Beautiful eastern/ asian woman


Eastern beauty has always has always had a slightly mystical hold over us. It seems to be getting stronger. Beauty practices from countries like Japan and Korea are steadily gaining in popularity in the West. The beauty routines of women from these countries are sometimes extensive and complex in their search for skin perfection. While we admire the dedication of these women, here at OROGOLD we want to bring you amazing skin practices but simplified so anyone can make it their own.


This week OROGOLD Cosmetics celebrates eastern beauty with a number of exciting articles that offer you insights into how the women of the Far East manage to look beautiful and help you understand how you can replicate their flawless looks.


One of the articles that the entire OROGOLD team is looking forward to is an article that reviews eastern medicine and its effectiveness. This exciting article shall review various forms of eastern medicine such as acupuncture and try to determine the science behind such procedures. Stay tuned to OROGOLD School for more details.


Another article that we’re really excited about is the next segment of our popular Asked & Answered section. This week OROGOLD Cosmetics brings you yet another exciting debate about beauty products. We put brushes and sponges in the boxing ring and are allowing them to fight it out so as to determine a clear cut winner. Stay tuned to the Asked & Answered section on the How to Use OROGOLD website to learn about the best makeup application tools.


OROGOLD WordPress brings you beauty secrets from Ancient China later on in the week. This exciting article shall offer insights into some of the best beauty secrets of the ancient Chinese that allowed them to enjoy the flawless skin that they have always been famous for.


OROGOLD Store Locator continues featuring your favorite OROGOLD stores this week. Our OROGOLD Lancaster Store has managed to make the cut this week as your favorite Store. To celebrate our Lancaster store’s achievement, OROGOLD Stores brings you an entire week of fun and exciting things to do while in Lancaster. Stay tuned for info on top restaurants in Lancaster, and to learn about fun things to do in the city.


Finally, showcases an article titled “How to Take Years off Your Skin” to help you understand the best anti-aging solutions and treatments that can make you look much younger and your give your skin that silky smooth feeling. So before you give in to those invasive treatments, it might just make sense to check out the OROGOLD Guide on how to take years off your skin.


OROGOLD hopes to delight you with yet another week of theme inspired posts as it strives to bring the best from the world of skin care to your doorstep every single day.