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A morning skin care regimen is necessary for the upkeep of your skin’s health, but it often does not take long to begin to tire of carrying out the same old steps each and every day. To keep your morning skin routine fresh and interesting, here are a few ways in which you can jazz it up.

A New Serum

While a serum is not necessarily essential in a skin care regimen, they are extremely effective, and are a great way to add an extra aspect of care into your routine. Although serums are lightweight products, they contain a much higher concentration of active ingredients than moisturizers, meaning that they are fantastic for targeting specific skin concerns. If you are already using a serum designed to treat a certain skin issue, then you could consider adding in an extra hydrating serum as well, as extra hydration is always beneficial.

Morning Face Masks

No matter how rushed your mornings may be, it is likely that you still have an extra minute to be able to squeeze in a face mask. Although the majority tend to use face masks in the evening, using one in the morning will give your skin a natural glow for the rest of the day. Simply find a quick-acting mask and apply this to your face as soon as you are up in the morning, leaving it on for as long as possible while you go about your other morning tasks. Hydrating masks are best for the morning, as are ones that provide a slight exfoliation, and while this may not be realistic every single day, a morning face mask is certainly a great way to jazz up your routine a few times a week.


It is said that toners were originally invented to rebalance the skin’s pH level after soap was used, as the soaps that people were using were much too harsh for the skin on the face. While cleansers these days are far more gentle, they do still disrupt the skin’s natural pH balance, so add a toner into your morning routine, after cleansing, in order to restore this.

If you follow the same morning skin care routine every single day, it is inevitable that this may start to feel boring after a while. Rather than beginning to resent your routine, add in one of these steps to jazz it up and make it feel interesting again.

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