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Many people believe that beauty is skin-deep, but the concept of beauty actually goes much further than that. From kindness to confidence, these are some character traits that have a huge influence over how beautiful you really are.


While being kind is often viewed as a weakness or vulnerability, the way in which you treat and speak to others should always come from a caring and genuine place. Even when it comes to interacting with strangers, kindness should still be at the forefront of this, as this is the one human quality that is able to get you far in life. You should also be aware of your thought processes, banishing away any unkind thoughts and replacing them with compassionate ones instead.


Self-awareness, as well as dedication to growth and self-development, leads to a quiet confidence that will help you to succeed at just about anything you put your mind to. In addition to this, having a strong sense of confidence will also affect your posture, having you holding your head higher and your back straighter, resulting in elegance and a classic sort of beauty.


People who are optimistic tend to spend more time smiling, and experience far lower stress levels than pessimists. Having a positive attitude will not only influence the way in which you view the world, but also the way in which other people perceive you. Generally, people would much rather be around others who are happy and positive, rather than those who are filled with a negative energy.


Being humble is a character trait that is often extremely underrated, but is one that others will really appreciate. Rather than thinking too highly of yourself, and exuding a sense of arrogance, being humble is the best way to actually encourage others to come around to your way of thinking.

A Good Listener 

By practicing all of these above qualities, it is likely that you will automatically become a much better listener. This is important when it comes to beauty, as being a good listener means that you are able to provide a shoulder for others to cry on, and will understand when to give advice, or when to just stay quiet and commiserate. Being a good listener is a skill that you can work on and develop, and will help you out in just about every aspect of your life.

So many people strive to be more beautiful, but tend to only focus on their external appearance, rather than looking deeper at what lies beneath. From kindness and optimism to being humble yet confident, these are some character traits that actually have a huge influence over how beautiful others perceive you to be.