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Family of Snowmen

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OROGOLD Store Locator celebrates some of the top winter hotspots around the world this week. One article that we are really excited about is the “Best Winter Hotspots in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow”. This article selects some of the best places for merry making, eating and drinking in and around the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and features the top Christmas markets, boutiques, walks and sights in these two cities.

OROGOLD School is scheduled to publish an article titled “What is The Christmas Spirit?” This article examines a study conducted by Peter Clarke, who conducted a study titled A Measure for Christmas Spirit. This study was also published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Volume 24. The entire purpose of his research was to show that Christmas spirit is often shown as the reason behind the generosity, altruism and goodwill that is usually associated with celebrating Christmas. shall be offering readers with an article titled “Keep Skin Healthy All Winter” later on in the week. This article offers you a holistic approach to staying healthy and enjoying flawless looking skin. In this article, OROGOLD shares expert tips on how to ensure that your skin remains hydrated throughout the winter season and helps you tackle the harsh winds, chilly temperatures and dry indoor heat that cause your skin to become dull and dry.

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