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Considered to be a natural, non-invasive alternative to Botox and other face tightening surgeries, facial yoga brings with it many benefits, from boosting circulation and nourishing skin cells to stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

A Smoother Forehead

The forehead muscles can often become quite tense, resulting in deep wrinkles and lines. To prevent this from occurring, it is important to understand how to relax your forehead muscles, which is exactly what this technique has been designed to do. To begin with, make a fist with both hands, placing your middle and index finger knuckles on the center of your forehead. While applying and maintaining a firm pressure, slide your fists outwards, ending this by gently pressing your knuckles into your temples, and then repeating four more times.

Chin Lifts

When the chin begins to sag, this can really alter the look of your entire face, but this facial yoga technique will help to firm your chin back up. Tilt your head towards the ceiling, looking upwards, and pull your lips tightly together. Hold this for about ten seconds before relaxing, and then repeat this up to ten times. This technique is extremely effective at banishing that dreaded double chin, but you need to ensure that your lips are the only facial muscle that is being used when practicing chin lifts.

A Natural Facelift

This is a technique that works both the facial and neck muscles, meaning not only does it target double chins, but it will also give your face a leaner and tighter appearance, similar to the results of a facelift. Keeping your spine erect, tilt your head backwards and make sure that your gaze is pointed towards the ceiling. Pull out your lips and blow air, doing this for ten seconds before relaxing, and then repeating nine more times.

The Eye Lift

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, and is often one of the first areas to show signs of aging. This eye lift technique will help to lift drooping eyelids, as well as sagging skin around the eyes, smoothing this out to result in a much more youthful appearance. To begin with, press your shoulders down but lift one arm straight up, dropping this over your head and placing your fingertips on your temples. Press down gently, lifting your face up and back, before dropping your head over your shoulder so that your chest is open. While holding this position, breathe out slowly through your mouth, before switching to the other side and repeating.

For those that are hoping to experience the benefits of facial yoga as quickly as possible, it is recommended that you practice these techniques every day for about 20 minutes. While results vary from person to person, it is likely that you will begin to notice improvements in your face and neck in just two weeks, with these improvements only becoming even more significant as the months progress.

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