Protecting Skin from the Sun

Many of us learned too late in life that excessive sunbathing or exposure to the sun could be very damaging to the skin. That is true even more so now, as the sun's ultraviolet rays have become stronger. The good news is that it's not too late to take a more proactive approach to safeguarding our skin from the sun's harmful effects. As we know from research, exposure to sun and ultraviolet rays accelerates our skin's natural aging process. This can mean premature wrinkles, rough skin and blotchy areas of uneven pigmentation.  As unsightly as these can be, some of the damage can be overcome through products on the market today.

Repairing Sun Damaged Skin

Wearing a hat and limiting time in the sun is, of course, the easy part to avoiding premature aging caused by UV rays. But more than that, the skin needs to be protected with specially formulated creams that soften and help rejuvenate sun-damaged skin. There are a number of good products on the market, so take time to check the contents. A good cream should contain vitamins and minerals as well as essential oils or ingredients that will put down a protective layer between your face and the sun while working to replenish your skin.

24K Intense Moisture Cream

OROGOLD Cosmetic's 24K Intense Moisture Cream has all of the ingredients necessary to regenerate the skin and is a good product to begin with. It is delicate, yet long lasting and helps skin retain its moisture. Its combination of the active ingredients Vitamin C, Vitamin E and green tea help calm the skin and protect it from further dryness. With its added pure gold particles, the skin can easily absorb the vitamins and get the full benefit of its protective and soothing properties.