Everyone knows the importance of removing makeup before going to bed. However, everyone also knows the difficulty of having to do it after a long and busy day. The problem is made even worse when the facial cleansers she has don't help to remove makeup. Of course, buying a makeup remover seperately can solve the problem; but between that and all the other make-up must haves, it can get too much. Fortunately there's a solution.

Shape Magazine put together a great list of cleansers that worked.

Determined to find cleansers that, well, clean, we gathered 20 different products for a test. First we applied liquid foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara to our faces. After washing, we blotted our faces dry using a clean white paper towel to check for any residual makeup left on our skin. The following left the towel spotless and our faces clean and refreshed.

You can read their entire list here

OROGOLD facial cleanser

Speaking about Oro Gold Cosmetic's product, they go on to mention how the addition of gold in the cleanser gets their skin glowing.