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Woman Relaxing on Couch

Regularly taking the time to relax, eliminating all the stress and anxiety that is in your mind, will do your body a world of good, but knowing exactly how to do this can be difficult. From learning how to disconnect to pampering your body, this at-home relaxation guide will soon have you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Clear Your Schedule and Disconnect

If you are trying to relax but you know at the back of your mind that there is something else you are supposed to be doing, you really will not end up relaxing much at all. So, to begin with, clear your schedule for the day, or even just a couple of hours, putting that time aside for yourself. Next, turn off all of your technology, from your phone to your laptop, as these will only fill your head with distractions. If you cannot completely turn off, put your phone onto its emergency calls only function, as this will let selective calls through.


Now that you have disconnected from the outside world, spend some time meditating, whether this may be for just a few minutes or for a couple of hours. Studies have shown that just a few minutes of meditation each day is able to alter the pathways in the brain, making you more resistant to stress.

Home Spa

Setting up a home spa is easy to do, and can be customized to suit exactly what you need. From a foot massage to a mud bath to facial masks to exfoliation, there are many different spa treatments that you can carry out yourself in your own home. Be sure to spend some time beforehand making your environment more relaxing in preparation for your home spa session, with candles, soft music and dim lighting.

Tea and Snacks

Tea is not only packed with antioxidants, but brings the body many other health benefits. Herbal teas in particular are great, but opt for something that you do not usually drink much of, and that you know will relax you. Whether this might be green tea with some added lemon for a boost of vitamin C, oolong tea or fresh raspberry leaf tea, brew up a hot pot of your choice so that it is easily accessible. When it comes to snacks, the healthier the better, but if you have been craving some comfort food all week, then your relaxation time is the ideal opportunity to indulge.

Whichever activities you choose to do, make sure that you enjoy them, and that they make you happy, as this is the key to being able to fully unwind and relax. If you are able to devote a couple of days, or even a week, then plan a range of activities to keep you busy but relaxed, such as cooking certain meals, writing in a journal, painting, listening to music, or anything else that you may be passionate about.