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Beautiful woman with high end luxury cosmetics

OROGOLD has been working hard on bringing you yet another infographic after the last one was so well received by all of you. This week we plan to bring you an infographic all about the Multi-Vitamin Collection. This infographic shall offer you a beautiful sneak peek into the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection, one of the most popular OROGOLD Collections.

One of our favorite posts of the week is slated to appear on later on this week. Titled “High End Beauty for Men”, this post shall particularly cater to our male customers and to all you ladies looking for something special for your partners. High End Beauty for Men is all about OROGOLD’s picks, tips and products for men. Are these high end products worth the price? Certainly!

Look out for an article titled “High End Beauty Gadgets” on OROGOLD WordPress. This exciting article from OROGOLD Cosmetics shall give you insights into some of the best and most exclusive beauty gadgets that can transform your entire experience and make it really special. There are many beauty gadgets that don’t live up to their price tags, but there are a few special ones that are worth every penny. OROGOLD helps you to separate the best from the rest so that you can invest wisely and spend on the right gadgets and products.

As always, OROGOLD School tries to educate you about all things to do with skin care. This week we have decided to talk about one of the most debated topics of the recent past “Could Free Radicals be Good?” A line of reasoning has recently emerged and people are now saying that free radicals (the thing responsible for aging your skin) could actually be good for the body. OROGOLD School reviews this statement and offers you more insights into the debate later on in the week.

Our highly popular Asked & Answered Section on How to Use OROGOLD is back with “Matte Vs Shimmer Makeup” on popular demand. We are extremely delighted to see that so many readers have taken this weekly debate to heart and we would encourage all of you to post your own Asked & Answered topics to get featured in our upcoming sections.

Finally, OROGOLD Stores reserves the best for the last in the form of “Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World”. Who doesn’t want to learn about the most luxurious spa treatments and dream of getting one of these treatments at some point of time or the other? Well, watch out for the article. Who knows? You might just find one of these treatments at a spa in your city!!!

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OG Makeup Week

Unsurprisingly, despite the fanfare received by the “au naturel” look in the recently concluded fashion weeks, makeup still remains to be a hot topic around the world. Yes, wearing makeup that looks caked on is out of the question, but whoever said that a woman can’t use makeup to enhance her looks? The “au naturel”  look might be in style, but using makeup the right way helps you to push the boundaries just a little bit more.


Those of you who have been following OROGOLD blogs over time may have noticed that OROGOLD tries to offer you insightful, refreshing and exciting content that revolves around exciting weekly themes.


Keeping in line with our promise to reach out to you in a better manner, we have decided to incorporate one of your requests. A number of our customers have suggested that we offer an overview of the weekly theme along with some of the best posts to watch out for on various OROGOLD websites and blogs.


We decided to immediately incorporate this great suggestion with this week’s “Stunning Makeup” theme. Stunning makeup is all about showcasing the best of makeup – from bright and bold looks to subtle and natural looks, check out our weekly blog posts to get inspired by that perfect look.


One of the articles that you should definitely watch out for is “Makeup Trends from Around the World” that will be featured on OROGOLD Stores during the week. This exciting article shall offer you with in-depth reviews of the hottest and latest makeup trends from all over the world to help you understand makeup and world fashion a wee bit better.


Another post that we’re really looking forward to is “Look Younger at Any Age – Anti-Aging Makeup Tips for 30s, 40s and Beyond” that is scheduled to appear on This refreshing post is a “must read” for all you anti-aging enthusiasts as it shall offer excellent solutions to deal with anti-aging makeup for women in every age bracket.


The “Fall Eyeliner Trends” which is slated to appear on shall give you ideas to get rid of that same old liner look by showcasing the hottest and coolest eyeliner trends from runways around the world.


The popular “Asked & Answered” Section on How To Use ORGOLD is back with a bang with one of the most debatable makeup debates – Lipstick Vs Gloss. You can also participate in next week’s Asked & Answered section by posting your own beauty or skin care debate.


Finally, OROGOLD School takes a look at what makeup would look like in the distant future with “Space Age Cosmetics: The Wave of the Future”. Sneak Peak – Learn more about how NASA is playing an important role in shaping the future of the cosmetic industry with this exciting article.


We really cannot wait to get these posts rolling. Hope you have as much fun reading them as we has writing them.

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cute couple

Personalized jewelry

There’s just no limit when it comes to personalized jewelry. You can choose from all sorts of shapes and sizes, all sorts of gems and metals to get her the perfect gift. Personalized jewelry also allows you to become creative. But, make sure that it goes with her other jewelry as well, particularly with the wedding ring. A piece of advice. If she has a platinum ring, we would advise you to gift her a platinum necklace to go along with the ring. Remember, try and make the jewelry to reflect her personality or the time she spent with you or what she means to you.


3D Printed Jewelry

It’s not just about gems and diamonds anymore. 3D printed jewelry have become the latest fad. If your wife is tech savvy, she will fall in love with this beautiful piece of jewelry. There are a number of jewelry designers who offer 3D printed designs  in their latest collections. You can also check out brands like Kimberly Ovitz or Shapeways.



Chocolates are something that never grow old as a concept. Flowers wither off, dresses just might end up being the wrong size. But, she is sure to love those chocolates. There is no other sensation like eating chocolate to get her into the perfect mood after a long and tiring day at work. Try to pick chocolates that go with her favorite drink. If she loves coffee, you might try out white chocolates as well. Dark chocolates pair well with champagne. Milk chocolates are ideal for wine lovers.


A historical tour

No, we don’t mean that you need to go on a holiday to check out ancient sites and attractions. What we mean is that you jot down a few places that are extremely special to the two of you as a couple. The place where you first met, the place where you went for your first date, the place where you proposed, the place where you first kissed, the list could go on and on. Try to make a schedule with 2 – 3 of the most special places and take her on a historical tour of your relationship.


Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed might be a standard idea for all those who simply forgot all about it. But instead of the regular breakfast thing, try and put in that extra bit of effort. Create a love theme for your breakfast. Cut a heart shaped hole in the bread, pop it into a greasy frying pan and crack an egg into the hole. Serve this perfect breakfast with some mimosas and fruit. She’s sure to be thrilled.


Good massage

A great massage could be an ideal way of showing your appreciation and helping her to relax. You can also give her a romantic massage and make her feel special and on top of the world.

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Adjusting Your Skin Care for Travel infographic with product suggestions for low and high humidity

Planning for that perfect holiday keeps you excited for weeks. It’s great to plan and go for that perfect holiday, but make sure that you don’t take a break from your skin care routines as well. Your skin is something that needs constant protection as it does not understand the meaning of the word holiday. So you need to ensure that you adjust your skin care for travel.

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Bird's Eye View of City at Night

City life can be extremely exciting – after all the fast paced action, the countless things to do, the excitement and the everyday chaos is impossible to replicate. However, living in the city does have its own problems as well. You might think of a number of issues related to city life, but have you ever thought of how city life affects your skin?  Haven’t you found that you have puffy eyes and dull looking skin after that stressful day at work? Well, that’s just one of the side effects of city life. Living in the city is likely to subject you to a number of problems that can affect your skin – problems such as dirt, stress, pollution, etc. This can lead to dry patches, sensitive skin, blemishes, premature aging and redness. Here are some of the major factors that you need to look out for.


Biological Clocks Tick Faster

According to a study, birds living in the city have a faster reproductive clock than those living in the country. One of the main reasons for this problem is light pollution. Even the tiniest amount of light can reduce the Melatonin body, an extremely important antioxidant in the human body. The reduction in Melatonin leads to an increase in free radicals which in turn makes one age faster. The fact that LED screens make the body go off-sync has already been proven. However, how the tiny lights seeping in through those blinds affects your skin and your health is still a relatively new concept.


Lack of Sleep

City life can take a toll on your sleep, even if you’re not into late night parties. The daily stress and higher coffee intake along with the occasional late nights all impact your sleeping patterns. The human body produces growth hormones at night which helps it to repair and renew the cells. The body also produces collagen and keratin when it is asleep. Both of these compounds are extremely important to give the body a firm and youthful look.


The City Water

The water found in the cities can lead to a number of skin issues. Most cities have “hard” water. This implies that the water found in the cities has high levels of mineral salts such as magnesium and calcium. These salts can reduce the moisture levels of your skin and increase the likeliness of skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.


The Excessive Stress

Living in the city is extremely hectic and stressful. Whether it’s the traffic, your work or just life itself – everything is always fast paced and stressful. When you become stressed, your body begins to produce higher amounts of a hormone named cortisol. Cortisol can end up throwing your entire body out of balance and make your skin begin to look dull and tired. Moreover, the skin also becomes prone to damage and also becomes prone to premature aging.


The High Pollution Levels

The air pollution levels in the city are always known to be much higher. Pollution can lead to a number of skin care issues because of the free radicals that it contains. Some of the most common problems associated with pollution include premature aging, loss of elasticity, redness, skin imbalance, reduction in moisture level and irritation.


The Fluctuating Temperature

City life also means extreme temperatures – the direct blast of central heating systems in the winters and air conditioners in the summers. Both are known to attack your immune system and dry out your skin.

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Line of Women of a Variety of Ethnicities

Women have been a source of inspiration in all spheres of life – as mothers, as wives, as role models, as sisters and as personal examples as well. Moreover, a woman doesn’t need to be rich, famous or a celebrity to be inspiring. A simple woman could also inspire someone with her acts the same way a celebrated actress would. So how do you define an inspirational woman? How do celebrate inspiring women?

OROGOLD is celebrating inspiring women and their achievements this week. We are celebrating the successes of all those women who fit into the definition of an OROGOLD woman. Mothers, sisters, business women, social workers, politicians, athletes, television hosts, celebrities and even scientists – we explored all spheres of life and came up with a number of women who have inspire millions of others each day by their actions.

Keeping in line with our inspiring women theme, we have also been asking our readers to share their stories with us. If you know a woman who has inspired you or someone else with her deeds and actions, feel free to share her story with us. The woman with the most inspiring story could end up being featured right here on our site!

After all, OROGOLD is not about external beauty, it is about making you look beautiful from within.

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Four Women in Business Meeting

OROGOLD celebrates the countless achievements of famous female celebrities who have managed to inspire countless others with their life changing deeds and selfless performances with the “Inspiring Women” theme this week. All our posts shall revolve around ladies who have made it large – not just at a personal level, but also in terms of their surroundings.


This week celebrates the achievements of all those ladies who have all the traits of being an OROGOLD woman. Who is an OROGOLD woman? We believe that an OROGOLD woman lies in all you ladies out there. The OROGOLD woman is someone who isn’t just beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside. The OROGOLD woman is someone who isn’t just dedicated to her own career and achievements, but also plays a major role in uplifting the careers of those around her. An OROGOLD woman is one who doesn’t just bother with the betterment of her life, but also works on improving the society that she lives in and working towards a better future for the next generation. An OROGOLD Woman is one who doesn’t just bother about her looks and health, but also cares about preserving the environment and Mother Nature for the next generation.


There are a number of women across all spheres of life who have shown that they are the ideal candidates for being the OROGOLD woman time and again. Each of these ladies has achieved the unimaginable – they have managed to inspire millions of ladies around the world across generations not by their looks, but through their deeds.  So gear up to meet all those celebrities who resemble an OROGOLD Woman all through the week.


Know someone who deserves to be called an OROGOLD woman? Why not share her details with us? The most deserving candidate could actually be featured here on our site as the next OROGOLD woman!


After all, you don’t need to be beautiful on the outside or rich and famous in order to become an OROGOLD woman.

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Anti-Aging Drinks Infographic

There are many drinks out there that you may reach for to quench your thirst. If you choose wisely those drinks may offer more benefits to you, including anti-aging! Reach for the beverages in our handy infographic to drink your way to a younger mind and body. The first and most important beverage is water. People really do not drink enough water. You do not need to feel thirsty to drink water, just drink it throughout your day. If you wait until you actually feel thirsty you may already be dehydrated. 6 to 8 fluid ounces of water are recommended per day. If you are active or spend a lot of time in the sun you should drink even more! Juices are also great for better healthy and younger looks. Try carrot or pink grapefruit juice. Pink grapefruit juice contains lycopene which enhances cell communication and protects your body’s supply of collagen. Drink about 7 ounces a day for maximum benefits. Just be aware that pink grapefruit juice may interact with certain medicines, please consult with your doctor if you are any medications. We all know that carrots, and carrot juice, is good for our eyes, but did you know that this natural source of Vitamin A reduces problems caused by skin conditions such as Eczema and improves collagen levels? Drink about 12 ounces a day for a healthy glow. If you love to drink milk or have it with your cereal try using soy milk. About 3 cups a day will provide you with isoflavones to help prevent collagen breakdown. On the other hand, if you like a nice cup of tea with breakfast than grab a mug of green tea. Studies have shown that the antioxidants in green tea reduce inflammation and may even enhance sun protection. Go for 2 – 3 cups a day. Finally, for a nice treat go for a glass of red wine. Resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant found in red win helps protect skin from UV damage and reduces the appearance of aging. But more is not better, you should only indulge in 1, maximum 2 glasses of wine per day.

Next time you reach for a beverage to refresh yourself, choose one of our anti-aging drinks to keep body and skin looking and feeling great!

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Image of celebrity

Hollywood celebrities face intense pressure to consistently look their best. This includes being up to the minute on the latest fashion trends, sporting fabulous hairstyles, and especially donning beautiful, flawless skin. But the Hollywood elite are not just born with perfect complexions. Many celebrities depend on quality skincare products and effective skincare routines to keep their skin as photogenic as possible. The professionals of Oro Gold want to share some of Hollywood’s most used skincare secrets, so everyone can maintain a healthy skincare routine that promotes beautiful, clear skin.

To learn more about the 3 skincare secrets that celebrities use to maintain flawless looking skin read this article from Oro Gold Stores.