OROGOLD Exclusive 24K HD Touch
OROGOLD Exclusive 24K HD Touch
OROGOLD Exclusive 24K HD Touch box

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Give your skin care routine a powerful boost with the 24K HD Touch. This expertly crafted face massager assists in serum or moisturizer application, giving you a smoother, healthier-looking appearance. Designed for daily use, this device will leave you feeling calm yet invigorated.

How to use

To use, remove the battery cover and insert one AA battery. Apply the recommended amount of your desired OROGOLD serum or cream to your skin. Twist the bottom of the HD Touch to activate then begin massaging the product onto your skin, holding the middle plate for best control. After product has absorbed, wipe away any remaining product residue from the HD Touch with a clean cloth. Remove the battery during prolonged storage and travel. BATTERY NOT INCLUDED WARNING: If you have any existing medical condition consult with your physician prior to use.


Does this device include a battery?
No, a battery is not included with the 24K HD Touch. You will need one AA battery to power this device.

Customer Reviews

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Nice product

This product is really nice and it helps me even out the products that I put to make sure not to overuse it. I really enjoy my skincare using this device!

Akia Lawrence
New Discovery

I recently tried this 24K HD Touch, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! This luxurious product not only made my skin feel incredibly smooth but also gave it a radiant, healthy glow. The 24K gold infusion adds a touch of luxury to my skincare routine, and the HD touch applicator makes it easy to apply precisely. I can see and feel the difference in my skin's texture and appearance. I highly recommend this!

Beth Heathrow
Feels like a feather!

I'm so glad I found this HD Touch! I used to only use my fingers for applying serums and moisturizers and I always end up having small pimples all over my place. But after using this, I could tell how smoother and hw firm my skin feels. Feels like a face massage everytime I use it 🧏


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