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Palm Trees and Sun shows you how to get the perfect California hairstyle with an article titled “Shortcut to Beachy California Hair”. One of the main things that define the Californian look is that beachy hairstyle. The salt water leaves behind a lightly curled and voluminous look that makes you look as if you’ve just stepped out of the beach. Sure, Californians have it easy because of the ocean’s proximity, but you can always enjoy beachy hair without being close to a beach as well. OROGOLD helps you figure out ways to get fresher and fuller looking Californian hair without even having to visit California.


Don’t forget to check out OROGOLD Stores while planning your California adventures to figure out the “10 Must See California Destinations”. With so much to see and do, it is impossible to cover everything in a single trip. People spend weeks here and still don’t manage to see everything that the lady in gold has to offer. However, there are a few destinations that the first time traveller simply has to see while in California. This guide introduces you to the top 10 destinations that cannot be ignored on your Californian adventure.


OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to post an article titled “Quintessential California Girl Style”. This article helps you learn how to look like you’ve just stepped out of a beach without actually being in California. It sounds difficult considering the fact that you’re not there to see how everyone around you is dressed, but following a few rules should really help you in perfecting that California Girl look.


OROGOLD Store Locator introduces you to the unique beachy atmosphere of California and showcases the “Best CA Beach Towns”, hidden jewels that let you enjoy that beachy lifestyle to its fullest. California isn’t just defined by its beach filled cities and vast arid deserts, it is also home to hidden beach towns that promise a relaxed lifestyle and a beautiful coastline. Each of the beach towns that make OROGOLD’s list combine beach beauty with small town flair to offer picture perfect experiences to their visitors.


Finally, OROGOLD School tries to examine the connection between “Climate Change and California” to answer one of the most pressing issues facing the state – draughts. The sun and sand catch all the headlines, but news channels have recently been full of stories about perpetual fires as well. The Golden State is suffering from a severe drought and this has been devastating the state and its natural beauty to a great extent. There are specific reasons behind California’s severe draught, and OROGOLD would like to help you understand why the California has this habitual problem of setting itself on fire.

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Line of Models on Runway

OROGOLD Store Locator shall be posting an OROGOLD Report on the Paris Fashion Week in an article titled “OROGOLD Reports: Paris Fashion Week”. Among the many fashion weeks that are held all over the globe, the Paris Fashion Week is considered to be one of the most anticipated ones. This year, the Paris Fashion Week threw a number of surprises at us, featured some breathtakingly creative catwalks and highlighted some of the most exciting fashion trends. Get the lowdown on the Paris Fashion Week in this article.


With fashion trends coaxing us to go makeup-free this season, How to Use OROGOLD offers the “Top Tips for Natural Makeup” letting you enjoy the perfect ‘au naturel’ look. We feel scared to be in the public without makeup, but we don’t always need makeup to look beautiful. In fact, there are plenty of ways to look beautiful without any makeup. This article from OROGOLD Cosmetics introduces you to a few tips that should help you look beautiful and gorgeous without having to give up on your dream of wearing natural makeup.  is very excited about “Gold in Fashion”, an article that that highlights the history of gold in the world of fashion. Gold has been integral to mankind ever since its discover during the early ages. From being worn as jewelry to being used in creating fascinating architectural masterpieces, from being used in art to making its way into beauty and skin care, gold has always influenced world fashion in so many ways. This article takes you through gold’s journey in the fashion world and highlights its splendor over the years.


OROGOLD Stores shall be introducing you to the “Top European Fashion Shows”. Thinking of becoming a part of some of the most exclusive fashion shows in Europe? Thinking about which fashion show to visit and which one to skip? Find impossible to choose between iconic fashion shows such as the London Fashion Week and the Paris Fashion Week? This article gives you insights into the top fashion shows in Europe.


OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to feature an article titled “How to Get the Bare Fresh-Faced Look”. A fresh-faced complexion is just about the most perfect thing that you can wear this spring. Go for a natural look during the warmer months and put your best face forward without having to depend on dramatic makeup or loading your face with foundations. OROGOLD Cosmetics offers a few important tips to let you enjoy a bare fresh-faced look this spring.

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Gold Numbers 2014 surrounded by gold glitter

OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to come up with an article titled “iPhone Apps to Get You in the Holiday Spirit”. The Smartphone generation has literally forgotten about traditional Christmassy things, but there are a number of apps that are now trying to use technology to recreate their long lost charm. This article reviews some of the best iPhone apps that can help you get into the holiday mood and also showcases what each of these apps has to offer. reviews “Why Women Face More Stress During the Holidays” this week. Certain studies have shown that women are about 11% more stressed when compared to men during the holiday season. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews why the holiday season ends up being more stressful and frantic instead of being fun and festive for women. OROGOLD also offers the best tips and suggestions to cut down on the stress and give yourself the best chance of enjoying this holiday season to its fullest.


Don’t forget to find out more about the best and most exciting Christmas markets in the world by reading an article titled “The Best Christmas Markets in the World” that is scheduled to appear on OROGOLD Store Locator. There are a number of unique Christmas markets like the markets of Nuremberg, Germany that can truly transform the way you look at Christmas shopping. OROGOLD reviews the best Christmas markets (including the not-so-famous ones) in this article.


How to Use OROGOLD is slated to publish an article titled “Destress Your Holidays with These Golden Tips”. In this article, OROGOLD shares a few tips to help you learn how to survive the crazy holiday shopping season without tormenting your wallets and ensuring that you don’t go crazy at the same time.


Finally, OROGOLD Cosmetics is extremely excited about an article titled “Scientists Convert Your Skin Cells into Brain Cells” that shall appear on OROGOLD School. In this article, OROGOLD reviews a study that was published in the Neuron Journal and conducted by a group of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. According to this study, the researchers managed to expose skin cells to certain cell programming molecules and convert them into brain cells that actually behaved like native cells!