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You likely already have a well-thought out skin care routine for your face, but the rest of your body should definitely not be neglected. Every inch of your skin needs to be nourished and moisturized, and in order to help you to do this in the very best way possible, OROGOLD WordPress has put together an “All Over Body Moisturizing Routine” that is so easy to follow.

Spending hours on a plane can really take its toll on your skin and body, but, fortunately, if you begin to plan for your journey well in advance, you will be able to fully avoid any problems. From putting together an on-board skin care kit to ensuring that you will be as comfortable as possible, head on over to OROGOLD Locations, for the post titled “Are You Ready for Your Long-Haul Flight?”.

It is common knowledge that the human body changes with age, and the same can be said for the skin. From the day you are born to the age that you currently are, your skin has already undergone a number of different changes, and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. To ensure that you are providing your skin with all of the care that it needs, How to Use OROGOLD will be explaining your “Moisturizing Needs At Every Age”.

Many people will soon be heading off on their summer vacation, with destinations such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean experiencing their peak season. While a holiday in the sun is always enjoyable, the humidity that fills the air in locations such as these can often bring about a number of different skin care issues. In order to avoid this, OROGOLD Cleopatra will be teaching you everything that you need to know about “Skin Care for Humid Holiday Locations”.

While it may be tempting to jump into the shower a few times a day in the summer months in order to cool off, you need to consider the impact that this may have on your skin. To keep your skin fresh and healthy all season long, OROGOLD Reviews will be bringing you some top “Summer Shower Tips”.

All too often, the skin care focus is placed on those that are dealing with skin issues, such as oily or dry skin, and those with a normal skin type are often ignored. This week, OROGOLD Deep Peeling will be focussing on “Maintaining Balanced Skin”, bringing you some fantastic tips on how to keep your healthy skin remaining exactly so.

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Although gold-infused skin care products may seem slightly extravagant to some at first, there is no denying the increasing amount of research that points to the benefits that gold can have on the skin. From improving elasticity to boosting circulation, it would seem as though the gold skin care trend is not going to be dying down anytime soon.


Ancient Roots 

The trend of using gold for skin care is one that has ancient roots, and can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, when Cleopatra used to use a gold mask at night to brighten her complexion. Gold was also used for many skin care purposes in Ancient Rome, as well as in Ancient Chinese medicine. Each of these cultures believed in the healing properties that gold could have, and used the ingredient in multiple ways.


A Boost to Circulation 

One of the key benefits to using gold-infused skin care products is the huge boost that it will give to your circulation. Since gold contains ions that are fantastic at conducting heat, it is able to draw heat to the surface of the skin when it is applied, stimulating the circulation and nourishing the overall complexion. By doing this, it is also able to help soothe skin allergies, reduce acne, increase the skin’s moisture retention and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.


Basal Cells and Aging

Gold is often infused into many high end anti-aging products, and for good reason too. When gold particles are absorbed into the skin, they activate the skin’s basal cells, which are responsible for controlling skin elasticity. By activating these basal cells, the gold is able to keep the skin feeling and looking smoother and tighter for much longer.


Skin Cell Renewal and Rejuvenation 

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that gold has, it is able to enhance the rate at which oxygen enters into the skin and pores. This helps with everything from inflammatory conditions to skin elasticity, and also speeds up the skin cell renewal process. It also increases the rate at which toxins are secreted from the skin, which is important as these toxins would have otherwise built up and led to a rough and dull complexion.


The gold trend in skin care looks to be one that is only just picking up steam. However, while there may be many benefits to gold-infused skin care products, keep in mind that all skin care products are not created equally. This means that, if you really want to experience the very best results, you need to ensure that you are purchasing your products from a reputable brand that you can turn to if you ever need any advice or tips.

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The concept of male grooming is becoming increasingly popular, but this has not always been the case. will be taking a look back at “The Evolution of the Male Grooming Industry”, starting from the way in which it grew out of necessity during the war, to how it has now become an integral part of the modern man’s lifestyle.

Each season brings with it a whole host of exciting fashion trends, and, in terms of menswear, there are a number of stylish trends that every man should be aware of. Whether you are looking for some new outerwear or are curious about the key colors for this season, head on over to OROGOLD Worfdpress where you can discover some of the hottest looks that are “New in Men’s Fall Fashion”.

There is such a huge range of different skin care tips out there that it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones you are actually supposed to be following. To clear up any confusion, OROGOLD School has put together some trustworthy “Doctor Recommended Skincare Tips for Men”.

While you may already have a few favorite techniques and methods when it comes to shaving your beard, it is likely that there are still some improvements that could be made. One tip that many men are not aware of is to “Know Your Beard Grain Before You Groom”, which OROGOLD Deep Peeling will be discussing in more detail this week.

Many may have a complicated ten-step skin care routine, but this is not strictly necessary, and the thought of this can often end up putting men off from further exploring the realm of skin care. OROGOLD Reviews will be explaining why a simple three step routine, consisting of “Cleanse, Shave, Moisturize”, is often all that men need in order to enjoy healthy skin.

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Orogold Lielle Sensitive Skin Collection infographicOROGOLD has always advocated that those with sensitive skin should use products which are specially designed for their skin, products that do not contain skin-irritating fragrances. This is why the latest collection in our family, the Lielle 24K Sensitive Skin Collection, has been formulated using a special fragrance-free combination of soothing ingredients, that are particularly gentle on delicate skin. Products from this collection can be incorporated into a skin care regimen individually or as a whole to help address the problems faced by fragile skin and take you closer to youthful and beautiful looks, without disturbing or irritating your skin.