From the time we get up in the morning, throughout the day and even as we sleep, the environment we live in is taking a toll on our skin. As the body's largest organ, skin deserves all the protecting and pampering that we can give it. Since the nature of skin is dynamic, it requires constant attention to maintain its function as a protective barrier while keeping its beautiful tone and texture.

Natural Ways to Hydrate Skin

Keeping skin properly hydrated is one way to protect it. This can be done by drinking plenty of fresh water, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding too much exposure to the sun. Try to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, smoking, coffee and alcohol.

Daily Moisturizing Regimen

In addition to regular cleansing, the face needs a moisturizer that is specifically designed to add a protective barrier between the skin and the outside harmful elements. There are a multitude of lotions and creams on the market, but it is important to find one that will help replenish your skin with added vitamins and cell building ingredients that is also suited to your skin type. Products on the market range from unscented baby lotions to the most expensive creams used by celebrities and Hollywood stars. It doesn't matter what you use, so long as it works for you. OROGOLD Cosmetics actually infuses pure particles of gold into their line of creams and cosmetics, which helps the skin absorb the healthful benefits to stay young looking and radiant. The 24K Oil Control Day Moisturizer is a good way to begin the day and can be used regularly to reduce wrinkles and keep the skin soft. It is good for all skin types, since it is not greasy, and rejuvenates the skin with Vitamin E, Vitamin A and green tea.