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Line of Women of a Variety of Ethnicities

Women have been a source of inspiration in all spheres of life – as mothers, as wives, as role models, as sisters and as personal examples as well. Moreover, a woman doesn’t need to be rich, famous or a celebrity to be inspiring. A simple woman could also inspire someone with her acts the same way a celebrated actress would. So how do you define an inspirational woman? How do celebrate inspiring women?

OROGOLD is celebrating inspiring women and their achievements this week. We are celebrating the successes of all those women who fit into the definition of an OROGOLD woman. Mothers, sisters, business women, social workers, politicians, athletes, television hosts, celebrities and even scientists – we explored all spheres of life and came up with a number of women who have inspire millions of others each day by their actions.

Keeping in line with our inspiring women theme, we have also been asking our readers to share their stories with us. If you know a woman who has inspired you or someone else with her deeds and actions, feel free to share her story with us. The woman with the most inspiring story could end up being featured right here on our site!

After all, OROGOLD is not about external beauty, it is about making you look beautiful from within.

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Four Women in Business Meeting

OROGOLD celebrates the countless achievements of famous female celebrities who have managed to inspire countless others with their life changing deeds and selfless performances with the “Inspiring Women” theme this week. All our posts shall revolve around ladies who have made it large – not just at a personal level, but also in terms of their surroundings.


This week celebrates the achievements of all those ladies who have all the traits of being an OROGOLD woman. Who is an OROGOLD woman? We believe that an OROGOLD woman lies in all you ladies out there. The OROGOLD woman is someone who isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. The OROGOLD woman is someone who isn’t just dedicated to her own career and achievements, but also plays a major role in uplifting the careers of those around her. An OROGOLD woman is one who doesn’t just bother with the betterment of her life, but also works on improving the society that she lives in and working towards a better future for the next generation. An OROGOLD Woman is one who doesn’t just bother about her looks and health, but also cares about preserving the environment and Mother Nature for the next generation.


There are a number of women across all spheres of life who have shown that they are the ideal candidates for being the OROGOLD woman time and again. Each of these ladies has achieved the unimaginable – they have managed to inspire millions of ladies around the world across generations not by their looks, but through their deeds.  So gear up to meet all those celebrities who resemble an OROGOLD Woman all through the week.


Know someone who deserves to be called an OROGOLD woman? Why not share her details with us? The most deserving candidate could actually be featured here on our site as the next OROGOLD woman!


After all, you don’t need to be beautiful on the outside or rich and famous in order to become an OROGOLD woman.