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Many people believe that beauty is skin-deep, but the concept of beauty actually goes much further than that. From kindness to confidence, these are some character traits that have a huge influence over how beautiful you really are.


While being kind is often viewed as a weakness or vulnerability, the way in which you treat and speak to others should always come from a caring and genuine place. Even when it comes to interacting with strangers, kindness should still be at the forefront of this, as this is the one human quality that is able to get you far in life. You should also be aware of your thought processes, banishing away any unkind thoughts and replacing them with compassionate ones instead.


Self-awareness, as well as dedication to growth and self-development, leads to a quiet confidence that will help you to succeed at just about anything you put your mind to. In addition to this, having a strong sense of confidence will also affect your posture, having you holding your head higher and your back straighter, resulting in elegance and a classic sort of beauty.


People who are optimistic tend to spend more time smiling, and experience far lower stress levels than pessimists. Having a positive attitude will not only influence the way in which you view the world, but also the way in which other people perceive you. Generally, people would much rather be around others who are happy and positive, rather than those who are filled with a negative energy.


Being humble is a character trait that is often extremely underrated, but is one that others will really appreciate. Rather than thinking too highly of yourself, and exuding a sense of arrogance, being humble is the best way to actually encourage others to come around to your way of thinking.

A Good Listener 

By practicing all of these above qualities, it is likely that you will automatically become a much better listener. This is important when it comes to beauty, as being a good listener means that you are able to provide a shoulder for others to cry on, and will understand when to give advice, or when to just stay quiet and commiserate. Being a good listener is a skill that you can work on and develop, and will help you out in just about every aspect of your life.

So many people strive to be more beautiful, but tend to only focus on their external appearance, rather than looking deeper at what lies beneath. From kindness and optimism to being humble yet confident, these are some character traits that actually have a huge influence over how beautiful others perceive you to be.

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Natural Skin Care Tools

From electronic cleansing brushes to LED treatments, there are so many different high-tech skin care tools out there. However, if you prefer to keep things as natural as possible, here are a few tools that are worth adding to your beauty collection.

Muslin Cloth 

The humble muslin cloth is commonly used in the kitchen to make jams or cheeses, but this cotton fabric is also a great tool to have in your beauty arsenal. To prep the cloth, simply soak it in warm water before wringing it out. Apply a cleansing oil to your face, massaging this in well, before pressing the muslin cloth over your skin like a compress. Rinse the cloth out and then repeat this three times, before continuing on with your beauty routine. Not only does using a muslin help when it comes to removing any dirt or bacteria from your skin, but it also provides a mild exfoliating effect, and can be re-used countless times.

Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt 

If you have been looking for a quick and easy exfoliation method, a bamboo exfoliating mitt may be just what you need. Not only are these products lightweight and durable, but bamboo also contains antibacterial properties, which provides the skin with a deep cleanse while boosting its circulation. These exfoliating mitts can be used on both the face as well as the body, but, if you plan on using it on both, it would be worth purchasing two separate ones, opting for a softer one for your face and a firmer one for your body.

Konjac Sponge

Konjac sponges are completely natural, and are made from the konjac root, which is an edible plant. The structure of the sponge is especially unique, being similar to that of a net, which is great for massaging the skin while stimulating blood flow, as well as the cell renewal process. When using a konjac sponge, you will not need to use any additional cleansers or other products, but, if you still wish to do so, you will be able to use a fraction of your normal amount. Some konjac sponges even come with additional benefits, such as the charcoal konjac sponge, which is designed to neutralize any acne-causing bacteria for oily skin, and the red clay konjac sponge, which draws out impurities from within the skin.

Bamboo Body Brush 

Dry brushing it not a new concept, but has been gaining in popularity recently. The technique simply involves using a specially designed brush to smooth out your skin and boost circulation, and a bamboo dry brush, with its soft and gentle bristles, is ideal for this. However, if you are dry brushing for the first time, it would be worth reading up on the correct technique of doing this, as this is the only way to properly experience its benefits.

While these natural skin care tools may seem relatively low-tech, they are all extremely effective when it comes to boosting the health of your skin. From the cleansing properties of a konjac sponge to the circulation-boosting properties of a dry brush, these tools are all gentle and mild, but promise to make a huge difference to your skin.

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Baby boomers are now around the age of 50, meaning that there are likely to be a few changes needed to your beauty regime. To ensure that you never lose that natural, radiant glow, here are a few beauty aids to keep in mind.


Put Your Skin First 

As handy as anti-aging makeup tricks may be, your main concern should be the health of your skin, as keeping your complexion in its best possible state will mean that you will not need to use quite as much makeup. The best way to provide your skin with a consistent level of care is by establishing a regular skin care routine that you can follow each and every day. For mature skin, this should involve a cleanser and exfoliant, followed by a toner, serums, eye cream and moisturizer. The serums that you choose should target any specific skin concerns that you may have, whether this may be dryness and dehydration or wrinkles and blemishes.


Bright Eyes  

As the body ages, the eyes change shape, meaning that the eye makeup tricks that you used in your 20s would not really be applicable now. If you are now dealing with added wrinkles and hooded eyelids, you need to try to stay away from bright or heavy colors, as these can make hooded eyes appear even smaller and darker. For bright, sparkling eyes, opt for a natural and light eye shadow across your lids, before using an eyeliner to enhance your eyes and really make them pop. Try to apply more liner to your top lash line than your bottom lash line, otherwise your eyes may appear dragged down.


Enhance Your Brows 

The eyebrows thin with age, meaning that a great way to add some instant youthfulness back into your look is by defining and enhancing your brows. While an eyebrow pencil may seem like the easiest way to do this, they can often create a look that seems over-the-top, making a shadow the better option, as this will give your brows a softer, more natural look.


Lush Lips 

The lips are another part of the face that change with age, usually losing a fair amount of volume. The best way to counter this is with a lip gloss, as this will add a sheen to your lips that will make them appear plumper and less lined. Whether you opt for a nude lip gloss or one that provides a bit of color, make sure that you always choose a gloss finish over a matte one for your lips.


There are so many changes that occur within the body as it ages, and in order to keep looking as youthful and healthy as possible, you need to be aware of each of these changes. From your lips to your brows to your skin, these tips are all easy to follow, and will bring about great improvements to your look.

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Woman using makeup brush

While beauty is definitely subjective, it is still important to make the right beauty decisions as much as possible. From makeup tricks to beauty tools to invest in, these tips will help you to get the most out of your beauty regime.

Make the Most of Online Beauty Tools 

Thanks to the internet, there are so many online beauty tools that are available, free of charge, to help you to make the best beauty decisions possible. From apps that give you the opportunity to try out new makeup looks and lipstick shades to online diagnostic tools that will help to pinpoint skin concerns, technology is constantly evolving, so be sure to use this to your advantage whenever possible.

Invest in Quality Brushes 

While you may have already invested in the best foundation, bronzer and eye shadow that money can buy, you will not be able to experience their very best benefits unless you are using the right brushes to apply them. When it comes to choosing brushes, you should make sure that they feel soft and gentle against the surface of your skin, but have enough substance to hold on to the product that you are using it for. There are so many different brushes out there, from powder brushes to contour brushes to liner brushes to blending brushes, and while you may not want to purchase them all, it is well worth investing in the brushes that you are likely to use on a regular basis, as this will give your makeup a much more flawless finish.

Clean Your Brushes Regularly 

Now that you own quality makeup brushes, you need to ensure that you are cleaning them regularly, otherwise they will end up with quite the buildup of makeup and bacteria, spreading this onto your face each time you use the brush. There are many dedicated brush cleaners out there that are easy to use, from cleaning solutions to silicone scrubbers, so pick the one that will work best for you.

Update Your Look At Least Every Two Years 

Once you have found a look that works for you, it is all-too-easy to settle into a bit of a rut, sticking to the same style for years. However, experts recommend that you should not go more than two years without changing your image, and this includes both your hair as well as your makeup. Keeping your look fresh and current will help you to look younger, as well as more modern, so do not be afraid to venture over to makeup counters and beauty stores to see what else is out there.

Beauty can be tricky to master, and everybody needs some help from time to time. Whether this means that you need to spend more time in beauty stores, learning about current trends, or simply download a few go-to apps for when you are feeling confused about a new look, these tips will help to ensure that your beauty regime is nothing but beneficial.

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Middle Aged Woman Looking Confident

Aging is something that just about everybody dreads, with many investing heavily in ways to help them look years younger than their age. However, with the right combination of skin care techniques and makeup application, you will be able to instantly give your complexion a much more youthful radiance.


Moisturizer Before Foundation

If you are in a rush, it can be all-too-tempting to simply slap on some foundation before heading out the door, but doing this without any moisturizer underneath will mean that your skin will have to draw out all of the moisture from your foundation in order to stay hydrated. This will then magnify any wrinkles, dark patches, and any other blemishes you were trying to cover up, making moisturizer before foundation an absolutely essential combination.


The Perfect Pout

As the body ages, the lips begin to lose volume and start to thin out, and, with the mouth often being the focal point of the face, this can immediately make you look much older than you really are. Lip care begins with the delicate skin on lips, as this needs to be exfoliated on a regular basis to keep lips smooth and boost circulation. When it comes to the lipstick that you use, it is best choosing one that contains anti-aging ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, which will keep your lips hydrated and plump. In terms of colors, dark shades of lipstick will only make your face appear washed out, but shades that feature a vibrant pop of color can really brighten up the face.


A Safe, Healthy Glow

There is no denying the anti-aging appeal that a bronzed healthy glow can have, but soaking up the sun’s rays will only damage your skin. However, there are many ways in which you can fake a bronzed tan, with a gradual self-tanner being one of the most popular, as the color from this builds up slowly, minimizing streaks and looking extremely natural. On your face, a cream blush can really help to lift your complexion, and will blend well over any fine lines you may have.


Eye Cream Before Eye Makeup

The eyes change quite significantly with age, with eyelids become much more hooded, and the skin experiencing an onset of wrinkles. This can often make applying eye makeup quite the challenge, but using an eye cream first will make the task much easier. An eye cream will help to plump up the skin around the eyes, while reducing any dark circles or areas of puffiness, meaning that your eye makeup will be able to glide on much easier, and sit naturally on your skin.


Everybody has their own go-to anti-aging tricks, but using the right combination of skin care and makeup will definitely benefit just about everyone. By understanding how both of these can complement each other, you will be able to protect and enhance your skin, giving it a naturally youthful glow.

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Now that 2017 is almost upon us, it is time to begin thinking of some New Year’s resolutions. Whether you have already started a list, or are stuck for ideas, these are some beauty resolutions that everybody should stick to.


Cleanse Every Night 

Resolving to remove all makeup and cleanse the skin each and every night without fail is something that many can relate to, but this is a resolution that often ends up neglected at several points throughout the year. However, by failing to cleanse your face, you are leaving your skin cells vulnerable to so much damage, so, to make sure that you really stick to this resolution, keep a pack of cleansing wipes by your bed for those nights when you forget.


Commit to a Regular Skin Care Routine 

While you may have invested in the highest quality beauty products out there, many of these will only bring about results when used on a regular basis, instead of just sporadically when you tend to remember. Resolving to commit to a regular daily skin care routine is one of the best resolutions that you can make for your skin, and it will not be long before you begin to notice the improvements.


Pay More Attention to Makeup Brushes 

You probably already know that it is recommended to wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis, but if you often forget to do so, then this is another resolution that you can add to your list. Dirty makeup brushes not only spread bacteria, but will also prevent you from achieving a flawless makeup finish, so make sure to clean those brushes once a week with a brush cleaner. You could also invest in a wider range of makeup brushes, as this will enable you to create more precise beauty looks in the new year.


Wear Sunscreen Every Day 

The sun is the primary cause of all facial wrinkles and fine lines, and the sun can do just as much damage in the winter as it does in the summer. For those who often skip the sunscreen, this is a resolution that your future self will definitely thank you for making, as it will do so much in preventing the many visible signs of aging.


Try Something New Each Month

Many people prefer to stick to their favorite tried and tested beauty looks, but let 2017 be the year that you experiment just a little bit more. Whether this means styling your hair in an unexpected way, or switching to a bold, statement-making lipstick, try something new for every month of 2017.


Although New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to stick to, these beauty resolutions are definitely worth some extra dedication. Once you have managed to keep your resolutions for the first few months of the year, they are likely to have then become a natural habit, and you will have no problems with continuing on with them in the future.

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woman applying makeup on another woman

Makeup can cause havoc to the skin, and while it may be tempting to simply apply some more over the top to hide this, you will only be causing even more damage to your skin. From using a primer to protect your face to ensuring that you are cleansing thoroughly and effectively, these tips will help you to maintain a healthy glow underneath your makeup.

Prep Your Skin

Skin prep before applying any makeup is extremely useful, as it usually means that you will not need to use quite as much makeup to hide any imperfections. After cleansing your skin, apply a toner and follow this up with a moisturizer, before applying any makeup, and be aware that you may need to go lighter than usual on your foundation and powder.

Invest in a Primer

If you regularly wear makeup, then a primer is a great product to invest in, as it will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy. Designed to be applied as a base underneath your makeup, a primer will not only moisturize your skin, keeping any inflammation, redness and oil at bay, but it will also help to fill in any fine lines, wrinkles or enlarged pores, creating a smooth blank canvas onto which you can apply your makeup.

Thorough Cleansing

While it may be tempting to fall into bed at the end of a long day without removing your makeup, this will have some severely detrimental consequences for your skin. During the day, oil and bacteria will build up underneath your makeup, and, if you do not remove your makeup in the evening, as well as give your skin a good cleanse, these will start to clog up your pores, which will soon lead to breakouts. Makeup is also known for attracting dirt and dust to the skin, making a thorough cleansing each evening absolutely vital. When choosing a cleanser, opt for one that is designed for your skin type, as this will make it much more effective on your skin.

The Right Ingredients

Many makeup products are formulated with harsh ingredients, and these can really irritate the skin. While it may be difficult to find a product that is created with the right ingredients, such as minerals, it is most definitely possible, and will be much kinder to your skin in the long run.

For those who wear makeup regularly, it is important to take one or two days off a week, to allow your skin to properly breathe. By taking the best possible care of your skin, you will be able to maintain a clear, healthy and radiant complexion, meaning that you will not need much makeup at all to complement this.

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OROGOLD reviews Asian beauty tips

Respect Your Skin

In an age of all-in-one skin care products, the thought of spending fifteen minutes a day on a ten step skin care routine may seem like a waste of time to many. However, Asian women grew up watching their mothers carry out ten to fifteen step beauty routines, spending time each day respecting their skin. This may seem like a lot, but most of these steps focus on cleansing and purifying the skin, with all-in-one products and spot treatments never being used. The result has been seen throughout the generations – clear and flawless skin.

Pay Attention to Ingredients Used

One of the main difference between Western and Asian beauty products is the ingredients that are used. Asian beauty products make use of timeless and indigenous ingredients, such as ginseng, green tea or mushroom. Botanical-based products are also hugely popular, with many Asian women choosing to avoid cheap, low quality ingredients, as well as harsh chemicals. OROGOLD suggests that you do the same, and you can be sure that your skin will soon thank you for it.

Don’t Forget to Tone

Toning is something that Asian beauty experts swear by, and while you have probably heard about the term before, it is likely that you don’t place too much significance on it. Toners nourish and replenish the skin, setting it so that any products that are subsequently applied will be absorbed into the skin much more effectively. In Korea, toners are known as ‘refreshers’, because they refresh the skin and prepare it for the next step in the beauty routine.

Use Multiple Serums

After using a cleansing oil, followed by a mild cleanser and a couple of toners, many Asian women will then use multiple serums in order to target specific skin concerns. If serums are new to you, OROGOLD suggests choosing two skin issues that you want to initially target, be it brightening, pore minimizing, hydrating, tightening, or anything else. Then, choose a serum that has been specifically designed to focus on each skin issue.

There is so much that we can learn from Asian beauty, with many of these valuable beauty secrets coming quite a few generations ago. From remembering to always tone to investing in serums that focus on specific skin issues, these Asian beauty tips are definitely worth trying out for yourself!

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Timeless beauty in a woman

OROGOLD.com shall be posting an article titled “Our Best Beauty Tips”. OROGOLD spills a few expert beauty tips that ensure that you look good and also make your beauty routine faster and easier. From secrets that let you enjoy better blowouts to the best ways of getting that glowing look, we’ve got you covered.

How to Use OROGOLD shows you the right way to apply your skin care products with an article titled “Correct Order to Apply Your Skin Care”. With so many products becoming a part of the everyday skin care routine, you might think that the order you use them in doesn’t matter. However, if you wish to get the best out of your skin care regimen, you need to use these products in the proper order, to ensure that they offer the maximum benefits and function properly. ORO GOLD examines the correct order of your skin care products here.

We are really excited about our “Timeless Destinations” series that shall feature throughout the week on OROGOLD Stores. Movies like Hot Tub Time Machine 2 might have led you into wishing for a magic tub that could let you travel to destinations from another era. So OROGOLD created a list of some of the greatest old-school destinations that offer you a journey back into time. The best part? You don’t need magic to travel to any of these destinations. Just your passport and an airline ticket!

OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to post an article titled “Our Favorite Classic Beauties”. The beauties on this list are women whose looks have influenced millions of women over decades, and are still being recreated even today. From stunning supermodels to gorgeous actresses, find out more about our favorite classic beauties here.

Finally, OROGOLD School examines chitosan as an ingredient for taking care of your wounds with “Chitosan for Medical Wound Care”. Chitosan is famous as one of the most versatile biomaterials that can be used for all sorts of applications. It is derived from chitin (commonly found in the exoskeleton of crustaceans), and is known to boast of unique characteristics that make it indispensable in the fields of tissue engineering, surgical adhesion, orthopedic and wound care. ORO GOLD examines the importance of chitosan for wound care here.  

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Partial Underwater View of Sea

OROGOLD WordPress shows you how to “Get Ready for a Day at Sea”. Packing your bag for a day at sea? Getting ready to head out to the beach? Don’t forget these must-have essentials for the perfect day at sea.


This week, OROGOLD Store Locator shall be reviewing the “Best Beach Restaurants”. They say that dishes taste better on the beach because the salty air and the exciting atmosphere deposit their taste into your dishes. Whether you’re on the beaches of Thailand or are spending a holiday in the Mediterranean, you’re bound to come across a number of exciting beach restaurants offering some of the most authentic and exciting dishes that provide intense flavors and a delicious experience. OROGOLD reviews the best beach restaurants in the world in this article.


OROGOLD Cosmetics is very excited about an article titled “Top 5 Beauty Ingredients from the Sea” that is scheduled to appear on OROGOLD.com. The top beauty ingredients don’t come from test tubes and laboratories. They come from Mother Nature. There are all sorts of natural ingredients that can help you enhance your beauty and fight against things like inflammation, wrinkles, sagging skin and lines. Since the substances in the ocean have managed to withstand the harsh marine environment and extreme weather conditions and still maintained their moisture levels, they tend to offer amazing solutions for your skin. OROGOLD reviews the top beauty ingredients from the sea that must be added into any skin care routine.


OROGOLD Stores shall be posting an article titled “Most Luxurious Cruises”. Even the most skeptical traveler cannot ignore the charms of a luxurious cruise. A picture perfect atmosphere, fantastic service, luxurious surroundings, endless activities, exotic locales and elevated cuisines ensure that you always have the perfect experience. However, there are some luxury cruises that truly take your experience to an entirely new level. In this article, OROGOLD examines the most luxurious cruises in the world, cruises that have their own personalities and would be better suited to your vacation style than the rest.


OROGOLD Locations is all set to post “Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”. From endless open expanses to enclosed exposures, from coral beaches to beautiful sand beaches, from beaches that are teeming with exotic wildlife to beaches that don’t have a soul in sight for miles, there are all sorts of beaches to choose from when it comes to planning the perfect beach getaway. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics examines the most beautiful beaches in the world to help you choose something that is perfect for your particular preferences.


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