best. Don’t go heavy on the application either, or the finished product may look a little clownish.

Brown mascara will look more natural during the day, but feel free to layer on the black for your evening affair. Pink and coral lips gloss will make lips pop without making skin look even lighter. Eye shadow should stay light in the daytime, but a bold shadow against lighter skin will really pop during the nighttime hours.

With these tips about how to care for fair complexions and light hair, you can feel beautiful in the skkin you’re in.

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Alice Eve

You may recognize Alice Eve from movies and shows such as Star Trek into Darkness, She’s Out of My League, Sex and the City 2, and Men in Black 3, as well as television shows such as Entourage. This stunning English actress is of English, Welsh and Irish descent, may be primarily known for her array of acting talents, her flawless complexion and undeniable beauty have also been the envy of many over the years. With a radiant aura of elegance and sophistication, OROGOLD is thrilled to announce that Alice Eve will be the new brand ambassador for our line, representing all that our luxury products stand for. Learn more about Alice Eve, read her interview with OROGOLD here.

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Over the past few decades, there has been an increasing amount of research that points to the way in which meditation can have a direct impact on the health of your skin. Whether you suffer from psoriasis, stress-related conditions, or could simply do with a skin boost, here are a few tips to get you started.

Take a Seat 

While it is possible to meditate standing up, beginners usually find it much easier to start off by sitting down. Whether you choose a chair, a cushion, or the grass outside, remember to keep your back straight at all times, as this will keep you alert and help you to focus on your breathing. Your eyes can either be open or closed, depending on which option allows you to concentrate better, and your legs can be in whichever position is most comfortable.

An Empty Stomach 

The best time to meditate is before having a meal, as this means that your stomach is empty. If you meditate immediately after eating, you may end up feeling quite drowsy, although meditating while you are hungry could result in you only thinking about food, making it important to find the best middle ground for you.

Mindful Breathing 

Mindful breathing is an important part of meditation, and there are many guides online to help you to understand the benefits of this in more detail. By breathing in this way, you will be increasing the amount of oxygen that is carried to your skin, which is key when it comes to boosting the health of your skin cells. Mindful breathing also has an impact on your circulation, brightening your complexion while slowing down the aging process at the same time.

Staying Focused 

One of the most difficult aspects of meditation for beginners is staying focussed, as it is so easy for the mind to start to wander. It may take some time to realize that your brain is thinking rather than focussing on your breathing, but, each time you realize, gently bring your attention back to your breath. You will likely have to keep doing this quite often at the beginning, but this will decrease the more you meditate, and you will soon find it much easier to keep your focus on your breathing.

Try Yoga 

Yoga is a form of moving meditation, and can have the same incredible effects on your skin. If you are finding it difficult to stay focussed when meditating on your own, it may be worthwhile joining a local yoga class, as you will then be able to learn techniques that you can continue practicing when you are on your own.

Meditation works by addressing your skin’s issues from the inside out, healing it internally rather than externally. This means that, no matter the issues you are trying to tackle, meditation is likely to really be able to help, as long as it is carried out regularly and consistently.

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Skin trauma can be caused by so many different factors, making it important for you to be aware of all of these. By understanding the many different aspects that detract from your skin’s overall health, you will then be able to take the necessary steps to counteract this.


Aggressive Exfoliation 

Exfoliation sloughs away the dead skin cells that sit on the surface of the skin, revealing the fresh, new skin cells beneath. However, exfoliating too often, or too aggressively, will result in trauma to your skin, as this can cause significant damage to your skin’s natural protective barrier. If your skin feels raw or red after you exfoliate, you may need to switch to a gentler form of exfoliation, as well as cut back on the frequency at which you exfoliate.


UV Exposure 

When the skin is exposed to UV light, this triggers an inflammatory response within the body, stimulating the melanin cells and resulting in a darker skin color, which would eventually lead to a sunburn. Even if you end up just tanning, rather than burning, this has still caused trauma to your skin, as the UV light would have damaged your skin cells in a way that can really accelerate the aging process. While UVA light speeds up aging, and causes skin cancer, UVB light causes sunburns, which is why you need to be using a broad spectrum sunscreen whenever you are spending time outdoors.


Harsh Ingredients and Products 

While you may think that your foaming cleanser is doing your skin a world of good, harsh ingredients and products can actually cause quite a bit of prolonged trauma to your skin without you even realizing. Depending on your skin type, certain ingredients can end up stripping away your skin’s natural oils, leaving your skin susceptible to environmental damage. Certain skin treatments, such as acids and lasers, which are meant to rejuvenate the skin, can also cause quite a bit of damage to the skin, and there are several studies to back this up. To prevent this from happening, you would be best off using products and ingredients that are as mild as possible, and always performing a patch test before using anything new on your face.


Your skin is key when it comes to so many different vital functions within your body, making it important to keep it as healthy as possible. In addition to minimizing all of the factors mentioned above that cause skin trauma, you should also try to increase the amount of antioxidants your skin receives, both internally as well as topically, as this will make a huge difference when it comes to healing and rejuvenating your skin, while protecting it from future trauma.

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Menopause usually hits women in their 50’s, but the perimenopausal period can actually begin quite a few years earlier. While there is nothing that you can do to prevent it, there are a number of warning signs that you can look out for, so that you can be fully aware of the reason behind all of the changes occurring within your body.

A Lowered Libido 

Due to estrogen levels in the body decreasing, sexual drive will begin to drop when you reach the perimenopausal stage. This loss of desire is something that tends to surprise people quite a bit, but it is absolutely normal for this to happen once you are in your 50’s.

Mood Swings 

Your body’s hormones will be fluctuating quite wildly as you approach perimenopause, and this can quickly lead to quite severe mood swings, as well as unexplained irritability. Fatigue is also quite common, but this can also simply be due to a busy lifestyle, so do try to cut yourself some slack.

Hot Flashes 

Many people believe that hot flashes are only really experienced during menopause, but these tend to occur quite a few years before as well. If you are suddenly experiencing random bouts of sweat and feeling uncomfortably hot, then this could mean that you are approaching your perimenopausal years.


While sleep disruption, meaning that you wake up at odd hours and are unable to fall back asleep, is another common symptom of perimenopause, it can also be attributed to other factors, such as drinking alcohol before bed. A lack of quality sleep can really take its toll after a while, both physically as well as mentally, so you need to take as many steps as necessary to help yourself enjoy enough sleep each night.

Erratic Periods 

During puberty, girls often experience quite erratic periods, and this is something that you will experience yet again during perimenopause. Due to all of the fluctuating hormone levels within your body, there will be some months where excess estrogen is released, which increases the build-up within the lining of the uterus. This then leads to a heavier-than-normal period. The length that your period lasts for is also likely to change, with your overall cycle tending to be shorter, meaning that you are likely to experience bleeding more often.

The perimenopausal stage that your body goes through can last for up to ten years, after which you will then enter in to the menopausal stage. While you may not want to read about all of the symptoms that you are going to experience, it is important to be aware of these changes that your body is going to go through, so that you can deal with them in the most effective way when they do occur.

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Aging can be extremely frustrating, especially when wrinkles and fine lines begin to show up on your face. Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to significantly slow down the aging process while maintaining that youthful glow.



Before applying any products to your face, you need to make sure that your skin is clean, which is where a cleanser comes in. This will clear away all of the dirt and bacteria that has built up on the surface of your skin, allowing any subsequent products that you apply to easily penetrate your skin’s layers.



Free radicals are a huge contributor to aging, as they damage skin cells at such a deep level. When it comes to eliminating these free radicals, antioxidants are key, and should be used every day. There are many antioxidants out there to choose from, but vitamin C and E are two of the best, and are most effective when used as part of a serum. Serums are lightweight, meaning that they can easily penetrate your skin, and contain high concentrations of their active ingredients.


Sun Protection 

With the sun being responsible for up to 90% of facial wrinkles, it comes as no surprise that sunscreen is one of your best tools for saving your skin from aging. However, it is important that you choose a sunscreen that is suited to your skin type. For dry skin, a rich, moisturizing sunscreen is best, while those with sensitive skin may be better off opting for a physical, rather than a chemical, sunscreen.


Eye Cream 

Even if you do not think that you need an eye cream just yet, this is still a great product to add to your skin care regime. The skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face, meaning that this is often one of the first areas to show visible signs of aging. An eye cream will be specially formulated to work with this delicate skin, and will help to prevent dark circles and crow’s feet from appearing.



Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, and has been proven to be one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients out there. In addition to speeding up cell turnover, which is the rate at which your body is able to produce fresh new skin cells, it is also great for brightening the complexion and reducing any lines or wrinkles. Keep in mind that this is quite a potent ingredient, and while it does bring many benefits, you need to start off using it quite slowly, and then gradually increase this up as your skin is able to better tolerate it.


No matter what age you may be, every skin care specialist will tell you, it is always a good idea to pay attention to your skin, and the way in which it changes as the years go on. From protecting it with sunscreen to using ingredients such as retinol and other antioxidants, these tips will help you to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy for years to come.

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Woman Wearing Gold Gown

Although gold-infused skin care products may seem slightly extravagant to some at first, there is no denying the increasing amount of research that points to the benefits that gold can have on the skin. From improving elasticity to boosting circulation, it would seem as though the gold skin care trend is not going to be dying down anytime soon.


Ancient Roots 

The trend of using gold for skin care is one that has ancient roots, and can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, when Cleopatra used to use a gold mask at night to brighten her complexion. Gold was also used for many skin care purposes in Ancient Rome, as well as in Ancient Chinese medicine. Each of these cultures believed in the healing properties that gold could have, and used the ingredient in multiple ways.


A Boost to Circulation 

One of the key benefits to using gold-infused skin care products is the huge boost that it will give to your circulation. Since gold contains ions that are fantastic at conducting heat, it is able to draw heat to the surface of the skin when it is applied, stimulating the circulation and nourishing the overall complexion. By doing this, it is also able to help soothe skin allergies, reduce acne, increase the skin’s moisture retention and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.


Basal Cells and Aging

Gold is often infused into many high end anti-aging products, and for good reason too. When gold particles are absorbed into the skin, they activate the skin’s basal cells, which are responsible for controlling skin elasticity. By activating these basal cells, the gold is able to keep the skin feeling and looking smoother and tighter for much longer.


Skin Cell Renewal and Rejuvenation 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that gold has, it is able to enhance the rate at which oxygen enters into the skin and pores. This helps with everything from inflammatory conditions to skin elasticity, and also speeds up the skin cell renewal process. It also increases the rate at which toxins are secreted from the skin, which is important as these toxins would have otherwise built up and led to a rough and dull complexion.


The gold trend in skin care looks to be one that is only just picking up steam. However, while there may be many benefits to gold-infused skin care products, keep in mind that all skin care products are not created equally. This means that, if you really want to experience the very best results, you need to ensure that you are purchasing your products from a reputable brand that you can turn to if you ever need any advice or tips.

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While sugar can often be incredibly satisfying, we all know that too much of this sweet substance can be a bad thing. However, in addition to leading to everything from obesity to infectious diseases, sugar also hugely contributes to the aging process, causing wrinkles and sagging skin far earlier than you would have otherwise experienced.


When sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers, this process is called glycation, and is something that you will want to minimize as much as possible. This is because, once the sugar is attached to the collagen, it weakens the collagen, causing the fibers to lose their flexibility or strength. This means that the skin becomes less elastic and smooth, and is much more susceptible to everything from wrinkles and fine lines to sagging and sun damage. In addition to sugar, there are other carbohydrates that quickly convert into glucose once they enter your bloodstream, leading to glycation, and these include breads, starches, pasta and potatoes.


Insulin Resistance and Dark Patches 

Each time you eat sugar, your body releases insulin, which enables the sugar to be stored in your cells to be used later. Over time, with a diet high in sugar, you are likely to end up with insulin resistance, as well as Type 2 diabetes. One of the symptoms of insulin resistance is dark patches and skin tags. These are often referred to as common side effects of aging, but, if you cut back on the amount of sugar that you consume, you will be far less likely to experience them.


How to Minimize and Prevent Sugar Damage 

The first step to preventing glycation from occurring is by cutting back on your sugar intake. This includes sugar in all of its forms, whether it be granulated, high fructose corn syrup, or cane sugar, as they all have the same effect. You should also look into vitamin supplements, especially B1 and B6, as these are able to minimize the damage that is caused when sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers. Vitamin C is also incredibly useful when it comes to damaged collagen and skin healing, but, rather than taking a supplement, try to increase your consumption of vitamin C-rich foods instead, making fruits and vegetables such as oranges, red peppers, kale and broccoli a main part of your diet. Another fantastic ingredient for fighting against glycation is alpha lipoic acid, also referred to as ALA. While it can be taken both as an internal supplement as well as applied topically, try to do both if you are looking for maximum results.


There is no denying the impact that sugar has when it comes to skin aging, making it important for you to pay close attention to your sugar consumption if you have any aging concerns. From choosing healthy foods and drinks to increasing your antioxidant intake, working to prevent sugar damage now will definitely pay off in the long run.

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Beautiful Naked Woman Wrapping Herself in Blanket

Cellulite is caused when fat cells within the body accumulate and expand beneath the skin, pushing against the tissue and resulting in an uneven appearance. While cellulite is most commonly found on the thighs, buttocks and arms, it can occur anywhere on the body, but there are a few ways in which you can try to beat it for good.


Regular Exercise 

One of the most effective ways to beat cellulite is by stimulating your lymphatic system, as this is what is responsible for draining your body of toxins. When your lymphatic system is running optimally, it is able to prevent any fibrous tissues from hardening under the skin, which stops cellulite’s dreaded dimples from appearing. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your lymphatic system stimulated, with research showing that exercise, and breathing heavily, can increase lymph activity by between 10 and 30 times its resting rate.


Body Brushing 

Dry body brushes are widely available, and while it may add on a few extra minutes to your daily skin care routine, the results will be more than worth it. A body brush should be used on dry skin, just before you shower, with circular motions that begin at the ankles and work their way up to the heart. Body brushing has many benefits, including a boost to blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which, as mentioned above, is great for banishing cellulite.


Drink the Right Amount of Water 

Water is essential when it comes to keeping your skin healthy, as this prevents your cellulite from storing toxins. By keeping your body adequately hydrated, it will then be able to flush out toxins effectively, leading to smoother, healthier skin. However, drinking too much water can cause swelling underneath your cellulite, exacerbating the problem, so try to stick to around 1.5 litres a day.


Stabilize Hormones 

Your hormones are largely responsible for the formation of cellulite, especially the female hormone oestrogen, which encourages your body to store excess fat around your hips, buttocks and thighs. For those who have higher-than-average oestrogen levels, cellulite can be an annoying side effect of this, but, fortunately, there are many ways in which you can work to stabilize your hormone levels. Foods from the brassica family, which includes kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, contain the nutrients needed to detoxify oestrogen molecules, while also providing a boost to liver detoxification. Foods from the allum family, which includes onions, garlics, leeks and chives, are also great for this, as they contain a number of amino acids, as well as quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.


Cellulite can be extremely frustrating to deal with, and while there may be many cellulite-busting creams out there, many of these will not have the effect that you desire. Instead, try to beat your cellulite from within, working on boosting your lymphatic system, as well as your body’s natural detoxification process, as this will give you long-lasting results.