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When it comes to skin care, women are usually the main target market, but men need to care for their skin just as much as women do. For those who are looking to give their skin a little boost, while minimizing the visible signs of aging, here are a few easy tips to follow.


Develop a Basic Skin Care Routine 

A basic skin care routine is one of your best tools when fighting aging, as your skin needs regular and consistent care in order to flourish. This routine does not need to be anything complicated, and can just take a few minutes at the end of each day. The basics would include a cleanser, which is the very first step in any skin care routine, followed by a facial moisturizer. Depending on your specific skin issues, you may also want to add in an anti-aging serum, as well as an eye cream.


Avoid the Sun 

The sun is responsible for up to 90% of all facial wrinkles, meaning that one of the best ways to stay wrinkle-free is by avoiding the sun. As beneficial as a sunscreen may be, you need to be applying this every hour or so, and ensuring that you are covering every inch of your body, and this is where many people tend to fall short. If you cannot avoid the sun, then make sure that your body is covered up as much as possible, and you are also wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of UV-blocking sunglasses.


A Healthy Diet 

The food that you eat has a direct impact on the state of your skin, meaning that, if you are seeking out ways to look and feel younger, then your diet is definitely something that needs to be assessed. Refined foods that are high in sugar and salt will only accelerate the aging process, so try to include as many fresh, whole foods in your diet as you can. Since inflammation is also a significant factor behind aging, eating foods that can lower the inflammation within your body is also a great idea. One of the best nutrients for this is omega-3 fatty acids, and these are primarily found in oily fish, such as sardines and mackerel, but can also be found in flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts.


Regular Exercise  

Exercise is another great tool when it comes to anti-aging, as regular physical activity not only increases blood flow, which enables more oxygen and nutrients to be carried to the skin, but it also helps to flush out any cellular debris from your system, a process that is somewhat similar to detoxification. In addition to this, regular exercise is a great way to keep stress levels down, which is another trigger when it comes to premature aging.


There are many products and techniques out there that promise to help you when it comes to staying on top of the aging process, but just making a few simple changes to your lifestyle can have just as much of an impact. From improving your diet to developing a consistent skin care routine, if you decide to follow these tips, it will not be long before you notice visible changes in your skin, as well as your overall health.

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Brian Austin Green for Orogold

The 24K Sir Collection offers men a skin care experience that combines luxury and wellness.  The all new cosmetic line uses natural ingredients such as volcanic water, kojic acid and coffee bean extract which are known to improve the look of fine lines; improve overall complexion; and promote the appearance of young, fresh, vigorous facial skin.  24K Sir helps men gleam with perfection.

The Eye Balm treatment is the ideal solution for ensuring that male eyes shine when they smile.  Applied to the delicate skin around the eyes, the gel like formula will help to stave off the look of aging and eye puffiness.  The balm feels moisturizing, soothing and promotes overall skin well being.

For men who work indoors during the week and enjoy the outdoors on the weekends, the Magma Peel is a great way to start off your weekly skincare routine.  The deep cleansing formula gently exfoliates the skin and brightens the complexion.  Rich in Vitamin E, the peel helps to improve overall skin clarity and cleanliness.

For men who are ready to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines but aren’t ready for invasive procedures, the Syringe De-Liner offers an alternative.  The antioxidant rich formula helps to slow the appearance of skin maturity.  The de-liner is also specially formulated to offer a filled in appearance to areas that are problemsome or show noticeable signs of aging.

Volcanic Blaze should be used with the Volcanic Mask.  With the addition of gold and kojic acid, the blaze enhances the mask’s effects and promotes a youthful, more energetic glow.  For men with lines around the eyes or mouth caused by everyday facial expressions such as smiling or frowning, the blaze formula helps reduce their appearance.

The Volcanic Mask provides a spa-like experience.  Used once per month, its ingredients, including coffee bean extract, have been shown to rejuvenate the skin’s overall appearance.  The ingredients in coffee have been shown to exfoliate, tighten and brighten skin.  This warming mask works to extract dirt and oil from the skin.

Men who are ready to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the overall look of their skin health will enjoy the 24K Sir Collection from OROGOLD.  Products designed to cleanse, exfoliate and offer moisture to the skin will help men glow with perfection and appear flawless.