OG Oily Skin chart

Oily skin can be frustrating when you notice acne popping up or your makeup constantly melting away. Understanding the causes of this type of skin can help you control it and get your skin looking great. While genes are certainly a factor in the type of skin you have, there are also many other elements which contribute to it. They include improper use of skincare, weather, medications, hormones, diet, even your electronic gadgets can be a factor! Overloading your skin with the wrong types of skin care products and cleansing your face too often can send signals to your skin to produce more oil. Some cosmetics exacerbate oiliness as well. It is best to steer away from heavy creams or liquid foundations and instead choose a powder consistency, Humid weather feels wet and sticky and can make your skin feel that way as well. Androgenic steroids, some types of birth control, pregnancy, and menopause can all also contribute to more slick skin. As much as you love that iPhone or other brand smart phone it can be causing skin problems as well; make sure to wipe it down with alcohol on a regular basis to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. And lastly watch you diet: too much sugar and fried foods can be your skins worst enemy. Instead choose more leafy greens, fresh fruits and more Vitamin B2 in your diet. Learn more about the causes of oily skin in this article.

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