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skin inforgraphic

Meditation is considered to be one of the best ways to deal with anti-aging and take care of your skin. If you’re looking to enjoy beautiful looking skin without having to go under the knife, one of the first changes that you need to make in your lifestyle is that you need to start meditating. This infograhic from ORO GOLD Cosmetics helps you understand why meditation is so important for your skin care.

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Woman with Hair Bun Touching Face

OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to post an article titled “Workouts to Fight Aging”. Ponce de Leon might not have discovered the Fountain of Youth, but it turns out that he didn’t even need it. The secret to staying forever young resides within the human body itself – in the form of sweat. According to experts, exercise can tighten the muscles, help in releasing harmful toxins from the body and give the body a younger appearance. Moreover, if the exercise moves are functional in nature, they also help in ensuring that the older person moves easily and functions the way a younger person would be expected to. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews some of the best workouts that can work wonders in helping you to fight aging.


OROGOLD School is posting an article titled “Is This the Key to Youth?” This article examines a study that has revealed the long term benefits of a particular activity by examining men and women over the age of 65. The study was conducted on two groups of adults and it actually proved that adults who performed this activity actually managed to enjoy a metabolic “cost” that is similar to people in their twenties. Stay tuned to find out what this particular activity is.


How to Use OROGOLD is scheduled to release an article titled “How to Stay Forever Young”. This exciting article examines some of the best science backed actions that allow you to slow down the clock and fight aging effectively. Following these tips from ORO GOLD can actually help you look and feel younger.


We are very excited about an article titled “Lifestyle Changes to Bring Out Your Youth” that is scheduled to appear on You really don’t need to submit to the pressure of things like plastic surgeries and invasive cosmetic treatments because there are a few simple anti-aging tweaks that can actually work wonders in helping you turn back the clock and enjoy youthful skin, hair and hands. This article examines some of the best and simplest lifestyle changes that are bound to offer you with the most long lasting results.


OROGOLD Stores is posting an article titled “Top Adventure Destinations for Seniors”. This article examines some of the best adventure destinations that all seniors can enjoy to their fullest. The destinations on this adventure list might certainly seem to be intimidating, but they are also known to offer one of the most life-changing experiences that a person can ever receive.


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OROGOLD Valentine's Day infographic

It’s not just about loving each other, Valentine’s Day is a time to love yourself. It is a time to feel special, feel pampered and feel loved. It is a time to commit to your body, make your skin look beautiful and have a blast while you’re at it. Love brings out the best in most people and what better way to celebrate love than ensuring that you look your stunning best on Valentine’s Day. This infographic from OROGOLD Cosmetics allows you to understand how to take care of your skin and prep it for Valentine’s Day.

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high fashion portrait of elegant woman in black hat
OROGOLD Stores is scheduled to post an article titled “Luxurious Miami” that tries to help you understand why Miami is often known as the leading luxury capital of the world. Miami with its South Beach parties and sexy people has always been famous for its glamorous lifestyle and you really don’t have to look back once you fall in love with the luxurious and glamorous way of life that the city has to offer. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews some of the main things that make Miami the American Riviera. reviews the best and hottest brands of the year 2014 in an article titled “Top Luxury Brands of 2014”. This article gives you insights into some of the most popular luxury brands of the year 2014 and helps you to find out if you missed out on any of the most popular and most glamorous brands last year. Find out which brands have topped the luxury lists across the world and make sure that you add a few of their products and services into your own lifestyle. After all, what better way to live a glamorous life than to choose the hottest and most happening brands!
OROGOLD WordPress helps you vacation like a celebrity with an article titled “Vacation Like a Celebrity”. In this article, OROGOLD reviews some of the preferred holiday destinations of your favorite celebrities and helps offers an inside look into their revelery and how to translate it to your life. Take a look into the celebrity “scene” and recreate a bit of it for yourself. Whoever said stepping into the shoes of our favorite celebs is difficult?!
We have also uncovered some fascinating research we are excited to share with you. A glamorous lifestyle includes luxury and designer items. Soon you may be able to add a baby to your list of designer items. An article titled, “Designer Babies Possible Soon” on OROGOLD School examines the latest advances in technology that may enable people to be able to leaf through a catalog and choose the right genes for their child. How far have the vast advances made by science, in the past few years, increased our ability to change and modify human genes? Will “designing” your baby be possible in the near future? 
Finally, How to Use OROGOLD shall be posting an article titled “Wellness, The New Luxury Symbol” that talks about how wellness has emerged as the new luxury status symbol. With the kind of things available today, wellness certainly doesn’t come cheap. Many people spend a huge amount of money to stay fit and look good to be preposterous while many others find wellness to be an integral part of their luxury lifestyle. This article studies the rise of “stealth wealth” and the increasing role played by the wellness industry in your everyday life. 
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Croquembouche towers of sweet indulgence

OROGOLD WordPress talks about some of the best and most popular sweet treats in the year 2014 in an article titled “Favorite Sweet Treats of 2014”. If you wish to know where your favorite sweet treat stands in the year 2014, all you need to do is stay tuned to OROGOLDWordPress. It might seem to be impossible to choose between those Peanut Butter Cups and M&Ms, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner!

We are delighted to announce a post titled “Sweet Indulgences: Mask Monday” on As you might already be aware, OROGOLD Cosmetics runs an exciting Mask Monday theme on its Instagram account. This post helps you find out more about the famed OROGOLD gold mask and explains exactly how you can get yourself featured on our Mask Monday posts. So if you’re looking to turn those gloomy Mondays into a day full of fun and excitement, all you need to do is visit

OROGOLD School comes back with a report on why fat really isn’t bad for your skin. In an article titled “OROGOLD Reports: Why Fat Isn’t Bad”, OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews a study that was published in the Science Journal, January 2, 2015 Issue. According to the authors of this study (researchers from the University of California), fat cells under your skin actually help you to protect it from the damage caused by bacteria. The researchers of this study have discovered an unknown role of these dermal fat cells – they produce a group of antimicrobial peptides that can defend against pathogens and invading bacteria.

OROGOLD Store Locator scours mentions of the most unique ice cream parlors around the world to compile a list for an article titled “Sweet Indulgences: Most Unique Ice Cream Parlors”. If you have a sweet tooth and you love your ice cream, this article shows you some of the best places to have one of the best experiences of your life. From ice creams made using liquid nitrogen to organic bicycle churned ice creams, from gelato that is made Italian techniques which have been passed down for generations to ice creams with cotton candy textures, there is no shortage of unique places to enjoy an ice cream.

Finally, OROGOLD Stores showcases some of the best and most famous sweet indulgences from all over the world with an article titled “Most Famous Sweet Indulgences Around the World”. This article offers you with greater insights into the best sweet indulgences in different parts of the world and explains what country loves what sweet indulgence. Who knows, you might even discover something new and exotic to try out.

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Family of Snowmen

How To Use OROGOLD is scheduled to post an article titled “OROGOLD Reveals the Truth About Winter Skin Care”. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics discusses some of the main tips and tricks that can help you to look more beautiful and prepare your skin for those countless parties just around the corner. This winter skin care article offers a variety of tips and tricks that specially cater to winter skin and reveals some of the most common myths and facts with regards to winter skin and winter skin care routines.

OROGOLD Store Locator celebrates some of the top winter hotspots around the world this week. One article that we are really excited about is the “Best Winter Hotspots in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow”. This article selects some of the best places for merry making, eating and drinking in and around the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and features the top Christmas markets, boutiques, walks and sights in these two cities.

OROGOLD School is scheduled to publish an article titled “What is The Christmas Spirit?” This article examines a study conducted by Peter Clarke, who conducted a study titled A Measure for Christmas Spirit. This study was also published in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Volume 24. The entire purpose of his research was to show that Christmas spirit is often shown as the reason behind the generosity, altruism and goodwill that is usually associated with celebrating Christmas. shall be offering readers with an article titled “Keep Skin Healthy All Winter” later on in the week. This article offers you a holistic approach to staying healthy and enjoying flawless looking skin. In this article, OROGOLD shares expert tips on how to ensure that your skin remains hydrated throughout the winter season and helps you tackle the harsh winds, chilly temperatures and dry indoor heat that cause your skin to become dull and dry.

OROGOLD WordPress is slated to publish an article titled “Winter Skin Care Tips”. This exciting article helps you take care of your skin through the harsh weather of winter.

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Gold Numbers 2014 surrounded by gold glitter

OROGOLD WordPress is scheduled to come up with an article titled “iPhone Apps to Get You in the Holiday Spirit”. The Smartphone generation has literally forgotten about traditional Christmassy things, but there are a number of apps that are now trying to use technology to recreate their long lost charm. This article reviews some of the best iPhone apps that can help you get into the holiday mood and also showcases what each of these apps has to offer. reviews “Why Women Face More Stress During the Holidays” this week. Certain studies have shown that women are about 11% more stressed when compared to men during the holiday season. OROGOLD Cosmetics reviews why the holiday season ends up being more stressful and frantic instead of being fun and festive for women. OROGOLD also offers the best tips and suggestions to cut down on the stress and give yourself the best chance of enjoying this holiday season to its fullest.


Don’t forget to find out more about the best and most exciting Christmas markets in the world by reading an article titled “The Best Christmas Markets in the World” that is scheduled to appear on OROGOLD Store Locator. There are a number of unique Christmas markets like the markets of Nuremberg, Germany that can truly transform the way you look at Christmas shopping. OROGOLD reviews the best Christmas markets (including the not-so-famous ones) in this article.


How to Use OROGOLD is slated to publish an article titled “Destress Your Holidays with These Golden Tips”. In this article, OROGOLD shares a few tips to help you learn how to survive the crazy holiday shopping season without tormenting your wallets and ensuring that you don’t go crazy at the same time.


Finally, OROGOLD Cosmetics is extremely excited about an article titled “Scientists Convert Your Skin Cells into Brain Cells” that shall appear on OROGOLD School. In this article, OROGOLD reviews a study that was published in the Neuron Journal and conducted by a group of researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. According to this study, the researchers managed to expose skin cells to certain cell programming molecules and convert them into brain cells that actually behaved like native cells!

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High fashion looking woman in designer outfit

High end fashion is taking the world by the storm and it isn’t just restricted to the elite anymore. A number of high-end fashion brands are making more accessible items that are available to a large range of people. Digital media has played a huge role in reshaping the way the world looks at high-end fashion. The growth of social media sites has made high-end fashion products a basic necessity and not having them at your disposal almost makes one feel incomplete.

Ultimately, what needs to be understood is that high end fashion is all about enjoying something that you never thought that you would have, but ended up purchasing. It could be that luxury yacht or a gold plated watch. It could be staying in a world famous resort or taking a trip to some of the most exotic destinations. It could be using a luxury skin care product on your skin or giving yourself that exorbitant makeover. Ultimately, high-end fashion is about enjoying what you have to its fullest.

This week, tries to investigate whether fashion is actually an art. And with the world of fashion descending into art museums in many countries, this review couldn’t have come at a better time.

Another website to watch out for is OROGOLD Stores. OROGOLD Stores shall be reviewing the best high-end fashion destinations in some of the most iconic cities in the world such as London and New York all throughout the week. These shopping guides shall offer you access to the best and most luxurious designers in these cities for that ultimate fashion experience.

OROGOLD is very excited about a post that is slated to appear later on in the week on OROGOLD WordPress.  Titled “10 Luxury Designers to Watch”, this article shall help you find out some of the best and hottest designers currently doing the rounds in the world of international fashion.

After yet another week of arguments, The “Asked and Answered Section” is back with some more friendly fights. This time it’s about something that’s bound to put you at loggerheads with your bestie, particularly if you love heels and she loves flats, or vice versa. Yes, that’s right. This week’s Asked and Answered on How to Use OROGOLD is “Heels Vs Flats”.

Finally, watch out for an article titled “The Business of Fashion – Expanding into New Territories” that is scheduled to appear on OROGOLD School later in the week. This article showcases how some of the largest fashion brands in the world created branded hotels and transformed them into brand beacons in new territories.

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family Christmas shopping


One place that you must definitely watch out for is your favorite – The Asked & Answered Section. The Asked & Answered Section shall come up with yet another topic that has been the source of countless debates across generations – Necklaces or Bracelets. Stay tuned to How to Use OROGOLD to find out how OROGOLD Cosmetics finally puts an end to this age long debate.

To set your mood for Thanksgiving, OROGOLD School shall be reviewing a particularly pleasant study in an article titled “Anti-Aging Drug in Early Stages of Development”. Yes, we know that you’re jumping up and down with excitement, but as the title itself says, this drug is still in its early stages of development. It might take some time for science to progress to the next level, but at least now we know that we’re one step closer than before.

Stay tuned to OROGOLD Stores to learn about Gift Giving Traditions Around the World. As you’re aware, different countries and different cultures have their own ways of giving gifts to their loved ones during those special occasions and festivals. Who knows? Reading this article might just give you an excellent idea of the perfect gift for your loved ones.

For all those of you who are still confused about what to buy for your parents, OROGOLD WordPress shall be posting an article titled Gifts for Parents. This article shall help you understand exactly what you can gift to your parents and also help you to pick up something that looks nice and also fits the bill.

And if this wasn’t enough, OROGOLD Stores shall keep coming up with refreshing insights on the best places for celebrating Thanksgiving or stores for purchasing Thanksgiving gifts throughout the week. If you’re still at a loss of what to do on Thanksgiving or where to buy your gifts from, OROGOLD Stores might just become turn out to be your ultimate savior.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Official OROGOLD Holiday Gift Guide at This ORO GOLD Guide shall help you pick and choose the best and most luxurious gifts and help you understand exactly what you should gift to whom.

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Beautiful woman with high end luxury cosmetics

OROGOLD has been working hard on bringing you yet another infographic after the last one was so well received by all of you. This week we plan to bring you an infographic all about the Multi-Vitamin Collection. This infographic shall offer you a beautiful sneak peek into the OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Collection, one of the most popular OROGOLD Collections.

One of our favorite posts of the week is slated to appear on later on this week. Titled “High End Beauty for Men”, this post shall particularly cater to our male customers and to all you ladies looking for something special for your partners. High End Beauty for Men is all about OROGOLD’s picks, tips and products for men. Are these high end products worth the price? Certainly!

Look out for an article titled “High End Beauty Gadgets” on OROGOLD WordPress. This exciting article from OROGOLD Cosmetics shall give you insights into some of the best and most exclusive beauty gadgets that can transform your entire experience and make it really special. There are many beauty gadgets that don’t live up to their price tags, but there are a few special ones that are worth every penny. OROGOLD helps you to separate the best from the rest so that you can invest wisely and spend on the right gadgets and products.

As always, OROGOLD School tries to educate you about all things to do with skin care. This week we have decided to talk about one of the most debated topics of the recent past “Could Free Radicals be Good?” A line of reasoning has recently emerged and people are now saying that free radicals (the thing responsible for aging your skin) could actually be good for the body. OROGOLD School reviews this statement and offers you more insights into the debate later on in the week.

Our highly popular Asked & Answered Section on How to Use OROGOLD is back with “Matte Vs Shimmer Makeup” on popular demand. We are extremely delighted to see that so many readers have taken this weekly debate to heart and we would encourage all of you to post your own Asked & Answered topics to get featured in our upcoming sections.

Finally, OROGOLD Stores reserves the best for the last in the form of “Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World”. Who doesn’t want to learn about the most luxurious spa treatments and dream of getting one of these treatments at some point of time or the other? Well, watch out for the article. Who knows? You might just find one of these treatments at a spa in your city!!!


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