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Eye Cream Dotted Under Eye

Products Containing Antioxidants

There are certain ingredients that contain specific antioxidants that are able to target the problems that you are experiencing around your eyes, such as the antioxidants in cucumbers that help to draw out toxins. Green tea is an especially effective ingredient to look out for in creams and serums, as this works by constricting blood vessels to restrict the blood flow, which thereby minimizes any puffiness and diminishes that pesky bluish tinge.


A Healthy Diet

No matter how many top quality products you apply to eye circles or areas of discoloration, the results will be minimal, unless you complement these by ensuring that you are only putting beneficial foods into your body. It goes without saying that upping the amount of water that you drink each day will make a huge difference, and this is because, when dehydrated, the body retains all of the fluid that it can, which quickly leads to puffiness and discoloration. Another way to help your body alleviate some of the darkness and discoloration is by eating more foods that are high in vitamin C. Great examples of these are kale, cabbage, peppers and brussel sprouts, as well as different fruits, especially berries. These will also assist your body in absorbing iron, which will help with the dark circles, but try to keep the fruit and veg as close to raw as possible, because the more you cook it, the lesser nutrients there will be.


Regular Sunscreen

Exposure to the sun can cause so many different forms of damage, especially in the area around your eyes, as the skin here is much thinner and more delicate than that on the rest of your face. When it comes to discoloration, the sun’s rays cause pigmentation to darken, making sunscreen around your eyes absolutely vital when tackling this issue. Be sure to use a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30, applying it as close to your eyes as possible but taking care to not let it actually touch your eyes.


Don’t Rub!

Many people rub their eyes throughout the day without even realizing it, but this is another bad habit that needs to be broken if you are looking to minimize discoloration. The friction caused by rubbing your eyes will result in the darkening of any pigmentation, so be sure to keep those hands well away from your face.

Eye circles and discoloration are never flattering, but most people do not realize that they are often quite simple issues to deal with. From making small adjustments to your diet to applying the most beneficial products, the under eye circles and discoloration that you experience will soon be a problem of the past.