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Under-eye circles can be caused by a number of different factors, and it will be impossible to fully eradicate them until you understand exactly why they are occurring. Whether brought on by a lack of sleep, aging or hyperpigmentation, these are some of the most common causes of dark circles under the eyes.


Sleep Deprivation and Oversleeping

A lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of under-eye circles, and the reason for this is, due to sleep deprivation, the blood vessels under the eyes expand and become more prominent. Since the skin around the eyes is so thin, this shows through as a dark circle. Oversleeping may cause the same effect to happen, meaning that, if this is the cause of your dark circles, you need to work out what the optimum amount of sleep for your body would be.



The skin around the eyes is naturally much thinner than anywhere else on the face or body, but, when your skin starts experiencing changes due to aging, it ends up thinning even more. When this happens, the blood vessels under the eyes become much more obvious, and these show through your skin as dark circles.


Periorbital Hyperpigmentation

Periorbital hyperpigmentation is a condition in which extra melanin is produced by the skin underneath the eyes, which causes the area to become darker, and is one of the most common complaints that dermatologists hear about. While this problem affects people all over the world, it is usually more noticeable if you have darker skin.



Certain allergies, such as hay fever, can also end up causing the skin under the eyes to gradually darken over time, while nasal congestion will cause the blood vessels that run from your nose to your eyes to darken quite significantly, which can again lead to the appearance of dark circles.



There are a number of other lifestyle factors that can lead to dark circles under your eyes, and these are all easy to change. A poor diet will lead to nutrient deficiencies, which will cause the circles to appear, as will smoking or excess alcohol consumption. Too much sun exposure can also worsen the issue, making sunscreen, as well as sunglasses, absolutely vital.

With the skin around your eyes already being so thin and delicate, it does not take much for dark under-eye circles to begin to appear. Once you know exactly what is causing this, whether it may be a lack of nutrients in your diet, seasonal allergies or a loss of skin thickness due to age, then you can start to look into the many different ways of brightening up these circles and creating a clear and even complexion.