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hands holding a sprouting plant is very excited about an article titled “Birthmarks: What Causes Them”. Birthmarks are skin blemishes that become noticeable right after birth. A large number of people have these marks, which occur due to abnormal blood vessels under the skin. These spots have been a source of controversy for ages. Spanish folklore has it that birthmarks were caused because of the unfulfilled wishes of a mother during pregnancy. Some also termed them as devilish during the middle ages. While no one clearly understands what causes birthmarks, experts have managed to shortlist a few of the main reasons behind these beauty spots, none of which are as bad as traditional folklore would have you believe.


To deal with the whole Nature Vs Nurture debate, OROGOLD Stores introduces you to the “Best Green Destinations of 2015”. If you’re a nature lover, a trip to one of the top green destinations on the planet promises a journey unlike any other. A few decades ago, ecotourism was simply floated around as an exotic idea. Today, it is entirely possible to enjoy fascinating green experiences by visiting any one of these dream destinations for.


OROGOLD WordPress is all set to publish an article titled “What Happens to Skin as You Age” to help you understand the various changes that your skin goes through at different phases of your life. Most of us are guilty of following the same skin care regimen year after year. We often tend to ignore the fact that our skin changes as we age, and sometimes end up following processes that once worked, but are actually damaging the skin now. OROGOLD Cosmetics helps you understand what happens to your skin as you age so that you can give it the love and care it deserves.


OROGOLD Giveaway shall be posting an article titled “Is Your Skin Health Predetermined?” You might have heard some people mention that good looks are something which one needs to be born with. You might have also come across people who believe that there’s nothing they can do for their skin because its condition was always predetermined. But is your skin health really predetermined? Isn’t there anything that you can do to make it better? OROGOLD offers answers to one of the questions that has haunted you for most of your adult life.


Finally, OROGOLD Locations tries to stress on the importance of natural forms of exercise such as yoga without having to compromise on an exciting holiday through “Plan the Perfect Yoga Retreat”. Haven’t you experienced nirvana while practicing yoga? Now try and imagine the kind of feelings that you would experience when you practice yoga in paradise. With more and more people becoming conscious about their health, hundreds of exotic yoga retreats have opened up all over the world. ORO GOLD shows you how to plan the perfect yoga retreat, one which always promises a stress-free, rejuvenating and relaxing getaway.

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You would assume that when you use products to disinfect and clean your home, that youare removing all of the unwanted grit and grime. While this may be true, certain products add another undesired element to your home in the form of hazardous chemicals. These chemicals put you and your family’s health at risk, as well as possibly causing serious skin damage.


Chemical Cocktail


Oro Gold puts serious time and energy into creating products that are not only safe for your skin, but also improves your skin’s health. The skin products can help prevent damage from many of the common household cleaners we commonly use.

Household Cleaning Products

Of course, we want the most for our money. We listen to the advertising campaigns surrounding these brand name cleaning products, boasting things like “industrial strength” cleaning power. Unfortunately, the consumer’s need to feel that they are getting the most for their dollar has translated to thinking more chemicals are a better value. In reality, there are plenty of household cleaners which do not use chemicals and are still very effective.



Even after you have finished cleaning and stored the cleaners away, you could be breathing in the residual chemicals in the air. Your body could absorb these chemicals through your skin, or you could ingest them via cleaned cookware and dishes. There is also no standard format that these cleaning companies must follow when listing the ingredients of their cleaners, making it difficult to identify what they contain. A dangerous chemical, 2-Butoxyethanol, is found in glass cleaners, degreasers, and ovencleaners. Exposure in high amounts has been linked to reproductive problems. Fortunately, the concentration in most cleaners is low, ranging from five to six percent. Stain removers, however, can contain up to twenty-two percent. Ammonia is found in a range of cleaning products, window, oven, bathroom, and drain cleaners. Exposure can harm the skin, lungs, and eyes. When combined with bleach, the result is an extremely poisonous gas.



Greener Cleaning


There is a growing market for greener cleaners which are better for your health and theenvironment. These cleaners use more natural ingredients and are made with more consideration for the environment. If you really want to know what your cleaners are made of, there is always the option of making them yourself. You will find plenty of easy to follow instructions online.


Protecting Your Skin


If you find that you are unable to avoid these harsh cleaners, Oro Gold suggests taking some extra steps to ensure your skin’s health. Use gloves if possible to avoid direct contact and try to limit the length of time you are exposed to these cleaners. After you have finished cleaning,wash your hands and face thoroughly to remove any remaining chemicals. Follow this with an application of Oro Gold Moisturizing Day Cream to counteract any damage.