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Celebrate the upcoming new year by revamping you skin care routine with OROGOLD’s top of the line skin care products. Leave the dry skin, dark circles, crow’s feet and uneven texture in 2018 as OROGOLD helps you attain your best skin yet. Starting December 17 through January 1, OROGOLD is running their final, most buzzworthy sale of the year, a BOGO sale allowing you to mix and match your favorite gold infused products. What are the best pairings? Scroll down as we give you some insider tips on some of our favorite product combinations.

The Weekly Routine: 24K Collagen Pre Mask and 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask

Self care Sunday will never be the same after you spend the day with this luxurious duo.

24K Collagen Pre Mask and 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask

Why we love this combo: 

The 24K Collagen Pre-Mask works in three different steps to help prep the skin for the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask.  It starts as a gel, melts to an oil and then transforms into a milky foam that help rid the skin of impurities acquired throughout  the week.

The lush ingredients in the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask help revive lackluster skin giving you a more vibrant look after just one use. Need we mention the collagen in this clay mask can help diminish fine lines? Who doesn’t love that!

Get yours today: 24K Collagen Pre-Mask ($298) , 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask (Free with BOGO)

Daily Essentials: 24K Purifying Toner and Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 30

Daily skin care is a must, so why not opt to use the best products.

24K Purifying Toner and Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 30

Why we love this combo:

The 24K Purifying Toner helps remove any impurities left after cleansing. Formulated with aloe vera juice and cucumber extract, this gentle toner helps refresh and balance the skin’s natural pH levels.

The 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 30 is perfect for daily use. This weightless day cream helps protect the skin from damaging sun rays while keeping skin perfectly plump and supple throughout the day.

Get yours today: 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer SPF 30 ($98) , 24K Purifying Toner (Free with BOGO)

The Anti Aging Regimen: 24K DMAE Lifting and Firming Cream and 24K Collagen Renewal Serum

Keep everyone guessing your age with this luxe duo.

24K DMAE Lifting and Firming Cream and 24K Collagen Renewal Serum

Why we love this combo:

Both DMAE and collagen are ingredients known to help with anti-aging. The 24K Collagen Renewal Serum not only delivers collagen boosting compounds, but it helps minimize the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To maximize your anti-aging efforts, the 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream gives skin a luminous and radiant glow as it delicately treats your skin with powerful anti-aging ingredients like collagen, DMAE and vitamin C.

Get yours today: 24K Collagen Renewal Serum ($278) , 24K DMAE Lifting & Firming Cream (Free with BOGO)

Body Care: 24K Classic Body Scrub and 24K Classic Body Butter

Simply put, your body needs love too.

24K Classic Body Scrub and 24K Classic Body Butter

Why we love this combo:

The 24K Classic Body Scrub is a gentle exfoliant packed with antioxidants that help remove dead skin and build up. Once rinsed, you are immediately left with softer, more lush skin.

Much like its body scrub counterpart, the 24K Classic Body Butter delivers luscious results. Formulated with sunflower oil and Shea butter to help with dry skin, this rich body moisturizer leaves skin luxuriously smooth.

Get yours today: 24K Classic Body Scrub ($48) , 24K Classic Body Butter (Free with BOGO)

The Nightly Routine: 24K Mousse Cleanser and 24K Deep Facial Brush Set

Wash your day away with the luxurious and skin calming benefits of the 24K Mousse Cleanser.

24K Mousse Cleanser and 24K Deep Facial Brush Set

Why we love this combo:

Can we say a match made in skin care heaven? The 24K Deep Facial Brush Set is a dual-functional brush system that helps exfoliate dry, rough skin while the soft silicone attachment helps blood stimulation. This brush perfectly pairs with the calming ingredients in the 24K Mousse Cleanser to help you remove impurities and unwanted build up while willow bark and chamomile extract help calm and soothe skin preparing you for a perfect night’s rest.

Get yours today: 24K Mousse Cleanse ($58) , 24K Deep Facial Brush Set  (Free with BOGO)

What will you be purchasing to revamp your skin care routine? Comment below and let us know! 

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A toast

Different countries put their own unique spin on new year’s eve celebrations, which is why OROGOLD loves travelling during this time of the year. For those of you who really want to go all out this year, take a look at the “Amazing Suites to Spend New Year’s In” post on OROGOLD Store Locator. From New York to Singapore, we travel around the world to bring you the most jaw-dropping hotel suites that each offer unparalleled views over the cities’ new year celebrations.

For those of you that would prefer to celebrate somewhere within the US, OROGOLD Stores will be rounding up the “Top New Year’s Party Towns”, each of which offer a whole variety of celebrations to appeal to just about everyone. From one of the best new year’s eve street parties in the country to a gorgeous beach-side fireworks display, each of these party towns guarantee an unforgettable evening.

While a huge celebration may be the norm for many on new year’s eve, other ways of celebrating are becoming increasingly popular. Wellness retreats are a way to ring in the new year with a positive and motivated frame of mind, as well as a renewed perspective and plenty of inspiration. OROGOLD Locations takes a look at some of the best “Wellness Retreats for New Year’s”, including a jungle party in Costa Rica, as well as a traditional Moroccan new year’s eve at a kasbah on the Atlas Mountains.

Some may organize their new year’s eve plans months in advance, but it is often all-too-easy to forget about this until the last minute, leaving you scrambling for ideas on how best to celebrate the night. If you have found yourself in this position, head over to, where we have put together some exciting ideas for “Last Minute Plans for New Year’s Eve”.

Once you have your plans for new year’s eve sorted, it is time to decide what to wear. For those of you who need some extra inspiration, OROGOLD WordPress is bringing you a “Celebrity-Inspired New Year’s Style” post, featuring some of the most stylish celebrities out there. From Kate Moss to Rihanna, we have some fabulous ideas on how you can incorporate these celebrities’ favorite looks into your own new year’s eve outfit.

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One of the best ways to celebrate Oktoberfest is to take your very own beer trip, and there is no better place to do this than in Europe. Rather than being just another frothy beverage, beer has earned itself a significant part in European culture, and you will be spoilt for choice with all the local brews wherever you go. OROGOLD Stores has put together a quick guide on the ‘Best Beer Trips in Europe‘, highlighting the cities, as well as pubs, bars and taverns, that any beer lover should definitely visit.

Although Oktoberfest may have originated in Germany, the celebrations have spread throughout the world. While some may be small and intimate, others are much bigger and grander, lasting all the way through the month of October. With fantastic selections of German beer, traditional German cuisine, and entertainment for the whole family, those of you who are hoping to attend an authentic Bavarian bash should take a look at OROGOLD Store Locator’s post on the ‘Biggest Oktoberfest Celebrations‘.

In addition to giving us Oktoberfest, Germany also created the notion of beer gardens. Thanks to a widespread dissatisfaction of the beer produced by the bigger brands, local brewers started selling their beverages straight from the cellars, setting up tables and chairs outside. Thus, the beer garden was born, and has become another German tradition that quickly made its way around the world. This week, OROGOLD Locations will be taking a look at some of the best ‘Beer Gardens Around the World‘, so do have a look to see which ones are nearby to you!

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Celebrations Theme

There are all sorts of things that are very important in our life. Exploring new ideas, learning, growing as individuals and loving others are things that each and every person has time for. But, in our modern day, competitive and fast paced environment, we often end up missing out on one of the most important things of life – celebrations. There are all sorts of celebrations that take place throughout the world. As humans, we love to celebrate the biggest of festivals and the smallest of achievements. These celebrations give us a sense of purpose and they allow us to unwind and relax in the midst of our crazy lives. Ever since early man discovered fire and celebrated the end to raw meat, celebrations have become intertwined with the human culture as a means of honoring events, religious observances, rites of passage and more. This week OROGOLD Cosmetics features the Celebrations Theme to celebrate everything that’s near and dear to us – beautiful skin and younger looks.


We are very excited about an article titled “Celebrations Around the World” that is scheduled to appear on OROGOLD WordPress. Every culture and community has its own way of celebrating life and every tradition, custom and ritual is as unique and beautiful as the other. OROGOLD reviews the top celebrations around the world and helps you find out more about the celebrations that you would love to become a part of.


OROGOLD School is posting an article titled We Are Still Evolving”. This article examines a study which talks about how the human society is still evolving. Considering that we boast of modern sanitation and housing, enjoy a highly advanced medical science with falling death rates and live in a world that is driven by technology, this study certainly causes quite a furore. Stay tuned to OROGOLD School to understand exactly how the human society is evolving and learn more about the findings of this study.


How to Use OROGOLD is scheduled to release an article titled Pre-Party Skin Care Routine”. When it comes to celebrations and parties, we often end up obsessing about things like our hairstyle, our nail polish, our dress and our makeup. However, many of us end up forgetting all about our skin until it’s too late. OROGOLD Cosmetics shares some of the best pre-party skin care tips and routines to help you ensure that you can finally wear that glowing looking skin to perfection for the next celebration you plan to become a part of.


Another article that OROGOLD is really excited about is an article titled “Celebrating OROGOLD’s 2014 – A Year in Review”. This article shall be posted on and it highlights some of the main achievements and accomplishments of OROGOLD Cosmetics in 2014. The year 2014 has been a defining one for OROGOLD in a number of ways and this article allows us to share some of our landmark events and achievements with you.


OROGOLD Stores is posting an article titled “Most Youthful Cities Around the World”. This article highlights some of the most youthful cities across the globe and helps you understand just what makes these cities tick. So the next time you plan to change cities, shifting to one of the most youthful cities on the planet makes complete sense.